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MRI reads L4-L5 paracentral min.disc bulge& contact,no nerve root compression. What does this mean?

that means that the disc in your lumbar area (lower back) is bulging out, but so far it is not affecting any nerves that run down your legs, or it isn't affecting your bladder or bowel control. that is as of yet, if it continues to get bigger you are going to be having some serve pain & loose functioning in areas of your body.  (+ info)

can Amblyopia due to optic nerve compression be reversed?

When I was young I had something in my brain that according to my parents MAY HAVE compressed my right eye's optic nerve.

Im 16 now, and the eye doctor just told me my right eye is lazy.
I've researched that amblyopia being reversed in adults is possible, but I also found out damage to the optic nerve is irreversible.

Like I said, I might have amblyopia but not a compressed nerve, as I still see out of my right eye(cant read text though)

Also, does any damage to the optic nerve result in blindess, or is there such a thing as being partially damaged?
so as long as some of the optic nerve fibers are working, theres hope?

Not very likely for amblyopia to be fixed in patients over the age of about 10. In the many years that I have worked with eyes, I have seen lots of amblyopic patients and have not seen an adult with amblyopia improve their vision.Damaging the optic nerve does not necessarily equal blindness. It depends on the amount of damage.  (+ info)

Neural compression to L5 nerve root?

What sort of problems would this give me in the legs, feet and bladder.? Not sure on the bowels..? but my big toe feels like someone has jumped on it..! Oh forgot to say re herniation L4/L5 but I have to say I have suffered worst than this.! Just Info on L5 Nerve root please as I don't think the surgeon is going there re second op. Always look on the bright side, there is always someone worst off than you......thinking this way in a very positive note... stops me from going F***ing MAD every day..!

i have some sort of neural pain exactly where you say, the problems if will cause well... everything from under that spot will hurt it will feel like theres imminence pressure in you legs (like some ones got an elastic band round them) and ankles will hurt to just shooting pain, pain whilst walking and sitting and laying wrong, you'll get pins and needles in your legs and feet and sometimes numbness. You will get a bit of incontinence as the muscles won't work as well as they should do. I get this all the time i'm constantly on meds, best thing to do is swim also get back massages and go to a chiropractor acupuncture is meant to be good for it.
Back pain is a terrible thing to have because people don't realise that it effects the hole of your lower body, keep your chin up and your right at least we have our legs!  (+ info)

help with jobs for carpal tunnel, ulnar nerve compression?

I currently work in a bakery and for months my hands have been hurting. I saw an orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed me with carpal tunnel (although I think it sounds more like ulnar nerve because it is my ring and pinky fingers that are hurting and going numb) I have been wearing the wrist splint that he gave me, but now my other hand is hurting too. I am sure it is the job - during an extended time off my hands didn't bother me at all. I want to change jobs, but I don't know what else I can do that will not require me to use my hands. All my experience is in retail or clerical. But I don't want to have surgery or permanent damage. Please help!!

I don't have any job suggestions for you but I just wanted to tell that I had exactly this same thing. It ended up that I had to have surgery on my Ulnar Nerve as my pinkie was starting to atrophy. It was done a year ago this week. What my surgeon did was make an 8 inch incision down the inside of my arm, moves the Ulnar nerve to the side of my arm, stitched it in place and closed the incision with 25 or so stitches. I was in a full irremovable arm splint from wrist to shoulder for 10 days, the stitched were removed after 10 days as well. Then used a removeable arm splint for about a month. I had full use of my arm about 3 months post surgery. I am glad I made the decision to get it done. I'm not going to lie, I had some painful days after surgery but it wasn't horrible. The worst part was the first splint. It just gets itchy and hot. The scar is pretty long but is lightening greatly and is shrinking. I just thought I'd share my surgery story with you so you could know what it consists of. Let me know if you have any questions.  (+ info)

Can Restless leg Syndrome be caused by sciatic nerve damage?

I have ongoing back issues with documented sciatic. Does RLS happen because of sciatic nerve damage?

Interestingly, the piriformis muscle http://www.flickr.com/photos/danthechiropractor/417226712/ can compress the sciatic nerve, causing both sciatica and possibly restless leg syndrome (Wittmaack-Ekbom's syndrome).

This article discusses the connection:

Even more interestingly, the peroneal nerve derives from the sciatic nerve. Peroneal nerve compression ("entrapment") or damage is also thought to cause RLS. The peroneal nerve also goes through the piriformis muscle.

No, RLS isn't directly caused by sciatic damage. But in the human body, nerves and muscles are closely interwoven and damage/inflammation to one structure can cause symptoms in another structure.

I have sciatica. I also have occasional restless leg syndrome. Thank you for an interesting Question!  (+ info)

Cardiology: Celiac Artery Compression Syndrome, What do my Mesenteric Heart Vessel test results mean?

Can someone help interpret these test results: Measurements in mesenteric vessels are within normal limits. There is borderline elevation of velocity seen in the celiac trunk on the post prandial measurements with a peak systolic measurement of 202.5cm/sec and suggests possibility of significant stenosis greater than 60%.
What does this mean? Is it something that can be treated and if so, how? Symptoms for which he was referred for testing is upper abdominal pain, weight loss, and a sick feeling in the stomach. What may cause this problem? Thanks for your answers.

Mesenteric vessels are the three major arteries that supply blood to the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. A normal reading is good signaling no narrowing/blockages.

Stenosis is a narrowing or blockage.

The celiac trunk is also an atery originating in the abdominal aorta. Boderline elevation means that your aterial pressure is slightly or near high.

So basically he is saying that your celiac artery is blocked greater than 60%.

A stenosis (blockage) greater than 60% depending on the status of other vessels that feed your intestines may or may not cause the symptoms your doctor described. This type of blockage causes discomfort after eating resulting from poor (mesenteric )circulation the discomfort can be so severe people stop eating.

You should first get a diagnosis to determine what condition you have and ask your doctor to speak english and not use any technical jargon.

Have you been diagnosised with Celiac Artery Compression Syndrome (CACS) and not Celiac artery stenosis (CAS) I ask because CACS is extremely rare and is best diagnosed after a CT angiograph. CAS which is more common is atherosclerotic in nature (a disease which affects arterial blood vessels). CACS on the other hand is intestenial agina you would be in pain and probably had a significant weight loss and the treatment for this is surgery.

Hope this explanation works. Good luck.  (+ info)

Herniated disc pain, with some nerve compression,any relief, treatment that's effective without pain meds?

after a car accident I had 4 herniated discs. I suffer severe headaches on the temperal lobes and at the occipital ridge. Neck has limited rom with pain/pinching after repeated movements. occassionally i experience pain/numbness/tingling/weakness in the left arm that radiates to the thumb and index finger. The area between the shoulder blades feels like buring pain and sometimes causes spasms of the Lats. I am exhausted can't sleep in any position without taking prescription meds and the next day feel unclear, groggy, easily irritated. I can't do what I have in the past and I can't rely on others to do things for me, its frustrating.Have you hade similar problems? What do you do to treat this without medications?I'm tired of being in pain every hour of every day. I need some long term relief.please.

I too have back and cervical herniations and arthritis. It hurts bad. I take oxycodone, and Soma along with Celebrex. My pain specialist has given me epidural injections in my neck and back. The relief is temporary but helps a great deal. There is no escaping pain meds perhaps a different med might help you. Pain specialists can help you there as well. My pain specialist is the greatest and I found them to be very compassionate. I think you know what I mean about that. See about a referall to a pain specialist and they will discuss injections.

Chiropractic care is quackery in some regards but the hands on approach does offer some benefit. Heat packs, tens units, and massage help.  (+ info)

Piriformis Syndrome and sciatic nerve treatment, any recommendations?

I have piriformis syndrome,diagnosed two weeks ago and it's not improving, the dr says give it time. Does anyone have tried and true remedies for relief? Any ideas welcomed.

Here is your alternative treatment answer. Almost all sciatica and piriformis are caused by inner stress/tension/anxiety and not because of a structural imbalance.
The treatment: pay attention to how you are creating inner stress with your thoughts and behaviors. For example: habitual worry and being overly self-conscious, having a controlling and perfectionist behavior, or holding in feelings like anger and resentment. All of these thought patterns and behaviors cause inner tension that our autonomic nervous system uses to activate a process called oxygen deprivation. Lack of oxygen and blood to muscle and nerve tissue causes pain symptoms that we feel and get diagnosed as sciatica, piriformis and back pain. So the key is to recognize when you are creating inner tension and then redirect out of the thoughts and behaviors that are the cause.
Hope this helps. I ended 3 years of piriformis with this treatment.

Monte Hueftle  (+ info)

i live in indore. m suffering 4rm nerve compression on right side. what shud i do ?

  (+ info)

hypotension-induced oculomotor nerve compression?

low blood pressures, sluggish pupils, why? patient sedated with propofol infusion as well

The answer is propofol (Diprovan). This is a powerful but short-term anesthetic agent that lowers blood pressure, reduces both voluntary and autonomic nerve conduction. Consequently, muscles are slow to respond (i.e., sluggish pupils). The occulomotor nerve compression is not caused by propofol, but if it has occurred then a propofol induced state of sedation/coma is a primary treatment to allow the nerve to heal by reducing its activity and blood and CSF pressure.  (+ info)

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