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how do i get rid of pain from thoracic output syndrome. or pinched nerve in shoulder.?

I dont want to take Morphine for the pain as severe as it is. I have had anti-inflammatorys and strong codeine with no luck and am still experiencing pins and needles down my arm and into my hand. Please help.

Are you under the care of a pain management doctor? I certainly understand not wanting to be on strong pain medication, bu perhaps you could "experiment" with some other medications and try to find one that is strong enough to deal with your pain, but won't make you as "loopy" as some medications do. Also certain pain patches may be of some assistance. I find that they tend to numb the affected area a bit and provide some relief.  (+ info)

what is a resonable settlement amount for nerve and disc damange?

injured on the job while carring mail. Hit by private owned vechical and left with "cervical syndrome and lumbar radioculopathy. This is a permenant nerve damange and disc injury. What should be a reasonal settlement amount. Surgery is not an option. It can't help of reverse damange.
I still work but with limintations.

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Nerve compression in hand/continuous tingling and numbness?

Greetings everybody
My mother feels sensation in her both hands all the time, thumbs and index fingers feel tingling and numbness. somtimes its painfull because she cannot do anything. she consulted a doctor and told her about a long time back problem (gap between her spine). doctor said the sensation in hand is because there is a vain inside your hand which is pressed and it stops the blood circulation.

guys im worried. can you tell any excersize or solution to this problem? im sure she can cure if she excersize regularly. can any1 help?

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Nerve compression...doctor is no help?

I have tingling and numbness in one hand every night, several times a night and it keeps waking me up. Usually along the side of the pinky. It only affects the hand of the side I'm lying on, but I'm not lying on the arm. If I'm lying on my back it seems to affect one random arm. Sometimes it runs to the thumb instead, and sometimes I can feel tingling and numbness right from the elbow. Never above that though. The doctor doesn't know what it is and is not helping, as bloods and x-rays are normal. Who do I go to next? Please don't respond with "That happens to me sometimes, I get it when I fall asleep on my arm" as this is not the case and it is not helpful! I'm a 22 year old female in good health and I'm not doing strenuous exercise or heavy labour!

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dissecting aneurysm and vena cave compression are obstructions that may cause what type of shock syndrome?

I have been looking for the answer to this question and i can't find it anywhere. It isn't even in the notes i have to study from. I really need the answer to this question or I can't pass my NovaNet Lesson.

In an aortic dissection the blood leaks between the layers of the vessel walls. This loss of circulating blood volume can lead to hypovolemic shock (loss of blood volume due to it being in the vessel wall).
Compression of the vena cava causes decreased venous return to the heart which causes hypovolemic shock as well.  (+ info)

What doesit means by Compression to the Tibial Nerves.?

Is it damage to the Tibial Nerves?

Whatkind of machine can diagnose it? Ie. MRI EMG?

emg is the test

The tibial n. compression is that the nerve is compressed somewheare along the route of the nerve. It is a lot like carpal tunnel but in the leg.

http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1234809-overview  (+ info)

Has anyone been diagnosed with Piriformis Syndrome that has affected the sciatic nerve?

Can you tell me the symtoms. How were you treated? My Dr. did diagnose me with Piriformis Syndrome. I have been going to the physical therapist for about 3 weeks now and it does not seem to be helping.When I come out of therapy it seems to hurt down my leg. I'm thinking about going to a chiropractor. Is this a wise move.Does anyone have any tips for getting this under control.

since you have been treating for 3 weeks and you are still having troubles i would recommend 1 of 2 things. 1) a second opinion-a Chiropractor certainly sees many people with nerve issues including the Piriformis syndrome and would be very capable of handling this for you. 2) return to your MD for a re-evaluation or talk with your PT and ask him to re evaluate you because you are not getting any better. A piriformis syndrome typically does not last very long . the leg symptoms are worse when sitting better when lying down or standing. treatment is basically stretching exercises to the muscle- which should respond relatively quickly- withing in two weeks..  (+ info)

What is the disease that attacks nerve endings that is a syndrome?

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what is a disc buldge? and what is narrowing of the left neural foramina with compression of existin nerveroot

i had 2 surgeries i herniated disc removal , l5-s1, then a spinal fusion l5-s1.still in pain and had an mri yesterday. the results say...1- post-decompression @ the level of l5-s1 as described above with questionable area of scaring vs.debris present in the left neural foramina which is contributing to moderate narrowing of the left neural formina with compression of the left exiting nerve root...#2...disc bulge @ the level of l3-l4 and l4-l5..? can anyone break it down 4 me?.... does it meen i have 2 more herniations in my discs?...and do i have a pinched nerve? thanks 4 your time...derrick cooper.

Honestly, you need an appt with your doc to clear it all up. My husband had disc fusion, but a lot of what you wrote is radiologist medical jargon and may not even mean anything significant enough for you to think about. Anyone who posts here can't give you a definitive answer without being a physician and actually seeing your films. Also, a bulging disc is just that--the disc bulges out slightly from the vertebrae, may or may not be "officially" herniated, although some docs refer to them as one in the same. For example my husband had two bulging discs removed in cervical area and had bone fusion, epidurals, etc. I have one slightly bulging disc in my neck but control headaches and neck pain with meds so it only flares the nerves periodically. Bottom line, - this is why docs have so many years in med school and specialities. The radiologist reading the slides can't see your range of motion and talk to you, he reports every little thing he sees as that's his job. Your actual hands on physician can look at that report and apply it to your situation. Good Luck. Back pain is well, a pain!  (+ info)

I suffered from Guillian Barre Syndrome, and now I have neuropathy/nerve damage. How do I deal with pain?

I have been put on Gabapentin which seems to help, but I want to know some other ways too. It is very painful, and I have to walk on a crutch to get around. Any ideas? Thanks so much!

Some have luck with biofeedback and accupuncture. Read more at www.webmd.com and www.nih.gov..  (+ info)

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