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would the symptoms of cutting the sympathectomy nerve on purpose be the same as damaging it in a accident?

this 'Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome' is caused by damage to the sympathectomy nerve.

surely there's no difference to cutting the nerve by a surgeon as in a 'endoscpic thoracic sympathectomy' to damaging it by a accident?

Sympathetcomy is basically severing the nerve, with a clean slice, but it is very similar to if you were to damage a nerve. A sympathetctomy is not a good treatment for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) because the nerve grows back and it can cause the RSD to become worse, and/or spread.  (+ info)

Has anyone ever heard of illiac Vein compression or may Thurman syndrome?


It is fairly uncommon. It's exclusively in women, on the left side.

If treatment is needed, then the affected area of the iliac vein can be stented.  (+ info)

What size compression shirt should I purchase to look thinner?

I'm heading off to college next month and I am really embarrassed and self conscious of my "moobs". I am in the process of trying to lose weight but in the meantime I really want to cover them up and look a little thinner. I'm a 2XL and I was wondering, do I buy a 2XL compression shirt or an XL?

my brother has moobs ;) and he wears a size smaller in wife beaters, and then his reg shirt.

i gave him tht advise:)  (+ info)

What is the best treatment for spinal compression fractures?

My husband is 83 years old and has numerous compression fractures in his spine and we are trying to find ways to relieve his pain. Any help would be appreciated.

Does your husband have recent urinary/bowel incontinent problem or motor weakness or sensory loss in both legs? If so see a physician ASAP as he may be suffering from cauda equina syndrome. It is also advisable to see the physician as an MRI is likely to determine the extent of damage. Spinal decompression surgery might be warranted if spinal damage is severe. Unfortunately, at this point it sounds like over the counter medication will provide minimal help. NSAID (naproxen) can alleviate some inflammation and provide some relief, but it sounds like you need something stronger that only a physician can prescribe. Best wishes.  (+ info)

Do compression hose work to cure spider veins, or do you need sclerotherapy?

I'm pondering getting sclerotherapy. Has anyone had it and had good/bad experiences? I have read a mix of both good and bad outcomes. Also, do compression hose really work at collapsing spider veins or are they more preventative? Thank you!

the ted hose is to prevent them.but just get some support pantyhose for your legs-get a snugger size and it will support you. my wife started using them as ted hose is too confining..  (+ info)

What do compression vests do and what are the benefits?

I bought a Nike Pro Compression Vest for general sports usage and I was told they actually have another use other than to make you look totally musclebound!

PS: I know they can hide Man boobs, I don't have any.

Compressing the muscles when doing weightlifting helps you to maintain form. It can also help stablize your spine to some degree.  (+ info)

Can I wear compression shorts or leggings without anything over them?

I am a boy who likes running and cycling. I am wondering whether I can just wear compression shorts or leggings without anything over them. I see girls do so a lot. I can see them jogging with tight shorts, 3/4 leggings or capri leggings or leggings around my campus everyday.

I think this is kind comfortable way. But i don't want people to think that I am girly.

It depends on what your built like, you said you like to cycle so I am guessing you have pretty good legs muscel wise. If you are cycling and you have one of those spandex type shirts on a dark color of copression short might be ok but that is the only time i can really condone that type of fashion on a guy  (+ info)

How come whenever I put on my cup and compression shorts for sports I gett an erection?

Whenever I put on my cup and under armour compression shorts I get an erection? As soon as I pull the cup up my legs I get a ***** and cant put the cup on, I have to look away for my erection to go away and then quickly put it on. Sometimes I get an erection with the cup on and it hurts my dick-do I need a bigger size? Thanks IM NOT GAY!!

poor boy! just dont bend it, it may snap off!!!!!!!!!  (+ info)

How many nerve endings are in the bottom of your feet and ears?

How many nerve endings are in your feet and ears? Whenever I get a professional massage, I get sensual sensations in those places. Why is that?

There are tens of thousands of nerve ending in these areas which is why you get the feelings that you do during your massage. Relax and enjoy it.  (+ info)

How can you make a damaged nerve heal faster?

I got my wisdom teeth pulled 3 months ago and they hit a nerve and parts of my chin and gums are still paralyzed. However, there is starting to be some tingling and itchiness, which means the nerve is healing a little bit and it's not completely dead.

But does anyone know for sure if there is any way to help it along faster?


Make sure that you have it checked by your dentist to make sure that there is nothing wrong with it so that there will be no complications in the future. Make sure that you keep your mouth clean. I am not sure if the dentist advised you to avoid hitting the wisdom teeth area but make sure you brush, floss and use mouthwash regularly.
Take Vitamin C regularly to repair damaged nerves.  (+ info)

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