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What are some oral manifestations of Kaposi's Sarcoma and where can I get photos of this disease?

I am doing a research paper on this subject and have not been able to find some oral manifestations or photos thus far. Any ideas?

involvement of the oral cavity is seen after that of the extremities and face. the oral lesions are same as cutaneous nodules i.e. they appear as reddish or brownish red nodules which may vary in size from a few mm to a cm or more in diameter. cervical lymph node and salivary gland involvement commonly precedes cutaneous and visceral involvement in African children.

u may refer to textbook of Oral Pathology(Shafer), PubMed, http://www.hivdent.org/slides/ (for pictures)..  (+ info)

What are physical manifestations of bipolar disorder?

Pretty much what the title says, what are or can be physical manifestations of bipolar disorder? If you have links to good information on this specifically, please post them as well. Thank you! =)

Physical? I can just relate when I'm depressed and I feel tired and weak. Fatigue would be the only physical symptom I can describe.  (+ info)

What are some physical manifestations of high testosterone levels?

I have really thick eyebrows, started developing a mustache when I was in 6th grade, and have oily skin. I'm 17.

If your testosterone levels are high be prepared for a lot of body hair.  (+ info)

What are 5 clinical manifestations of a systemic infection?

In microbial drugs
Also 5 important things to remember when begining antibiotics

Fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, swollen lymph nodes throughout your body, loss of appetite, fatigue. Does that help any?  (+ info)

How can you suppress the physical manifestations of anxiety?

eg. shaking and impaired movement, sweating, appetite loss, inability to smile convincingly, fidgeting etc

Assuming the anxiety itself can't be removed, can these symptoms at least be avoided?
Edit: Without medication. I'm just talking about when there's a particularly stressful event coming up, like giving a speech or something.

Glad you asked. There is sooo much you can do to wipe out your anxiety - completely. Did you know a lot of the way you feel is connected to what you eat? I had anxiety issues and when I stopped eating white sugar, good-bye anxiety. Who would have thought there would be a connection like that? I also lowered (but did not eliminate) my caffeine intake. I have not been bothered by anxiety now for over six months. So yes, you can ELIMINATE anxiety from your life.

Also, what you eat just before you go to bed at night can influence the anxiety thing you exprience the next morning, so be mindful what you eat before retiring. Who would have thought there could be a connection like that? But there is. Our systems are sensitive and we do not process nor digest food well while we are sleeping, so go easy after eight o'clock at night. Yes, that too is connected to eliminating anxiety from your life.

It is no one thing you do. It is a combination of things which you put in place that knocks that anxiety cycle right out of your life for good.

There is still more you can do to control what anxiety you may still be feeling. Keep a little log of how it plays out each time. When I used to have the cycle of anxiety, I would immediately grab a piece of scrap paper and on it, note the time and level of severity from one to ten (being the worst). I would then make note of how I was feeling in five-minute increments. The reason this helps to eliminate your anxiety sessions or cycles is because by making a record of when and how much you are feeling anxious, you are placing yourself in the position of observer instead of participant. You would not think this would work, but it not only works to knock out anxiety issues, but as you are using it, it makes the sessions shorter and shorter until your subconscious mind has gotten the message that you just aren't going to participate any more. OBSERVING your anxiety is not the same as going through it each time. It sends a strong message to your brain that you are refusing to participate in being anxious anymore. That little log you keep when upset eventually eliminates the need for keeping it. It also eliminates the anxiety.

If you are skeptical about what I have written, I completely understand that. But I also know that feeling anxious is directly connected to not feeling safe. The minute you feel safe again, this permits you to regain control of the situation you find yourself in, and the reason you were feeling anxiety in the first place is because you had momentarily lost control of the situation. It is said the quickest way to find the "off switch" everyone is hunting for when he is upset (anxious) is first (1) place yourself in a safe environment and (2) regain control of the situation and therfore of yourself in the situation. The quicker you regain control of the situation, the quicker your anxiety will be gone.

The reason we feel anxious is because safety is missing and we are not in control. What is it we are all looking for while anxious? We are looking for a safe person and we are looking for a safe place. What a study of anxiety and all of its foolishness shows us is that YOU that safe place and that YOU are that safe person. You can be both of those things to yourself. That is the whole secret to unlocking the power anxiety seems to have over us sometimes. It is like taking back your personal power again, and it feels wonderful when you can begin to feel it working.

I hope my answer helps you regain a sense of inner strength while documenting your feelings, and by making personal observations of your own behaviour and modifying your diet a little to calm down your nervous system and blood sugar level, you will soon be able to put all this anxious business behind you, once and for all.  (+ info)

What does manifestations mean?

I have to do research on a disease called Huntington disease, and my rubric says to talk about the manifestations of the disease. Does this just mean the signs and symptoms of the disease, this is what i saw on other questions on yahoo answers. I just wanted to make sure that this is right because some dictionary websites said the clear appearance of the disease.

Yes, both "manifestations" and "signs & symptoms" mean the same.

The American Heritage® Medical Dictionary defines "manifestation" as An indication of the existence, reality, or presence of something, especially an illness.

Signs and symptoms indicate the presence of a disease. Basically, Signs are what the doc sees and Symptoms are what the patient complains of.

Definition of Sign - an indication of the existence of something; any objective evidence of a disease, i.e., such evidence as is perceptible to the examining physician, as opposed to the subjective sensations (symptoms) of the patient.

Definition of Symptom- any subjective evidence of disease or of a patient's condition, i.e., such evidence as perceived by the patient; a change in a patient's condition indicative of some bodily or mental state.  (+ info)

What are the clinical manifestations of 3rd degree burns?

3rd degree burns include first and second degree -sunburn type and blistering. both of these are very painful. the 3rd degree burn will be painfree as all of the skin's layers have been damaged. this type of injury is very prone to infection and is best treated by a wound clinic or burn center. the patient must also be mindful of dehydration and hypothermia.  (+ info)

What are the manifestations or signs of a good parent?

  (+ info)

what type of foods zygosaccharomyces rouxii spoil and what are the spoilage manifestations?

Whgat type of foods and what are the spoilage signs for these1)clostridium tyrobutyricum 2)Alicyclobacillus 3)Neosartoryafischeri 4)Byssochlamys fulva 5)Zygosaccharomyces rouxii

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That's all I can think of.
Sorry.  (+ info)

What are anxiety manifestations in the physical aspect?

I heard that we need a lot to learn about the power of our minds and we are slowly learning more about universal laws and the law of attraction. In general if you do good things--then goofd things will come back to you. When you imagine and truly beleive in something..it will come true. When you are stressed the body this is the time when the body creates sickness and diseases, like cancer. That is why meditation is so popular right now, more people are seeing results and acquiring more knowledge about ourselves.  (+ info)

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