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My son has Neurocysticercosis and under treatment for last seven years. How long it has to be continued?

Currently he has no Nervous symptoms and is in good health. In general , what are the complications one may anticipate in Neuro-cysticercosis?

fits,any weekness of limbs(hands r legs)-these r d symtoms f nervous system manifestions  (+ info)


I suppose it's possible but neurocysticercosis is extremely rare in the developed world. Meningioma is uncommon but nowhere near as rare as neurocysticercosis, assuming the patient has not contracted tapeworm and has allowed it to progress for years.  (+ info)

How can we treat neurocysticercosis?

go see a neuro specialist?  (+ info)

What will happen if my result are positive for neurocysticercosis.?

What will happen if my result are positive for neurocysticercosis.
My report says:
The study reveals multiple small well circumscribed cystic lesions in both cerebral hemispheres, in bilateral frontal and parietal lobes, right temporal and left basal ganglia. The lesions have thin hyperattenuating walls and also show internal eccentric calcified nodules. The findings are suggestive of neurocysticercosis. Mild perifocal edema is seen around one of the lesions in left frontal lobe. No obvious edema is seen around other lesions.

Opinion: CT findings are suggestive of neurocysticercosis. Mild perifocal edema is seen around one of the lesions in left frontal lobe.

U will be put on albendazole tablet for 28 days along with steroids to reduce the perilesional edema. U must be having fits also . so U need to continue the fits medications . After the treatment is over one more Ct is done to see for the disappearance of the lesion.  (+ info)

Could this be neurocysticercosis???

Sir, I am a 39 year old male from India. Since 10 years, I have a cyst on my scalp. Once I consulted a neurologist but he said that it is a harmless sebaceous cyst.

However, off late i am feeling a little sceptical about his diagnosis as he had not done any scanning of the same. The reason for my aprehension is that at times I feel that because of this cyst I am feeling a pressure on my brain and due to this I am highly irritable and my sense of judjement is impaired. Also one more noteworthy observation is that whenever I have a stomach disorder, the feeling of pressure on the brain is more. Also this pressured feeling is more on the 1st half of the day. Also when this happens, my speech gets a bit slurred.

Another intersting background to this is, when I was 3 yrs old, I had accidentally eaten a lot of wild boar meat and had fallen sick and had an epileptic fit . The doctor then had advised my parents not to let me eat pork till i grow to be 12. since the age of 13 i am

i hope this article can help  (+ info)

Over the counter anti-parasitic medication?

My cat had a tapeworm almost a year ago, and I'm 99% sure that I've got one, too, simply because of the... things I've seen in the toilet. I vaguely suspect I may also have neurocysticercosis, which I can't be absolutely positive about because... well, going to the doctor isn't an option right now due to financial reasons. I've only been working off of what I've seen online.

I've heard that you can buy anti-parasitic meds that you can take, that aren't bad for you (so in case I DONT have worms, it won't hurt me) but where can I find these? Would they be at a Walgreens or a Wal-mart or something? What should I look for?


  (+ info)

cysticercosis easy to get? testing for this?

I travel internationally A LOT, and read something that freaked me out about neurocysticercosis. I usually eat where the locals do in the foreign countries, because they usually know the best food. I know the health regulations aren't as strict as they are in the U.S.
I'm paranoid I might have picked something like that and not even know about it. I don't have any kind of worms in my stool or anything like that, but this seems like a silent killer. I read they use M.R.I. to detect cyst, but I don't want to get that unless it's necessary due to cost. I read it is a major cause for epilepsy in Latin America. I get a physical with a complete blood count every year, that should show if I had any parasite right? I know I'm probably worrying for no reason, but I probably have been exposed to a lot of stuff in my global travels over the years, and really never paid it any mind til someone showed me an article.
Please no copying and pasting from CDC. I would prefer to hear a Dr.s opinion, someone in the medical field, or someone who actually has or had cysticercosis.

The tapeworm Taenia solium is acquired through eating undercooked pork, however human cystercercosis is a fecal-oral infection acquired by ingesting eggs excreted in the feces of a human tapeworn carrier. You could also get it if you have the adult tapeworm through fecal-oral auto-infection. The disease remains common in Central and South America. You are correct, it is a major cause of epilepsy in endemic areas. After ingestion of the egg theperiod of time till the larva settles and becomes a cysticerci in ~ 2 months. However symptoms may not appear for 10 or more years after infection. Though the cysticerci can appear most anywhere, most pathology is related to the central nervous system.
The physical and CBC is probably of little use. An annual physical does not usually include a stool parasite exam. If you indeed have an adult worm(s), you may see a slight increase in eosinophils in the blood smear, but not much else. A physician will probably not order a CT or MRI without you showing specific symptoms and most general or family practice docs probably know little of the disease. An ID doc would be your best bet.
I too have done a lot of world traveling and think you may be overreacting. Just use common sense and hygiene- don't eat undercooked pork and always wash your hands and keep them outta your mouth.  (+ info)

is falx calcification in brain is dangerous?

1year 7 month before i get fits.in ct scan report a hypodense resion is seen in rt.front parietal resion.with a small calcific density.in the central resion two other small calcific density are seen close to mid line(rt.) on the parietal resion. Doctors diagnos it as a neurocysticercosis. after completing 1 month dose of albendaole 400mg etc. my ct scn report is normal.but i m continuing eptoin 300mg till now acc.to doctor advice.... BUT now in current ct scan report there is falx cacification in brain .I HAVE SINGLE FITS IN THOSE 1YR.7 MONTH. please give me advice,,,,what i have to do?

Good news and bad news, my friend. The neurocysticercosis is caused by ingesting the larva of a parasite which then gets to the brain causing seizures and other symptoms. The doctors are treating it properly. The calcified areas are the body's attempt at closing off the parasite so it won't spread.
It is usually found in Central America but has been seen in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and now the US. Those of Latin origin are seen with it most often not because of any difference but because that's the usual area where the parasite lives. It is also found in farms that are fertilized with human feces more often than not. It is transmitted via pork products.
The good news is that, with the proper treatment it can be successfully treated sometimes leaving behind calcified areas in your brain. But it only causes seizures when the parasite is active and causing inflammation of the surrounding area of the brain. About 50 million people have this condition worldwide.
Now, let's get to the falx calcifications. This is different from your neurocyticercosis. It is called Fahr's syndrome (it goes by other names too) and you'd really have to talk to your doctors about this.
God bless you.  (+ info)

seizure in 3yr old?

my son had seizure last week which lasted for 6 minutes...this was his first one....we took him to ER right away.....they did CT and MRI and found out that he has neurocysticercosis.....i have learned all abt this disease......that its caused by a parasite and what should i do and all that......what i would like to know is that anyone here has the same disorder and do i really have to worry a lot abt this? whoever had this, did u have the seizure again? this is not epilepsy......is he going to be ok? he is on some strong medications now and he is doing pretty well......but i cant stop worrying.....do share if u have any personal experience.....
thanks tweety bird and other members for the help....he is having only one lesion and the doctor said that he should be ok....he is on medications and has a follow up MRI in 4 weeks....does this condition will have any permanent brain damage or anything in my son cuz of the seizure?

After the meds are finished and he's had follow up, he should be fine. If the lesion was a single one, his prognosis is excellent. Be sure to speak to his doctor and direct your questions to this, the best, source of information.  (+ info)

I might've had a flea in my ear. Can it migrate to my brain?

If I would move my heada certain way or press my ear together or put a Q-tip inside it, it was this weird feeling, like I was pushing against something/like it was sticking or something. Anyway, I tried to get it out with a Q-tip but nothing came out. So my mom took a squeezer thing and filled it with water and put some in my ear and then I tilted my head to the other side and let the water drip out. But nothing came out. Just water. After she put the water in my ear, the sound and feeling were gone. All I felt afterwards was really dizzy, but I guess that's from swinging my head from side to side and having water get put in my ear. Do you think if it was a flea or something, it could move to my brain since I didn't see anything come out? I'm paranoid about tapeworms and am afraid that it will hatch worm larvae and then a tapeworm will grow inside my brain, causing neurocysticercosis or something. I already have a paper from a few months earlier saying that I need to get an MRI done, but I haven't done so yet. Should I get one done now? What do you think?


Ears are made to protect your brain a bit more than that. Like the other person said, your eardrum is sealed shut unless you have a hole in it and you'd know if you had one. And no, the flea can't make a hole in it without you feeling IMMENSE pain. Plus, like the first person said, fleas like hair. The waxiness isn't desireable plus the water would remove a flea.  (+ info)

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