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my left foot really hurts, the middle of the ball of my foot to be exact, it dosent really feel like i bruised it but...
i dont know. could it be neuroma? or what could it be?

~thanks =D

Sounds like a deep tissue bruise, try wearing shoe inserts and see if it persists :-)  (+ info)

What is the fastest and cheapest solution to a painful neuroma located in the middle of the right foot ball?

For about six months I've been suffering this deep pain coming from the middle of the ball on my right foot. The podiatrist says that I've developed a neuroma, which is caused by a pinched nerve that passes in between two metatarsal bones.
I want to get rid of the pain especially because I am walking six miles a day for exercise, and it really bothers me, but I am affray I can't afford to pay for a surgery.

consider an injection  (+ info)

What are the best sandals if I have a neuroma ?

I have foot pain in the balls of my feet and it was explained that I have Morton's Neuroma by my podiatrist. Looking to replace my Reef sandals.

  (+ info)

What alleviates or helps with the foot numbness caused by Morton's Neuroma?

My dad has numbness in his foot and now it is going up his leg. He was diagnosed with Morton's Neuroma years ago and was told there is nothing to do for numbness. He does not have pain.

Morton's Neuroma results from compression of the nerve between the third and fourth metatarsal bones. This condition also involves other symptoms, such as numbness and a tingling sensation in the toes, and can be quite uncomfortable and painful at times.

Morton's Neuroma is characterized by pain and numbness in the toes, and the symptoms are often relieved by removal of tight-fitting footwear.

Wearing appropriate orthotic insoles with metatarsal support, aid the forefoot and prevent the metatarsals from dropping. As a result, this helps reduce the squeezing of the nerve and consequent tingling and pain associated with Morton's Neuroma.
  (+ info)

Can you ride a bike if you have a neuroma in your foot?

I have a neuroma in my foot and have had to limit my walking due to pain. I forgot to ask if riding a bike would cause a problem. Does anyone have any ideas of other cadio exercises that don't require walking, jogging or running? No standing for long periods. Thanks
Oh and I don't have access to a pool.

Yes you should be able to ride a bike without problems. Has the doctor, I hope it is a podiatrist, customized any pads for the foot? Using a horseshoe pad on the metatarsal heads with the sides of the pads being on the bones that are on either side of the neuroma. This will cushion the neuroma and allow you to do normal activities. If not then see a podiatrist and they should be able to fabricate one. As for the bike the assumption is that you are going to ride a normal street bike. As long as you are not clipped into the pedal you will be okay. With an ordinary flat pedal you should be able to align the foot in such a way that no pressure is placed on the front of the foot.  (+ info)

I have acute pain from three plantar neuroma surgeries. Does anyone know how to relieve nerve pain?

Doctors do not know how to help me anymore. (In my opinion, they messed me up for life anyway). The pain is between my third and fourth toe which I am told is the worse area for a neuroma. There are hardly any shoes I can wear without making my pain increasingly worse throughout the day.

Please consult a pain specialist. There is a new drug on the market called Lyrica that is especially for nerve pain. It is not a narcotic and works similar to Neurotin, but much better with less side effects. Please call about it and give it a try. It took about 2 weeks for it to kick in for me. I was getting discouraged and thinking it would not work, when WOW it did. Good luck, no one should live in pain.  (+ info)

Is it typical for Mortons Neuroma to form in both feet?

I have a Mortons Neuroma that I have had injected 3 times now that is coming back again. It also feels as if I am getting one in the the other foot. Is this typical and what causes this??

your sox may be too thick and are pinching your feet inside of your shoes. wear thin sox.  (+ info)

Does anyone know of any home remedies for Mortons Neuroma foot conditions?

I'm searching for a way to stop the pain and numbness in my toes and feet.

Numbness and pain in your feet is caused by the tendon for your muscle under your foot shortening up causing the muscle to pull on the ends at which it is attached. Icing something like this that is already short is going to make it hurt worse than it already is. Once you release the muscle you should be ready to go again. Here is how to release that muscle:
Foot muscle:
With foot in your lap, place your thumbs side by side at the back of the arch, right in front of the heel. Press in and hold moderate pressure. After 30 seconds slowly raise your toes as high as you can, release the pressure, but hold toes up for another 30 seconds.  (+ info)

Does anyone know how to treat a foot neuroma without cortisone injections or surgery?

My entire schin is killing me because I compromise the way I walk because of foot pain. I can't stand cortisone injections and I am too young (27) for foot surgery. What else can I do?

orthodics, especially metatarsal pads. they look like a tear drop and go in your shoes. it spreads the metatarsals (foot bones) to take pressure off the neuroma.  (+ info)

If you have a Neuroma surgically removed from your foot and the pain continues what could the problem be?

It continues in the same spot.

You really are going to have to return to the Podiatrist who did the surgery (or maybe you want to try another one) for diagnosis and treatment. I'm so sorry the surgery didn't help you. I know it's a very painful condition. Here is some information that might help until you see your Podiatrist:

http://www.podiatrynetwork.com/r_neuroma.cfm  (+ info)

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