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How to remove nevus with a simple way by myself at home?

How to remove the nevus on my nose? Don't tell me go to do surgery or use laser...I want ways that I can do at home by myself. Somebody suggests me to lightly rub the nevus with fresh lemon juice by using a Q-tip. I've tried that, it seems to work a very very very little bit but please give me a better way because it hurts my nose and takes a long time and I'm still suspecting whether it works or not.

Sorry, you need to see a dermatologist for nevus removal in office.  (+ info)

Why would doctors excise an atipical nevus?

I had a mole removed (shaved) and it came back as an atypical nevus, I am going to go back to have the rest taken out, but if it's not cancer why do they need to take the rest out?

Because of the word "atypical". An atypical nevus has the possibility of degenerating into a melanoma, as opposed to a regular nevus. So, to be on the safe side, it's better to get rid of a potentially serious condition, easily, than to wait until (if ever) it does turn into a malignancy that can cause death. And, of course, there is the legal side of this too: should it turn into a melanoma, and the doctor had not taken it off, then he'd probably be looking at a law suit for not having acted sooner and preventing a death.  (+ info)

Does anyone know anything about sebaceous nevus?

I have read that sebaceous nevus can be linked with neurological disorders. Would a child be born with these disorders, or could the child develop normally as an infant, then the disorder develop later?

Nevus sebaceus is usually noted as a solitary lesion at birth or in early childhood, whereas the characteristic features may not develop until puberty.

Here's an article on the condition:

http://www.dermnetnz.org/lesions/sebaceous-naevus.html  (+ info)

any other babies have a Linear Sebaceous Nevus?

My 12 week old son has just been diagnosed with a Linear Sebaceous Nevus, i was hoping for any advice or stories from parents who have experienced this with their children?
In common terms, Nevus means a birthmark or mole. They are generally benign but few have malignant (cancerous) potential. It depends on type, location, size and other morphological features of the mole.
Sebaceous nevus is a very rare type of epidermal nevus disease. It may be associated with other birth abnormalities.

sorry really dont mean to be rude..im just wondering what linear sebaceous nevus is? ive never heard of it...  (+ info)

Does anyone know what the treatment is for nevus sebaceous?

It is a skin condition that is orangeish and it appears on the scalp or forehead. I am 14 and i have a small lesion on my forehead. I am going to go to the doctor and get it treated. I dont know what kind of treatment it could be or how painful. I am scared and i am looking for any kind of answers!

According to my source below, it looks like the standard treatment is to remove it. Since it may involve cutting the skin, it may be a bit painful. However, if it's not removed, it could lead to skin cancer.

In some cases, they may put some local anesthetic (like lidocaine) to numb the area so that it hurts less when they remove it.

If you're still nervous about it, tell your doctor about your concerns. He or she willl be able to tell exactly what's going to happen, so you can feel more comfortable.  (+ info)

How much would it be to get rid of a spider nevus?

Its a tiny red spot thats been on my face for over a year now.
Its not hurting me, it just looks like a permenant bright red spot

I know what it is,
"*Spider angiomas, also called spider nevi, are common and benign tumors, usually bright red and small (1 mm), made of blood vessels."

I cant remember how much the dr said it would be to have laser treatment or freezing,
Anybody know + help me? :)

  (+ info)

Has any one had a child born with a nevus sebaceous?

It is also refered to as a sebaceous nevus and it is not serious it just has to be removed.

Not quite as severe as nevus sebaceous, but my daughter was born with an unusual birthmark above her nose. When she was younger I took her to the doctor to inquire about removal, but there was a chance of damage to her brain. She has grown accustomed to it, but it looks as though she has a bug on her nose.  (+ info)

how can i remove a spider nevus from my hand?

i have one on my hand been there 4 ages now,
how can i remove it?
when i press on it, it goes and when i let go, it comes back?
any idea's .

best answer wil get 5 starts!

This should help http://www.patient.co.uk/showdoc/40024878/  (+ info)

Has anyone ever heard of Nevus of Ota?

Nevus of Ota is somekind a skin problem mainly passed through by genetics. Besides laser treatment, is there other way to treat nevus of ota? Does ordinary cosmetics that are sold in pharmacies can reduce the pigmentation? Does toner or whitening products help? What's the best way to treat nevus of ota besides laser treatment?

Bluish spot occurring on the face. First reported by Dr. M. T. Ota (of Japan) in 1939. It is not Mongolian spot. In Japanese it is known as 太田母斑. Females are nearly 5 times more likely to be affected, and it is rare among Caucasians. Nevus of Ota may not be congenital, and may appear during puberty. Q-switched laser treatment provides satisfactory treatment.  (+ info)

My son was diagnosed with having a Congenital Nevus Does having it cause or contribute to hearing loss?

He is 5 months old and this was present at birth, but today the doctor just said something about it. He has been to like three different docs and this guy is an ENT and he is the one that mentioned it. It is in the neck/head region. I just read it only affects 1% of the infants born in the US. I have suspected hearing problems since birth and he also failed his newborn hearing test. The right ear failed a hearing test but the left one didn't. The Nevus is on the right side as well. This doctor also noticed that my son's right eye is droopy (which I also noticed but no one will listen to me.) I guess my question is do you know if having a Nevus can contribute to hearing or seeing problems? Does anyone else have a similiar situation? Thank you!

I have to tell you that I DONT KNOW...but I will offer some advice. I would take him to a geneticist. The reason that Im saying this is because I get the feeling that you feeling that there is something further wrong with your son. Call it mothers instinct. The Geneticist would be the one who would be able to answer these type of questions the best.

My daughter was born with Mosaic Down Syndrome, which basically means that she is part Down Syndrome and part normal. She doesnt look like she has down syndrome at all. Had it not been for the geneticist that just happened to be in the nursery when she was born it would of been years til we thought that anything was wrong with her and she would of missed all those years of special education.

General Practitioners dont see enough children with special needs to be able to diagnose everything that is out there. By example only 1% of all children with Down Syndrome are Mosaic. Most doctors will never have one in there practice and because many of them dont look the part they usually slip by undetected for years until they start having some amount of delay.  (+ info)

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