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Why nocturia occurs in case of benign prostatic hypertrophy?

I want to know why micturition frequency is increased during night rather than during day time.

As d prostate is get enlarged it wil compreses d prostatic part of urethra if its large it may build presssure in bladder also...
during sleep CNS had least control over pudendal nrv n d patnt get iretared n frequency of micturation is increased....  (+ info)

has anyone ever had nocturia (when u pee alot at night) and if so how did u get rid of it?

I ave it and i am thinking about trying biofeedback. anyone have any ideas or comments?
pee alot. like off the charts. However they said that i do not produce too much urine.

Like actually peeing a lot,

or just having the feeling that you have to go a lot but you barely have to go?

I have the second one and every time i had to go i just didnt and every night i did that my condition got better and better and eventually went away.  (+ info)

is this the same thing as having to pee at night(nocturia) or is it normal(10 weeks pregnant)?

just waking up at 3 am (for no reason..just one of those things you do) and realizing you have a STRONG urge to urinate...is this just like one of those things that happen while you're sleeping but your body holds it until you wake up or its this nocturia?

Nocturia (increased need to urinate at night)

What to expect at the doctor
Nocturia is a term used to describe the need to pass urine at night. Waking up more once to pass urine at night is considered to be nocturia, but patients may be waking up with the urge to urinate hourly or more frequently. It is normal for urine to decrease in amount and become more concentrated at night. Most people can sleep 6 to 8 hours without having to urinate. Middle aged or older men may normally have to urinate once in the early morning hours. Patients with cardiac failure may experience nocturia, as may elderly patients who often pass more urine at night as blood flow to the kidneys is increased when lying flat. Nocturia is a common problem in Australia. Men and women are equally affected, and by 80 years of age, over 50% of men and women will be waking 2 or more times per night to pass urine. It is a significant problem in the community, causing sleep deprivation and affecting quality of l
There are many common causes of nocturia, which include:

Excessive fluid intake, particularly before bedtime
Excessive coffee, caffeinated beverages and alcohol intake, particularly at night.
Enlargement of the prostate gland, particularly in men over 50 years of age
Diabetes mellitus
Urinary tract infection
Chronic heart failure
Heart failure
Medications such as diuretics (fluid tablets), lithium and heart medications
Sleep disorders such as insomnia which cause secondary nocturia
What to expect at the doctor
The doctor may ask you many questions about your symptoms.

They may perform a full physical examination and order some tests, such as:

Urinalysis and culture
Blood tests to check renal function
Frequency/volume chart: including type, time and amount of fluid intake, time and amount of urine passed
ultrasound scanning of the bladder to check for urine retention
A specialist may order further tests such as urodynamics and sleep studies
Treatment options vary depending on the cause of frequent night time urination. If an infection is the cause of nocturia, this will be treated with antibiotics. For more complex causes, patients will probably benefit from referral to a urologist (specialist in urinary problems). In general, management may take a conservative (no medications/surgery), medical or surgical approach. Conservative measures may involve bladder training exercises, keeping a bladder diary and reducing amount of fluids taken at night. Medical treatments include hormone treatments for post-menopausal women (if appropriate) and treating diabetes mellitus. Surgical management might be considered in the case of prostatic enlargement for men with significant symptoms.

Diseases presenting with Nocturia (increased need to urinate at night) include:
Kidney Disease - Chronic Renal Failure  (+ info)

elavil prescribed for nocturia?

I have nocturia wich i have to get up ten or so nights a week to pee. I just started with a new doctor feeling pretty hopeful. He put me on elavil. I am wondering how this medicine will help me when it is typically prescribed for depression?
also, i am to do kegal excercises. I thought this was for leaking. I dont leak.

Stress can cause people to urinate a lot and the elavil will help de-stress you, if you will. It was prescribed to me for insomnia and tension headaches so it has lots of uses.  (+ info)

My mom h nocturia,its treatment?Any home made remedy?

hello.nocturia could be manifestation of a multitude of causes, ranging from the very harmless [like drinking too many liquids with meals] to the more serious ones, like kidney and heart disease. i am assuming your mother is post menopausal, which would mean that it would be a good idea to get her assessed for cardiac and kidney function.. not that there may be something wrong, but just to rule out that the nocturia is not the result of these.
in addition, is there an element of incontinence too? inability to retain and control urination?that may also be manifesting as nocturia.
lastly, regarding your question, while i don't know any home-made remedy for nocturia, there are a few pharmaceuticals, which can help her if the nocturia is leaving her sleepless and tired during the day.  (+ info)

Can drinking coffee in the morning make you need to urinate more 16 hours later as you are trying to sleep?

How long does the diuretic effect of caffeine last? Can it last 16 to 24 hours and thus contribute to frequent nighttime urination problems (nocturia)? Or does it only last a few hours so that there should be no problem with drinking coffee in the morning, rather, it would only be a problem if you drank it at night?

No, it cant.
And if you drink it at night, it shouldnt be a problem if you actually go pee before you go to bed.  (+ info)

Nocturia and phentermine?

I took phentermine about two years ago and for the last year , I get up atleast ten times a night to pee. I have been to urologist, I am 28 yrs old. I can not find anything to help get me right again? Any suggestions? I dont drink caffeine. I dont drink past seven at all. cranberry juice doesn't help. This is a serious problem. Please Help!

Maybe you should get a lawyer. I just saw a commercial the other day about a law firm that is looking for people who got some disease called PPH from taking diet drugs. I think Phentermine was one of the ones they were talking about. So maybe you could get some money out of it. I don't know their are drugs for overactive bladder that you could try, I wouldn't recommend any because I have no experience with that problem. I hope you find a solution.  (+ info)

How would pre-diabetes cause nocturia?

I am 34 years old and have been experiencing nocturia for about 6 months now. I understand that this may indicate diabetes (among other things), so I took a fasting blood glucose test and my results came back 116, which I understand is "pre-diabetic". Could pre-diabetes (elevated blood-sugar) cause nocturia (I have to get up and go to the bathroom 3 times per night), and if so what is the mechanism that causes this?

I am also going to take a prostate test for cancer, yet first I am wanting to learn more about how high-blood sugar could be the culprit first.

Thank you.

The culprit could be fructose. Unlike other sugars, fructose is metabolized in the liver, and one of the metabolites is uric acid. Uric acid can cause kidney disease.

"Effects and symptoms of chronic kidney disease include;
•need to urinate frequently, especially at night (nocturia);"

Two videos that show this are linked below.

Fructose does not always raise blood sugar levels. It depends on what else you consume with it, but it still damages the liver and kidneys.  (+ info)

Is there a natural remedy for overactive bladder ?

Is there a natural remedy for Nocturia and overactive bladder? I am waking up more then 10 times during the night. My doc has me on vessicare for a month now but does not seem to be helping.

The ubiquitous Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) for nocturia. Another one is the Indian herb Crateva for improved bladder tone. Horsetail itself is full of the mineral silica that helps strengthen the bladder wall.

It may be best to find a supplement in which both of these are found in combination as herbs often work better in combination. Such as this one:

Further reading

You would need to talk to your doctor first though as it might not be wise to take one of these supplements in combination with what you are currently taking. Talk to your doctor about trying the herbal alternative if the prescription drug is not working. You can take your health into your own hands but it is best done in consultation with your doctor.

Avoid caffeinated drinks (tea, coffee, cola) at night as caffeine is diuretic and would only add to the problem.

Cranberry extract (or in the form of a drink) is another herb that is reputed to help with nocturia. Try to supplement on this as it is also known to keep the urinary tract healthy and free from infection.

Best wishes.  (+ info)

help with nocturia?

I am 32 , and I have been consuming lots of caffeine for a long time. I would have on average 2 /3cups of cofee a day, and 1/2 to 1 liter of pepsi daily as well. This has stopped during the last months.
At some point, about 6 years ago, I have started having nocturia, waking up every few hours to go to the washroom. This was ALSO accompanied by increased trips to the washroom during the day as well!

Lately, I have drastically reduced my coffeine intake, and this has helped GREATLY with my daily trips to the bathrooom.

There was NO effect on the nocturia! I particular, I wake up every 2 hours, however the frecvency of urination increases greatly in the morning, when I can get up EVERY 10-15 minutes. It is as if my sympromes become more acute in the morning!
During the last years I took Flomax and it did not help too much, expecially regarding the MORNING frecvency. (I also had prostatitis as well.)
Flomax did not help, are there any suggestions on what I may have?

Don't drink late at night and get checked for diabetes. Are you loosing weight? See a urologist to check it out more.  (+ info)

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