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Nystagmus Person Lasik to replace glasses?

I have congenital Nystagmus and Astigmatism. I am 20/200 far sighted and 20/100 nearsighted. I am correctable to 20/80 far sighted and 20/60 near sighted. Can I get Lasik surgery?

Short answer: Yes.

There are different systems for lasik, and some more competent surgeons. With nystagmus it is imperative that the laser used has an excellent tracking system as your eyes will be constantly moving. They ask regular non-nystagmus patients to stare at a dot and not to move their eyes. With you they have to perform the procedure relying on the tracking of the laser system. This makes the procedure more complicated, but certainly can and HAS been done many times.

You simply need to consult with a refractive surgeon who is very comfortable with your eyes, hopefully has done patients with nystagmus in the past, and is thorough.

Keep in mind, that any visual errors, or problems due to the nystagmus itself cannot be corrected with Lasik. Basically whatever glasses can correct your vision to is going to be what Lasik will be able to accomplish.  (+ info)

Can head tremors be associated with Nystagmus?

My son's teacher has noticed head tremors and is concerned. My son was born with Nystagmus and wears glasses. I just want to know if these two are related.

They could be, but your son needs a thorough work up to find the cause of the tremors and any relationship they may have with his other condition. The tremors could also be indicitve of other unrelated problems and should be evaluated in any case.  (+ info)

Can eye strain and looking a computer screen for too long cause Nystagmus?

I've never read that eyestrain can cause nystagmus. I've read that everything from nutritional deficiencies to neurological problems to medications can cause it, or that it can be congenital (present at birth or shortly thereafter).

I have had episodes of nystagmus before, but the physician attributed them to an ear and sinus infection after a CT scan of my head. My family has a history of brain tumors (brainstem and pituitary) and she wanted to make sure this wasn't a possibility. I have also had some mild nystagmus in one eye due to an eye infection.

If you're having what you think is nystagmus, this doesn't mean you have a brain tumor! If you aren't actually diagnosed, and you're having vision problems, see your physician. Sometimes sinus pressure can cause vision problems. I don't have your health history, medications, eating/drinking habits, etc., so I can't make more suggestions.

These are two good, solid articles about nystamus (there are many different types of it):

http://www.allaboutvision.com/conditions/nystagmus.htm  (+ info)

Can anyone give me some advice and options with a kid who has nystagmus?

My 11 month old son has Nystagmus he's had it since birth because it's hereditary in my family. He goes to a pediatrician ophthamoligist who specializes in this kind eye problem. He's said that there is a surgery to correct his vision and slow down the eye movement but he can't have it till he gets 4 or 5 yrs. old! So I was just wondering what to expect in the future and Is there anything else I can do to help him along? Thanxs

there is not much you can do to solve this problem. this surgical procedure may be new, but I'm not aware of it. If it's available, I would definitely look into it, because there are few other options.  (+ info)

Will I pass on nystagmus to my baby?

I was born with congenital nystagmus. If my partner has normal vision is it likely that our child will be born with nystagmus?

  (+ info)

Does cutting some of the eye muscles help alleviate Nystagmus?

My son is 11 and has this condition from birth (along with Septo-optic dysplasia). The Jewestein Eye Institute at UCLA said the surgery was an option-any thoughts for or against?

Muscle Surgery for Nystagmus does help some patient. It will either lessen the "jerk" or put the head in the primary position (e.g. your child will now be looking straight ahead instead of sideways when looking at objects).  (+ info)

Does anyone know anything about non-congenital nystagmus and any treatments available?

I was diagnosed with nystagmus two years ago. It was not something I was born with and was not the result of any head trauma. Also, my MRI came back clean. I can't seem to find any info on adult onset nystagmus. Any info available would be very helpful and much appreciated.

Check webmd.com  (+ info)

what states is it illegal to drive if you have congenital nystagmus?

Good question. I am not aware of any states that specifically make it illegal simply by 'having' the disorder. I do know in some that it is a matter of your visual acuity. Basically judging you on the same standards as anyone else -- If you can pass a visual acuity test then you can drive. I believe the limit is 20/40.

Many people with nystagmus, as I understand, have visual acuity that is not that good.. and is a result of the nystagmus -- thus cannot be corrected. This would prevent those with lesser acuities from driving.

Maybe someone else knows more..  (+ info)

what is to come in the future for my son with Nystagmus?

My son is 2.5 mo. old and has recently been diagnosed with nystagmus. I am wondering if anyone can tell me if as he grows he will be able to lead a normal life....will he be able to play sports?.?.?. will he be able to drive?.?.?. The doctors like to keep things vague this early on but I would like to have some idea so that I am not shocked later on.. .. thank you

Knowledge is power.

Read up:  (+ info)

I am a redhead with green eyes, born on a LEAP YEAR and has Nystagmus, am i one of the rarest people in the us?

i feel so different from everyone else. am i really rare or am i just thinking that to myself?

thats pretty raree  (+ info)

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