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Can someone with Nystagmus wear contact lenses?

or will the nystagmus make them fall out?
I know the lenses will not correct nystagmus, but the lenses will fix the far sightedness. plus i don't want to wear glasses.

i don't think the lens will correct the nystagmus, if that's what your asking...  (+ info)

Can a child with nystagmus see as well as a normal child sees possibly?

My grandson was recently diagnosed with nystagmus and I am curious about his ability to see now and in the future. Nystagmus is involuntary darting of the eyes. My grandson is 4 months old, and he doesn't focus, he looks up most of the time and leans his head way back. My guess is that he can see better or can see period when his head is in that position. I am just worried about him. Thanks, any help is certainly appreciated.

Lorri Bryant


Why are the pathologic conditions peritonitis, pleurisy, and pericarditis all accompanied by pain?

In medical terms anything that ends in '-itis' means swelling. So with swelling comes pain.
Pleurisy is swelling and fluid on the pleura of the lung lining which is a step down from pneumonia.
Hope this helps and have a great day/night.
K  (+ info)

Does Nystagmus have to be constant?

My doctor says I have Nystagmus caused by stress. I am seeing a psychiatrist now and he says I can't have Nystagmus because it's not constant.

No, nystagmus does not need to be constant as it can be provoked by certain eye gaze or other factors, such as drugs and medications. You should know that there are different causes for nystagmus; some people are born with it, and some acquire it from a medical condition or medications. Sometimes, nystagmus is obvious to the examiner, but in many cases, the eye movement is subtle or only detected when the eye is gazing in certain directions. You should have at the minimum: a neurological exam, a brain MRI, some blood work, and a good eye exam by an ophthalmologist. If these tests are all normal, I wouldn't worry about having nystagmus.  (+ info)

Invega gave me nystagmus, will it ever go away?

It's not super bad, but slightly annoying. I've been off the Invega for a week now and it still hasn't gone away. So will it be permanent?

Invega (paliperidone) is given for the treatment of schizophrenia. It is much like risperidone which I take. I do not see nystagmus as a side effect of this drug but you had better discuss it with your psychiatrist or pharmacist. If you are being treated for schizophrenia with this medication you should not stop taking it with out a doctors supervision.  (+ info)

When performing post rotational nystagmus on a spinning chair, why does the subject tilt their head 30 degrees?

- gravity  (+ info)

Can nystagmus be fixed or cured?

I have nystagmus in both eyes following a brain stem stroke, right worse than left. I also have partial hearing loss in my left ear. Are there surgeries or treatments available?

nystagmus is either congenital or acquired in general congenital nystagmus is easier to treat than the acquired
treatment is first directed to correct the refractive errors if they are present usually by lenses not spectacles, then Botulinum toxin may be used to dampen the nystagmus this usually requires multiple injection as the toxin effect wears of and it can lead to few complications as ptosis , diplopia
surgical treatment is done to remove the cause of nystagmus when its acquired as in removal of intracranial tumors and for congenital nystagmus extraocular muscle surgery for correction of nystagmus  (+ info)

Is there a cure for nystagmus?

Is there at least any procedures that would lessing , if not gid rid of it? Would lasik help?

No, there is no cure, but there are ways of learning to cope with it and possibly strenghten the eye. Lasik will not help - because it doesn't alter the muscles.


Glasses and contact lenses do not correct nystagmus although they may help a little and should certainly be worn to correct other sight problems. A child or adult may be diagnosed as being “short sighted” (blurred distance vision) or “long sighted” (problems with near to vision) as well as having nystagmus. Long or short sightedness occurs because the eye itself is not exactly the right shape for focusing. The focusing problems can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses, but the nystagmus will still affect the person’s eyesight. Your optometrist (optician) could discuss this in more detail with you

Very occasionally, surgery is performed to alter the position of the muscles, which move the eye. The purpose of this is to reduce the amount the head has to turn to try and see better. However surgery cannot correct or cure nystagmus.


I know this isn't much help, but I hope the website can offer you some more info.

God Bless  (+ info)

Are there any newer treatments for nystagmus?

Life long sufferor here. I would like to find out about any breakthroughs.

thanks in advance

I haven't heard of any. Nystagmus is usuallyc connected to Inner Ear problems. Have they thought of trying to fix the root of the problem?

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Nystagmus is a disorder of the vestibular system in the middle ear that causes dizziness due to altered function of the semicircular canals, usually involving the posterior canal but sometimes involving the horizontal canal. The dizziness, which is accompanied by abnormal eye movements or nystagmus, occurs suddenly and without warning; thus, it is "paroxysmal". It is also "positional" because the symptoms increase with certain movements of the head or body. It is the position of the head, rather than the movement, that causes the symptoms.  (+ info)

Is Nystagmus a common side effect of neuroblastoma?

Not a common side effect, no, but there is a known association in some cases.

Opsoclonus "dancing eyes" nystagmus is present in only a few percent of children with neuroblastoma.

And taking this the other way round, there are many causes of infantile nystagmus that do not imply neuroblastoma.

Best wishes if this is question arisng from a particular case.  (+ info)

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