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Of all the eating disorders what is the worst for your body?

This is a question I've always wondered. The disorders I am talking about are:
Starving yourself
Exercising too much
Making yourself vomit
Taking laxatives

Which is the worst for your health? I know obviously overeating can kill you but any of the above in excess can kill you. I just wonder which is hardest on the body.

Starving yourself (anorexia), eventually you cant have kids, your hair will drop out and so will your teeth. A lot of anorexics never recover from being that way. Its a mental illness as are all eating disorders and there are a lot of underlying causes besides the getting thin issue. Taking laxatives can do permanent damage to the bowel. Vomiting (Bulimia) can do permanent damage to the throat and stomach. Overeating can cause blood pressure issues and heart problems but so too can any of the above. Exercising too much will cause stress and strain on the body as a whole but usually the body will control this by giving you injuries to slow you down. Still, some marathon runners suffer heart attacks.  (+ info)

What are the different types of dual disorders?

We have an assignment about dual disorders and I have to find some information about it. I need to know the different types of dual disorders and their effects on the person. I really need to do well in this assignment. I want to get an A for this. Please help me. Thanks a bunch.

First of all, dual disorders are composed of a mental illness and a substance abuse. The mental illness may be bipolar disorder, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, anxiety disorder, personality disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia or phobias. The co-occurring problem may be alcohol or drug abuse. I'll just add some links that will give you additional information about the specific types of dual disorders. Good luck with the assignment and I do hope you get an A.  (+ info)

What do you all think of personality disorders?

A lot of people think they may have personality disorders, But when it comes to doctors, they make a careful diagnosis. In actualality, people's symptoms fit in to a bunch of different "labels" Do you agree that doctors may be over diagnosing people with personality disorders?

I have many years of experience as a therapist in the mental health field and can affirm the reluctance of insurance companies to authorize treatment for personality disorders. However, in most reports I see, the presence of a personality disorder is noted if the clinician believes it's there.

I don't see clinicians as prone to either under or over diagnose personality disorders, but I am sure there are some practice settings where that happens. Bottom line is that the DSM IV TR spells out the criteria for meeting the various personality disorder clusters, and you use those guidelines in making decisions. If the clinician is lazy and relies on instinct or impression to diagnose, rather than use the criteria, well, that's just not being very thorough  (+ info)

What percent of people in the world suffer from chronic sleep disorders?

Also, how about America?

I'm doing a speech on sleep disorders tomorrow and I can't find the percentages anywhere.

it is between 10 and 20 per cent. depending on the disorder for the world, and for America
web sites below.  (+ info)

What is the link between atheletes/models/etc and binge-eating disorders?

I read somewhere that atheletes and models- or any other professionals whose bodies are on "public display on a frequent basis"- notably struggle with binge-eating disorders where they rapidly and excessively consume foods at certain periods of time, usually due to depression, anxiety, boredom, etc.

It seems sort of odd to me that this is the case, considering atheletes and models are usually very slender.

What do you guys think are some of the links?

You are asking about two very different groups of people.

When it comes to elite level athletes, yes, there are certain sports where eating disorders are a big problem. It has less to do with "bodies on display" than with "if I lose 5 kg I'll shave 5 seconds off my time" or similar. You can, for example, look into ski jumping, where a minimum BMI has been set due to jumpers losing as much weight as they can - to unhealthy low lovels - to be able to fly further on their jumps.

Models are on public display, but they also have to maintain a certain body type as their role is a living hanger for the clothes. Unlike with (most) athletes, models can and do use illicit drugs to keep their weight down.

Now there will be binging and purging in both groups, but I do not know to what extent it exists.  (+ info)

How many personality disorders can a person have?

I am just curious,l how many personality disorders can one person have? Can someone have borderline, narcissistic, and paranoid personality disorders at the same time? Or more even?
I know some of them have qualities that relate somewhat but if the person meets the criteria entirely for more than one of them do doctors diagnose them with multiple disorders?


A person will only be diagnosed with on personality disorder. If they have traits of several they will be diagnosed PD NOS or given a cluster diagnosis.
A person that has both Borderline and Narcissistic traits is most likely an anti-social PD.  (+ info)

What are some dermatological genital disorders?

I have oral and genital sores that test negatively for any STD's. I've read a little about Behcet's disease and am researching other genital skin disorders.

I just typed in my search bar "derrmatological genital disorders" and went to site #1 - Genital Skin Problems.Derrm.Net NZ. They have a whole list of genital disorders that you can click onto and they also show pictures. I looked at Behcet's disease and it stated that in the U.S. only about 1 in 20,000 get that disease and it also showed photos. Why don't you go to this site and look up each one. Maybe you can find out what you have. I hope this helps you. Good Luck!  (+ info)

What mental disorders are strictly genetic?

I have to do a research paper for school and i wanted to know what mental disorders are strictly genetic. I was going to do something like schizophrenia or bipolar. However as some of you may know, these disorders are highly debated whether they are genetic or acquired.

none that are 100% proven to be genetic, although there can be some genetic factors. Honestly, it's a mix of lots of things. Think about it: if evolution and natural selection did happen what would be the benefit in a genetic mental disorder?

here are some that are thought to have some genetic factors:
Postpartum depression
Delusional disorder  (+ info)

What are costs of diagnosing disorders in the digestive system?

Investigate and compare the cost of at least three tests used in diagnosing disorders of the digestive system.

I don't know about the costs, but I would think gastroscopy, colonoscopy, and a detailed blood test. (of all 3 , the blood test is cheapest).  (+ info)

How long can an ocular migraine last?

I see a flashing strobe light out of the corner of my left eye. My doctor thinks it may be ocular migraines (it's not a torn retina according to the eye doctor). But I have had this flashing every day for over 2 months!!! Could an ocular migraine really last THAT long???

I get the same thing. Its a migrain that doesn't hurt but effects your vision and is very frustrating because you can't focus and lights flash or things in site swirl. Very frightening the first few times. They should not last for 2 months straight. Although you can get one every day that last a few minutes or an hour or more. When this happens, take Tylenol and drink a coke. (I know, that sucks, I absolutley HATE soda and that's the only time I drink it). Lay down in a quite dark room and try to relax. It should go away very quickly.

If you are having one non-stop for 2 months then I suggest you go see a neurologist. That is not normal.  (+ info)

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