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Can ovarian cysts make birth control less effective?

I have implannon and was wondering if I should be useing a backup method. I couldn't seem to find anything on the subject except that BC pills sometimes help alleviate the cysts, but nothing about effectiveness.

Cysts don't effect birth control in any way.  (+ info)

Can an surgical abortion be performed if a women have vaginal cysts?

I have two small cyst, and don't plan on being sedated during my procedure, do you think the cysts will be a problem? Is it a way to work around them?

I dont think you would have a problem...but you might want to ask the person giving the abortion if it could affect anything.  (+ info)

How do you get pregnant if you have cysts on your ovaries?

My best friend is in her twenties and is going crazy trying to have a baby. She has cysts on her ovaries and doesn't want to go to a fertility clinic, (she is totally against fertility clinics) so any suggestions? I really want to help her because she's almost thirty and has been trying for two or three years now. In advance THANKS!!!

Ovarian cysts will usually not effect your ability to have kids. For the majority of women, the presence of ovarian cysts has no impact on their ability to conceive. Typically, ovarian cysts remain small and don't interfere with ovulation or conception

If you have polycystic ovarian syndrome, this can cause fertility problems but having an ovarian cyst is NOT the same as having PCOS - they are 2 very distinct conditions. The doctor should have told your friend which condition she has.

In the long term, conventional medical approaches to ovarian cysts are very limited, and treat the symptoms rather than the underlying root cause. She is much more likely to get rid of her cysts once and for all if she takes a holistic approach to treatment. This works for alltypes of cysts, including PCOS.

There's a good info site below - get your friend to check it out, & wish her good luck from me.  (+ info)

How were you diagnosed with ovarian cysts?

Hi, I have always had normal paps, including one I had a few months ago. However, I have been getting uterine/ovarian twinges a few times a day throughout the month (not just before ovulation) and someone suggested it might be cysts. If you've been diagnosed with cysts, how did they find them at first? Was it through an abnormal pap, or some other way? Thank you!

I went for a normal checkup to the gyno and she saw them with the sonar.  (+ info)

how do you tell the difference between boils and cysts?

tell me if this is a boil or cysts description. it starts as a small itchy spot the first day. by the second day there is a small bump, its warm and not exactly painfull yet. the third day the pain is on and its fiery, very intense. 4th day is the same except the lump is large maybe smaller than a cherry, 5th day it pops and there is blood and puss with a smell. this is all on the but crack no where near the hole though, and i have hait growing back there so could that be the cause of it?

its a boil. leave it alone.  (+ info)

Any skin cream or ointment that could dissolve the cysts under the skin of my arms and chest?

The cysts, I feel that they are just under the skin (not deep) and are about the size of a small corn kernel.

one of the best thing i have found is tea tree oil! My husband get them and if i just put a little on them they normally go away!  (+ info)

what causes the cysts I keep getting on my head?

I have already had 2 sebaceous cysts removed from my scalp, not recently but several years ago but I have some more. They are really hard and embarrasing when going to the hair dresser. Anyone else had problems with these? I am a female.

I get them too and sadly there isn't a thing that can be done to prevent them. They are hereditary. My mother and grandmother had them and so I got the card too. I bet if you ask around amongst the family, you will find several other people in your family that have had them too.  (+ info)

Does anyone know of natural ways to rid ones body of subateous cysts and skin tags?

I am currently using Cesteton for the cysts but can't see a change. Naturally, there is the surgical option for both that I would like to avoid. Any suggestions and related experiences will be most appreciated.

I bought this stuff on ebay, it works great on skin tags. It's medical grade salicylic acid, I bought it from maggme100 and it's like 10 bucks, It's the only thing that has ever worked for me! Good luck!  (+ info)

Is it possible to have a condition that causes cysts in various parts of the body?

Doctors found over 20 cysts on just one ovary, and my allergy doctor found a cyst in my sinus cavity. I am now having chronic swollen ankles, back pain, and dizziness, and I am worried about having poly-cystic kidneys.

yes, you should work more with your allergy doctor to find and remove the toxins that are causing the cysts. Also, a good detox diet for about 7 days should so some signs of improvement. If you don't feel better after 7 days, then drop the detox, it is caused by something else.   (+ info)

what are the diffrence in Testicular cancer and epidermal cysts lumps?

I have a report for heath class and I want to know the difference between Testicular cancer lumps and epidermal cysts lumps. I need to know like stuff like color, size and location? and what cause epidermal cysts? so what is the difference between them?

You haven’t read the material have you?
Cancer can spread to other parts of your body and if left untreated can kill you. Epidermal cysts lumps cannot. Unless the doctor showed it to you after surgery you would never know the color and I can’t see how this would matter.  (+ info)

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