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How do ovarian cysts go away?

I recently got a larger then most ovarian cyst. How do ovarian cysts go away? All I've read so far is they 'pop' causing terrible pain. I go to school; and I don't want that to happen there, how embarssing would that be! My question is; how do ovarian cysts go away? Do they pop the majority of the time? What can I do to prevent popping them?

They don't always pop. Sometimes your body just slowly reabsorbs the fluid. Other times, they do pop. Sometimes you notice that and it's very painful, other times you don't. From my work, I know cysts are VERY common, so I would guess that many women have cysts that come and go and don't even know it, so I think the majority of the time they do not pop abruptly. I don't know what you can do to avoid popping it, maybe try to avoid being hit in the pelvis really hard? Good luck!  (+ info)

Why do some cysts contain clumps of hair?

I was just reading up on something and came across a website and noticed it was all to do with a woman's surgery to rid of a dermoid cyst.

The cyst itself contained hair, and I googled it and quite a lot of cysts can contain hair. However, I did not find the reason why.

Does anyone know?

A dermoid cyst is a cystic teratoma that contains mature skin, so they are almost always benign and often contain blood, fat, bone, nails, teeth, cartilage and sometimes, even eyes. Teratomas on the other hand are usually malignant and can contain hands and feet, but this doesn’t happen very often. Dermoid cysts and teratomas are not limited to females and can occur in the brain, mouth, head and neck, mediastinum, the small intestine, pelvis, ovaries and testicles. I know it doesn’t sound very professional, but these things give me the creeps. They are of embryonal origin,  (+ info)

What causes a person to keep getting cysts?

my husband had 3 cysts. one on his arm, one on his head and one on his eye brow. he got the one on his eyebrow and arm cut out today and sent in for biopsy to make sure its not cancerous. what could be makeing him keep getting these cysts?

A bad diet...Lack of the right vitamins.  (+ info)

What type of pain comes with ovarian cysts?

I was rushed to the ER about a month and a half ago with severe, sharp pain in my right side. They thought I had appendicitis but the scans showed I had ovarian cysts. They gave me pain medication until the sharp pain faded two days later and I was ok. But now I have what feels like period cramps constantly, weeks before and after my period. Can the cysts cause this? Should I be worried?

the cysts can cause the cramps you are feeling before and after you period. you could have Endometriosis. check out the link and it might give you some more clues to what you have or not, but remember, a doctor is the only one that can diagnose what is happening to you. good luck. =]  (+ info)

Is there a difference between cysts on the kidneys and in the kidneys?

My mom has two on her kidneys and the doctor said that it could cause her back pain and high blood pressure. Im trying to find out if its the cause for some of her other problems. Is there a difference? Also, are there some other symptoms of cysts on the kidneys?

Most kidney cysts are asymptomatic. I have one, and it's recently begun to cause me lower back pain on the same side. My blood pressure became high 5 months after the cyst was discovered. So far the cyst has not been treated. Here's a link with some information:


Cysts in the kidney is a very different matter and can be caused by polycystic disease. That's a dangerous disease. You can google that for more information.  (+ info)

Can having ovarian cysts cause a miscarriage?

I just found out that I have ovarian cysts, my doctor said that they are small and that a lot of women have them and it is nothing to be concerned about. I also had a miscarriage 6 wks ago and from researching on-line I am worried that having the cysts could have caused my miscarriage.

the cysts dont usually cause miscarriages, they just make getting pregnant more difficult  (+ info)

Is it possible to make skin cysts shrink up?

I have a couple marble sized skin cysts (semi-hard tissue under my skin) on my arm. My doctor said they are harmless and sometimes disappear on their own, but they can be removed if they become painful or very large. Well they aren't painful or "very large", but they are kind of annoying, so I'm wondering if there is something you can do to shrink them at all (medication, heat, cold, etc.)? Thanks for any help!

Ice helps to shrink them or taking a VERY hot shower helps to soften them.

You may want to bypass your doctor and go see a dermatologist.

Accutane is great for Acne but if you are having problem with cysts you may want to try some Tretinoin cream. (Tretinoin .02% cream - generic for Renova.)

Primary care physicians are RETARDS when it comes to skin conditions. If that was your dermatologist that told you that then go get another dermatologist.  (+ info)

what are the dangers of ovarian cysts while pregnant?

I have always had cysts and they tend to rupture releasing toxins throughout my body. I am a little nervous now because I am not on birth control to control the cysts now that I am pregnant. At the doctors I was informed that I had another cysts, my last one ruptured right before I got pregnant. I didn't think to ask any questions at the time because I was taking in a lot of information because this is my first pregnancy. I am curious as to how this will affect my baby and what would happen if it ruptures. Please help! I was also informed that even though I am 10 weeks my uterus is the size of 6 1/2 weeks. I feel like a mess!

The 2 options my obgyn gave me was to have it surgically removed in a few weeks by doing this there is a possiblity of having a spontaneous miscarriage. Or leave it with the possiblities of it getting bigger, bursting and putting me in preterm labor or it twisting around my ovary and having to get that removed in the end. They decided they are not going to remove it unless it presents a problem so far mine has not caused me any problems. How far along are you? Are they going to monitor it and see if its growing or shrinking? I would get some more info from your OB next time you go. I do know that lots of women do have them removed and go on tho have healthy pregnancy's but there is always a risk of miscarriage.  (+ info)

is it more likely for pregnant women to get ovarian cysts?

ive been thinking im pregnant for about 2 weeks, but this to early to take a test.

i just recently found out i have a cyst on my right ovary.
but ive been hearing most pregnant people have them.

so is it more likely for pregnant women to get ovarian cysts?
btw, ive been thinkkin i was pregnant. for about 2 weeks.

It is not more likely, most women have them and don't know about them. Every time you ovualte but do not have a menstral cycle you get a cyst. These cysts are not harmful and usually don't cause people any problems. If you have a multitude of cysts though this can cause a problem. It is call polycystic ovarian syndrome. It can cause hormone problems and give you a hard time if you want to get pregnant. Hope this answered your question.  (+ info)

What are the signs of having Ovarian Cysts?

if someone could give me all the details behind ovarian cysts that would be great.

what are all the signs and things to look for?

can it be hereditary?
can it give you false positive pregnancy test and/or messed up and erratic menstral bleeding?

Symptoms of ovarian cysts: * pressure, swelling, or pain in the abdomen
* pelvic pain
* dull ache in the lower back and thighs
* problems passing urine completely
* pain during sex
* weight gain
* pain during your period
* abnormal bleeding
* nausea or vomiting
* breast tenderness

Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder can be hereditary, check with other women on both sides of your family if they've had trouble with their menses. Check with your doctor about this.  (+ info)

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