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is it possible to concieve with partners having poly cystic ovaries and oligospermia ?

husband having oligospermia and wife polycystic ovaries.It is a sex related query.

well its possible but not probable. best technique is within a day of ovulation, female on back, deep intromission, hold position for at least 30 minutes.  (+ info)

How do one treat Oligospermia ie low sperm count?

  (+ info)

how to get rid of oligospermia?

is there any solution for active sperms to come out without an discruption. active produce but they dont come out.

Yes there is, it is called a wet dream or nocturnal emissions.  (+ info)

I have oligospermia. How can my wife gets pregnat with low sperm count?

in vitro  (+ info)

Is oligospermia(low sperm count) curable by homeopathy treatment?

i need answers who have the personal experiance of themelves or their friends.

Homeopathic drugs are way to diluted to even work.
To get a higher sperm count:eat products that have natural zinc in them:Google them
Take a zinc tablet
And last but not least:if you like or can afford them:oysters are great
Success:Colors  (+ info)

how often in a week should a man have sex if he is taking medicines to treat oligospermia?

167 times!  (+ info)

my husband have a oligospermia and teratozoospermia? its possible for me to get pregnant?

WHAT and WHAT  (+ info)

Has anyone tried male fertillity treatments for abnormal sperm morphology and is there any specific that work?

Has anyone tried "oligospermia" treatment? website oligospermia.com if not are there any other suggestions to improve a higher percentage of abnormal sperm morphology? Any advice is greatly appreciated

I checked out that web site and it is very oddly written, almost as if the writer were not a native English speaker.

Anyway, we have dealt with abnormal sperm morphology. My husband took the supplement Proxseed. It did not work for us, though maybe it does for some. I don't really know about its overall efficacy.

I wonder if you have checked out the reason for the abnormal morphology. For us, the cause remains unknown, but first my husband was tested for hormone levels and then examined by a urologist for a varicocle. Both can cause abnormal morphology, though they were normal so not the cause for us.

Our level was 0% normal by Krueger's strict standard, which of course is incredibly low. For us the ultimate resolution was ICSI (intra cytoplasmic sperm injection) with IVF, which miraculously worked the first time. I believe that was an absolute miracle though, and we turned to donor insemination the next time.  (+ info)

Amish Hospital for Male and Femal Infertility, dyslexia, Oligospermia, and cerebral palsy?

Has anyone had any dealings with amishhospital.com for any of the health issues they work with?

If not are there any reviews on the web for the amish hospital?

They say some pretty amazing results, but I can't find anyone talking about them on the web.

Do you know or know anyone that has used their products? If not can you find anything on the web about them that is not from their website?
Please check the site before answering so you understand this is not the normal Amish.

First of all, it looks very UNAmish :-)

They are claiming some impressive things... but all their studies seem to be from overseas and they do not cite the exact source (so you could go look up the original findings).

I don't know much about Ayurvedic medicine. If I were you, I would research that and the doctors mentioned VERY thouroughly.

What I've often found, though, as far as "alternative treatment" goes... is that many remedies are just as easy to do yourself (increasing vitamin C, following certain dietary and exercise guidelines-- that kind of stuff).

I believe that cures and treatments for AIDS and Cancers is possible with alternative medicine... but for genetic disorders, I am pretty skeptical.

I've worked ALOT with mentally and physically challenged people and their parents searched for EVERY type of "cure" they could find... which ultimately, did not change the fact that the child/adult had that genetic/birth condition. I knew one guy with a fatal form of muscular dystrophy, and (believe me), before his death, his mother had tried every "new age" form of treatment since current medicine does not have the cure!!!

Just be careful, as with anything. If those people are any good, they should answer all your questions and be understanding if you are on a limited budget. If they suggest a treatment, research it yourself before spending the $$$!!

(I would do this with any doctor or treatment- MD or otherwise).  (+ info)

what should be my own treatment for low spem count, oligospermia and azospermia? What is the spiriual remedy?

Recommendation of honey for my wife taken. What is my own treatment? Sometimes I was diagnosed low sperm count. After drug it changes to oligospermia and then again to azospermia. The thought of this gave me hypertension one night. Intercouse with my wife indicate that there seems to be a blockage of flow sperm. This sensation becomes clear after I started visiting spiriual homes for prayers in addition to medical consultations. What is the spiriual remedy?. Any duau or zikri by our renown Moulana Sheik Muhammed on this? I trust in the community's prayer ability. Wishing you Allah's blessings. massalam.

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