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Open bite....?

Someone told me that I have somthing called open bite but I have no clue what can be done to fix it I've looked it up several times but it doesn't show how they fix it... has anyone had this and if so what can be done... I also have two teeth on the top that are higher than the rest

Here is a pic of what they look like for those who don't have a good imagination

If you can't veiw that sorry

Braces, rubber bands and wearing your retainer after treatment. Patient cooperation counts for a lot of the treatment working. I had an open bite and it wasn't that difficult to go through fixing. My orthodontist said jaw surgery was a possibility so depending on your situation (can't view pics), that may also be suggested for you.  (+ info)

open bite?

are open bites really important to fix? my teeth don't close all the way in the front, but i don't really have any problems with it as far as i'm concerned. i had braces which closed them up compleately, but as soon as i got them off my teeth moved back to being open. i'm really scared cause i have to go to the orthodontist next week, and i'm nervous about what they're going to say.....
i already HAVE had braces, which temporarily fixed the problem. however my open bite came back as soon as the braces were off, even with me wearing a retainer 24/7.

An open bite after ortho treatment is not acceptable. Your Orthodontist will probably need to put you back into braces to correct this problem and you may need to stay in a hold position for longer before you can go into the retainers. Sorry, but I wouldn't settle for it after everything you've already gone through. Get it fixed now, you will regret it later if you don't. Good luck!  (+ info)

How important is it to close an open bite?

So how important is it to close my open bite. I am an adult so I'd need braces + surgery. Some dentists seem to think it's really important while others say I have enough contact with my other teeth so it really shouldn't matter. My bite is only open in the very front, meaning my four front teeth don't touch. I have a tongue thrust so I've been told I need to wear a retainer for the rest of my life. Otherwise my bite could reopen.

your open bite may cause your eating abilities to be different from other people. with this open bite, your jaw will hurt when eating and so on.  (+ info)

How to reduce open bite problem in a simple way?

I am having open bite problem due to thumb sucking in my childhood. Its a kinda lowering my self-confidence and self -esteem when speaking to others. I have brackets too but it's helping in no way.

You will need to stop sucking your thumb. it takes 22 days to brake a habit. You will need a canal on your bite and you need braces with rubberbands. Your teeth will also need to be spaced out.  (+ info)

Is it possible my wisdom teeth caused a open bite?

I didnt have a gap between the bottom and top front teeth until I got my wisdom teeth. Did that cause me to have a open bite? Is it impossible to fix my open bite?

it is a possiblity

you could have your wisdom teeth removed which would relevive the pressure and could possibly help
mine pushed my first molar crooked  (+ info)

How would an orthodontist fix an open bite?

I have braces and before they started anything I had a slight overbite which they tried to fix. Now I have an open bite where my front top teeth and bottom teeth do not touch and they are not aligned correctly. I was just wondering how the orthodontist would fix this problem and how long it would usually take cause I've already had braces for about 3 years now.

They will continue to change and / or adjust the wires.

There is also the possibility of using elastics.  (+ info)

How soon is open bite treatment needed?

I have an anterior open bite and there is some interferance by some of teeth. As a result, my jaw gets sore at times. I need to see an orthodontist about this, but I am a student right now and do not have any dental insurance so I was wondering how soon this needs to be treated. Can it wait a year?

You should get an anterior open bite fixed with a combination of dental orthodontics to line up your teeth, and with jaw corrction surgery to get your jaws properly aligned so that your front teeth can normally overlap, allowing you to bite into things. To find out more on jaw correction surgery (or orthognathic surgery), go to http://dentalimplantsaustralia.com/  (+ info)

How long would I need to have braces for a mild open bite?

I have a mild open bite (where in the front, the top and bottom doesn't quite meet up) and my teeth are for the most part straight (my 2 front teeth are slightly turned inward, not noticeable unless you look from an angle) and im pretty sure my teeth are a tiny bit overcrowded, not severe at all.

My friends think im crazy to want braces, but im kind of self conscious about it Im 15, going on 16.

It depends on your jaw and teeth, but I would assume around a year.
Why don't you get a simple consultation and ask the orthodontist, who has access to the x-rays, yourself?  (+ info)

In orthodontist terms what does it mean to open a bite?

I went to the orthodontist yesterday and they said they needed to open my bite. I was wondering what that means. It sounds really weird.

It means when you put your teeth together, your top teeth are closing and going further down on your bottom teeth than they should.You probably have a deep bite which is when you close your top teeth pretty much cover your entire front teeth on the bottom.So in order to make your bite more normal they are going to make it so your bite isn't as deep.  (+ info)

How do you treat an open bite?

I have an open bite. I also have fillings on my back teeth and I have to keep getting the fillings because of all the work I my back teeth have to do. I have been told before that I might need braces again, which I reaaaally don't want, or eventually my teeth will wear down in about 10 years and I'll need crowns. Do you know if there are other treatments for open bites instead of braces? would invisiline work? I'm almost 20 now, so getting braces is not really an option i want to have to consider.

Invisalign can work for open bite, but I can not give you a pat answer that it "will" work in your case. It depends on factors that you will not be able to communicate to me over the internet. Go to http://www.invisalign.com and find an Invisalign doctor near you and get an opinion.  (+ info)

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