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What is flat optic disk? What are the consequences for the health of the patient?

Recently a consultant neurosurgeon stated that my sister's optic disk are flat. What did he mean by this stated? Can this be bad for the patient?

this site explains about the optic disk
http://www.willsglaucoma.org/supportgroup/20071219.htm  (+ info)

does anyone have optic nerve or disc drusen?

yes i also have blockages of the eyes blood vessels damage of the optic nerve.it is like mini strokes in the eyes .messes up your vision very painfull when you move your eyes to the sides or up and takes your vision. to understand this it is like having blockages to your heartor brain.you can talk to me at my e-address if you want.  (+ info)

Can Optic Nerve Head Drusen cause optic nerve thinning and field of vision loss?

I have thinning of my optic nerve head, blind spots in my field of vision and have been told that I have optic nerve head drusen. I've been to the optometrist three times and he sent me for a test at the ophthalmologist for a test (Spectralis RNFL) but did not refer me to see the ophthalmologist. Is it possible that the thinning and the field of vision loss is from the optic nerve head drusen. Should I be more concerned, my optometrist doesn't seem to be overly concerned. Should I go to an ophthalmologist or continue seeing the optometrist? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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My sister was recently diagnosed with optic nerve drusen and I would like to know anything about this disease.

Type in optic nerve head drusen and a ton of web sites will pop up or type in The Handbook of Ocular Disease Management.
There is a ton of info too much to try and translate back to you. If you go the handbook one you will find everything you want to know.  (+ info)

Swollen Optic disk on one eye! Please Help!?

What would cause a swollen optic disk on only one eye? (please Help)?
I have been back and forth to doctors for 3 weeks. I have been having numbness on one side of my body (right side) including my face, confusion, and studdering. I had an mri that is normal except for some bright spots on my basil ganglia. I was sent to an ophthalmologist who said my right optic disk is swollen,. I do not go back to the doctor for a week. Any ideas what would cause it in only one eye?

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What disease I can have if there is problem in my optic disc?

My vision is blurred and I have pain in my eyes.So can any body give me answer which disease may be I hve?

Changes in vision, blurriness, blind spots, halos around lights, or dimness of vision should always be evaluated by a medical professional. Such changes may represent an eye disease, aging, eye injury, or a condition like diabetes that affects many organs in your body. Whatever the cause, vision changes should never be ignored. They can get worse and significantly impact the quality of your life. Professional help is always necessary. Your description begs investigation and you would be advised to obtain professional assistance at your earliest opportunity.
Hope this helps
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What causes metabolic waste on an optic nerve?

After an eye examination last week, my doc told me that I have to come back for 2 more tests. He said I have metabolic waste on an optic nerve.
I have tried looking it up on the internet, only to find explanations that I don't understand. What is this condition called and can it cause blindness? What other 2 tests do you think he is going to give me?

Is he testing your for glaucoma? That is usually what this symptom is an indicator of. I provided a link with info about that condition below.  (+ info)

Is cholesterol on the optic nerve dangerous?

My husband was recently told by an eye doctor that he has cholesterol deposits on his left optic nerve. It apparently is not a huge concern, but he has been told to eat dark, leafy greens, and orange vegetables; essentially to eat anti-oxidants, vitamin A, and beta-carotine. I would like to hear from any medical professionals if this is a serious concern, and if there are any OTC vitamins or herbal remedies that may help to stem the tide of cholesterol on the optic nerve. Thank you.

I'm not an ophthalmologist, but I would suggest that your husband has his blood cholesterol levels checked, if this has not been done already.

Cholesterol deposits can occur anywhere in the body where fluid is present, therefore more common areas are within blood vessels. While most of these deposits are small, larger ones can impead blood flow, or break free and clog up smaller vessels which prevents nutrients getting to tissue and cells. These cells can then die, causing permant damage.

Lowering fat intake and becoming aware of the healthier types of fats (the good oils) can go along way to preventing potential cholesterol damage. Following the dietary advice your husband has been given will also help. Having a lower fat intake can also assist in weight loss and help control blood pressure.

High cholesterol levels are also influenced by genetic predisposition, so it is helpful to be aware of any issues our parents may have had.

Once your husbands cholesterol levels have been checked, his doctor may sugest medication to lower the blood levels, which will inturn lower cholesterol deposits.

There are a variety of OTC herbal compounds that are believed to assist with the regulation of cholesterol, including but not limited to lethicin and plant sterols. A reputable health food shop should be able to assist you, but make sure that you mention any medications or allergies that your husband may have.

I'm based in Australia, and some manufacturers of table margarines are now putting plant sterols in their product so that consumer's can lower their cholesterol level. They are very effective, so check to see if these products are available in your supermarket.

Hope this helps.  (+ info)

ivig treatment does it work to restore optic nerve and vision loss?

I have a autoimmune disorder that has only affected my optic nerve,no other symptoms.I had a IVIG treatment about 3 weeks ago the Dr. I am seeing has had positive results that has reestored vision loss.Have others out there had any luck and if so how lomg did it take to get results?

It's possible, but it depends on how much and what kind of damage has occurred.
It's like saying your car was in an accident and asking if it can be repaired. If it was a little fender-bender that a body shop can correct, then sure... but if the car was run off a cliff and blew up, then there's not much chance of repairing it. I don't mean to be blunt, but if your doctor has looked at the situation and recommended the IV-IG (Intravenous Immunoglobulin) for your condition, that would probably be the best option.
You can certainly call your doctor and ask if he thinks the damage could be reversed or if it will just prevent further degradation, but without knowing a lot more about the situation, anyone here would be guessing if we gave you a solid yes/no answer. Good luck and I hope I helped!  (+ info)

eye check up confused about the optic disc?

i had a check up with my eye doctor today, he said that my optic disc seems to have a dome over it and that it is slightly rough around the edges. I've been having headaches behind my eyes, usually after being on the computer for college but he said he's going to write to my GP to check it, what does it mean?

Your description of what the doctor said is a little confusing to me. A bulging optic nerve can be an indication of an increase in the pressure of the fluid around your brain. There are some pretty scary things that it could be. There are also some not so scary things it could be. It is also possible that I have totally misunderstood what your eye doctor was trying to tell you. The links below have more information about what I think he was describing.  (+ info)

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