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What does an eye look like after optic nerve damage?

Does it change colour? Does the pupil change size? Does the eye stay in one position or is it still able to be moved?

If the damage is just to the optic nerve itself then the eye will look exactly the same on the outside. It will not affect the colour of the iris, the pupil size or its ability to move. The only way optic nerve damage can be usually seen is by looking throught the pupil using an ophthalmoscope or slit lamp bimicroscopy to look at the nerve at the back of the eye  (+ info)

underdeleloped optic nerve, is there any possibility to get this fixed?

i have an underdeveloped optic nerve in one eye. i can see out of it, but i am legally blind in that eye, is there any thing that will ever be able to fix it?

there is always hope  (+ info)

does anyone know the precedure to attaching a partially severed optic nerve.?

I would like some information on a surgery i will be having within the few days. Back in June a piece of metal went behind my eye and they just now found what damage was done. According to some tests my optic nerve became partially severed causing me to be half blind in my left eye. Does anyone have any information on what they'll be doing or how long the recuperation time will be? This would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  (+ info)

What is the name of the device used by optometrists to visualize the optic nerve?

It is the instrument where they tell you to put your chin on the rest and they slide a light source across your face while looking into your eye. They also use this instrument to look for cornea scratches- by changing the scope.

It is called a slit lamp. It isnt used to view the anterior segments of the eye, not the posterior. You use it to view layers of the cornea and the lens.

Like the other responder, an ophthalmoscope is used to view the fundus part of the eye, which includes the optic nerve. An indirect ophthalmoscope allows you to view more of the periphery surrounding the retina.  (+ info)

What are the treatments for post herptic neuropathy and the shingles virus entering the optic nerve?

I had a wonderful case of shingles this spring that covered my right forehead & scalp down to my right eye.
After giving me a prescription for anit-viral drugs, I demanded something at least to help with the intense itching & sensation of being attacked by millions of stabbing pins. My doc gave me an allergy drug - he is very conservative on pain medications. He did insist I go to an eye doc to make sure the virus hadn't entered my optice nerve. Is going to the eye doc & no pain meds standard procedure?

i would think pain meds approp definate get another opinion if optic nerve involved possible meds, can help or even laser treatment  (+ info)

Can patterns of the optic nerve be seen?

I have noticed while examining lighting at night closely that I can see a perfect geometrical pattern exist within, which is somewhat hard to realize is there. Sometimes I can even see this pattern exist if I look at carpet on the floor as well.

The pattern I see is geometrically perfect, it reminds me of a collidiscope, or more like a fractal if you have seen one.

It is very faint and hard to notice, but it is there. I usually see it when I look around the edges of streetlights and think about it.

What am I seeing? Is this the actual makeup of the optical nerves in the background? Or does this exist on another level, like in the brain processing the vision?

I know it it fairly normal, because I have talked to others that say they can see similar patterns if they focus correctly, so I am not imagining anything. It amazes me how perfect and geometrical the large pattern is however. It is surely not debris on the eye lens etc either, which is known to create small patterns.
Typical first two answers, a far off answer because the people answering know nothing about the topic.

Roll eyes.

"What am I seeing?"

dont know

"Is this the actual makeup of the optical nerves in the background?"


"Or does this exist on another level, like in the brain processing the vision?"

no again.  (+ info)

I went to an eye doctor today and she told me that my optic nerve was bigger than average?

She is sending me to an eye specialist just to make sure its nothing to worry about. I'm just curious as to know if any of you have heard of 'a big optic nerve' and if you guys knw wht it does/is etc.
Well she said its big

Well, your optic nerve transmits all the visual information from your eye to your brain, so it is very important. Bigger than average could be just that, like some people have a bigger nose than average. Hopefully this is just normal for you.

There are a few diseases related to the optic nerve, including glaucoma, but I don't know too much about them. I'm sure if you google "optic nerve diseases," you can find some more information.

Sorry I can't tell you more. I really hope that everything turns out well.  (+ info)

Eye doctors: What is a posterior subcapsular cataract and ischemia of the optic nerve?

My dad went to the eye doctor because he was having trouble with peripheral vision. He is being sent to a specialist and we recieved a copy of the letter saying that is what he has. I have no clue what that means and I need someone to break it down for me so I know what is going on with his eyes. Any info will be appreciated.

cataract is simply the opacity in the lens , some times accumulation of proteins or enlarment of the epithelial cells inside the lens . the lens consists of central portioncalled lens capsule which grows with age in size , the nucleus is surrounded by the cortex and the cortex is surrounded by the capsule , anteriorly the caapsule is called aterior capsule and posteriorly towards the vitrous its called psoterior capsule ,
in posterior subcapsular cataract mostly occur with advancing age the nucleus increases in size and hence cause opacity in the lens , when the opacity is in the cortex near the posterior capsule this condidtion is called posterior subcapsular cataract ..
the ischemia simply means when you have low oxygen to any thing it is injured , ischemia of the optic nerve means the infarction of the part of optic nerve due to insufficient or blocked blood supply to it by the short posterior ciliary arteries ..
hope it helped you in some way !  (+ info)

What are the functions of the optic nerve, the retina,the iris,the cornea,and the pupil?

What are the functions of the parts of the eye I listed above? Oh, and if you wanna put the function of the Lens go ahead! I can't find it in the text book!

Look up anatomy of the eye online. I did my own homework. I am always amazed when other people do not want to do theirs.  (+ info)

Can Optic Nerve Hypoplasia be passed to offspring?

I have ONH in my right eye, and I hate it. I'm so scared that I could pass this on to my future children. I cannot find anything online about this at all.

No, it is not considered to be genetic.  (+ info)

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