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How many of you have Optic Nerve Damage & find it stressful to go out in Public?

I have it in one eye & am constantly juggling with 2 different perspectives & find judging how near people are to me a real hassle!
This is not a "Poor Me!" statement, I just want someone else's story, as it feels like I'm the only one on the Planet with this problem!!

Ok, you found one! In 1994, waking down the corridor in my house,
the lights were off in the corridor and on in the room ahead. All of
a sudden the lights seemed to go off in my left eye. Well, next day
I had to travel 400 miles by car and had forgotten of the mishap,
but when I got up expecting to see again, nothing registered in my
my left eye, so I decided to take the bus. Went off for one week,
each morning expecting to be able to see again.

Upon my return I visited my doctor who outrightly told me that it
was an idiotic thing to do, travel in my condition. He examined me
carefully and said there was very little hope of recovery. A small
vein had ruptured and the eye was full of clotted blood. He said
the the only hope would be to inject myself subcutaneously with
a blood thinner and hope for the best, which I did. After the month
was over, I returned to the MD and the test revealed that I was
totally blind of one eye!

So it became a physical problem since I was bumping into people
on my left side, tripping on objects and so on. From then on, I
began to educate myself to a new way living. I have blue eyes
and my one big worry was that the eye should turn into a white
"dead fish" appearance. Well, it did not. My only loss was the
sense of perspective. But my MD did tell me that the right eye
was subject to the same problem since the veins were just as
fragile and I suffered from a very high blood pressure.

So off I went to the cardiologist and have been medicated since
the misfortune. The best he could was to bring it down to 15/10,
which still is on the high side. I have had several similar popped
veins. Fortunately all in my left eye since the first bout.

Today, my only problem is to exercise my eyelid to keep it looking
normal. And normal it is. My cautions are not to drink nor smoke,
or take any exercise which may increase my blood pressure.

I have learned to live my life back to normal and my only
restriction is driving. Nobody ever has noticed my shortcomings
and I feel perfectly normal and happy at all occasions. Only
spillover problem remains to be an unusually high blood pressure,
which is carefully controlled and monitored.

So, I am sorry for the lengthy tale but I only wish to let you know
that you will be living a perfectly normal and happy life with no
regrets. PS. did you know that Gordon Brown (chancellor) has
one glass eye resulting from a rugby match accident? If we can
do it, so can you. Only make sure that you don‘t spill the sugar
on the table when trying to get it into the coffee or tea cup. This
is my only problem today. I wish you well pal, you are not alone!
Iain Ritchie.  (+ info)

what is it called when fluid builds up in the eye and causes damage to the optic nerve and loss of vision?

It's some type of disorder in the eye, anyone know what it's called?

glau⋅co⋅ma   /glɔˈkoʊmə, glaʊ-/

–noun Ophthalmology. abnormally high fluid pressure in the eye, most commonly caused either by blockage of the channel through which aqueous humor drains (open-angle glaucoma or chronic glaucoma) or by pressure of the iris against the lens, which traps the aqueous humor (angle-closure glaucoma or acute glaucoma).
  (+ info)

I like my friends eyes and am wondering if i can reconnect them to my optic nerve.Are there optometry tools?

She likes mine more then hers so would like to make the switch.

lol..  (+ info)

Is glaucoma a disease resulted by optic nerve or aqueous humor that lead to increased IOP?

Glaucoma is a disease of the optic nerve.
For years it was thought that it is only high intraocular pressure that causes glaucoma.Now it is known that there are other factors also which play a role.People with normal or low intraocular pressure can also develop glaucoma(Normal tension glaucoma).  (+ info)

Fleshy mass growing behind the optic nerve-not malignant or a tumor. Does anyone know of a similar case?

Doctors recommended that this fleshy mass be removed from the eye. It has caused the eye to bulge and water-at times the eye becomes inflamed. Has anyone suffered from this condition or know of anyone who has? Was surgery performed? If so, was it successful? Did the mass grow back?

It sounds like you may have a dermoid cyst. Can't know for sure without looking at the scans. Some dermoids are ok to just leave alone but if this one is around the optic nerve and is actually causing exophthalmos (the eye bulging forward) I think you should listen to your doctors recommendations. Remember that even though a mass is not malignant, that doesn't necessarily mean that it cannot do harm. Hope this helped.  (+ info)

What is more important, the retina or the optic nerve?

Both are important. The optic nerve is made of nerve fibers coming from the retina  (+ info)

What does it mean if your doctor tells you that your optic nerve is bigger than normal?

Some nearsighted people have large optic nerves, which means that the opening in the eye is larger than necessary for all the nerve fibers. This leaves an open space, that in medical terminology is called excavation or cupping.
The main criterion is whether it is changing over time. If it is the same year after year, it is likely just the physiologic anatomy of your eye. However, if the excavation is enlarging, there may be a glaucomatous process starting.  (+ info)

What are the common results of a compressed optic nerve after an MRI?

I'm not sure I understand your question. I know of no mechanism for an MRI to compress an optic nerve.  (+ info)

are you considered legaly blind when you have optic nerve atrophy?

my mom filed a claim with the social security department to get disability and they denied her i need your help plezzz?

Being "legally blind" has many causes.

However, the definition of "legally blind" is when one has less than a 20 degree field of vision and/or less than 20/200 vision in the best eye with corrective lenses.

My wife has less than a 20 degree field of vision and less than 20/200 corrected vision, so she qualifies as "legally blind." I have less than 20/200 vision, but my corrective lenses bring it to 20/30 vision, so even though I am totally blind in one eye, I do not qualify.

Social Security ALWAYS denies the initial claim, your mother needs to file for a hearing and at the hearing she will be given information to verify her disability to continue her claim.  (+ info)

if the right optic nerve behind the right eye was cut how would this effect ones vision?

which side/sides of the brain's vision center would be functioninf?

what if the optic chiasma was cut vertically? how would ones vision be affected?

You would see nothing with the right eye.

Since the visual cortex is arranged by field of view, not eye and both eyes see the entire field, the visual cortex would lose the right eye information across the cortex, but neither side would cease to function.  (+ info)

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