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optic neuritis?

objects in my peripheral vision seem to "slide" either when im reading or just staring into space. could this be optic neuritis? this is one of several new symptoms ive been experiencing over the past few days, including numbness/weakness/tingling in my hand and leg

OMG. While vision changes certainly can be an indication of something seriously wrong, numbness/weakness/tingling in your hand and leg is nothing to wait around on.
See a physician immediately.  (+ info)

How do you treat optic neuritis?

I have lost vision in my left eye and have been diagnosed with optic neuritis. I underwent an MRI to rule out MS, tumor, or cyst and I'm going to a specialist on Wednesday. I can't find much information on how to treat this condition, and when my eye sight will come back. Does anyone know about this condition? Any advice or reference material? Is there anything I can do to speed up vision recovery?

I don't think there's anything you can do to speed up recovery, other than just wait. Sorry. :( You should keep your appointments with specialists and if you're not already seeing a neuro-ophthalmologist, you may be referred to one. Good luck!

This article has some useful information. A lot of it applies to MS, which your doctor is looking into.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optic_neuritis  (+ info)

How long does Optic Neuritis last for a MS patient?

I have had MS for 6 years last time I got the blurred vision was about 5 years ago but I cant remember how long did it last. I can't take the eye pain anymore.
p.s. I have had no medication or doctor visit since last year when I became unemployed and to result of that uninsured.

I have MS also. My optic neuritis lasted three months although the pain associated with it only lasted a week. I went blind in my left eye. My sight began returning, but within a few more days, I went totally blind in the left eye a second time. My sight never returned to normal. I have difficulty seeing at night, slightly blurry vision as well as color blindness.

However, any reliable internet site that I have gone to says that optic neuritis generally begins going away within two to three weeks. I am sorry that you are going through this. My experience with ON was the most miserable experience I ever had with MS. My heart goes out to you.  (+ info)

What should I expect during treatment for Optic Neuritis?

I was just diagnosed on Friday and I'm going to see a neuro opthamologist this week. I was told that they would start me on IV steroids and they would do an MRI and blood work. I'm wondering what other people have experienced during treatment. If you had IV steroids were you able to do it at home or at the hospital? They told me I had a 2-3 week window to start treatment which I don't really understand because with everything I've read I've found nothing about a certain time frame for treatment. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I haven't had IV steroid treatment, but what I understand from those who have, the initial treatment must be done in the hospital where you can be supervised in case of reaction/problem. After that, many do opt for in-home treatment.

I have read that early treatment of ON improves chances of vision recovery. I can't find the articles I had before, but went looking and came up with these two sites. I hope they help.



Good *luck*.  (+ info)

I was diagnosed with Optic neuritis 2 years ago, is there a cure for it?

(i was nine when i was diagnosed)
Also, i overheard my parents talking about surgery on the phone with my doctor from CHOP, im too scared to know any more about surgery. But I dont know if i should ask. I've had a rough 2 years, please help.

I don't know what kind of surgery they were talking about but ON is generally not treated with surgery but with steroids. There is also an association with multiple sclerosis and if that is suspected treatment with interferon could be considered as well. Be up front with your parents and ask them to explain the situation as they know it. Not knowing always causes the worst fear, and there is probably nothing to worry about here anyway.  (+ info)

Is optic neuritis diagnosed by an Opthalmologist or a Neurologist?

I was just wondering, I did not know how this was diagnosed whether it is clinically diagnosed or with a specific test like an MRI and whether a specific specialist had to diagnose this.

Hi from France ♫

I think it's by an Ophthalmologist instead !...

Have a nice sunday,

Cat.  (+ info)

Optic Neuritis from MS can i still get lasik?

So i was looking into getting Lasik back before I was diagnosed with Ms which has now caused a case of ON in one eye that has been going on since dec. Does anyone know if lasik might help or hinder the optic neuritis?

The optic neuritis is an inflamation of the nerves in the eye. So, even if you get lasik, you will still have flareups of the neuritis. The lasik would not even touch any part that would be affected as it is just done on the surface of the eyeball.
I would ask an opthamologist to be sure. They might even think you shouldn't have the lasik done as sometimes getting a medical procedure can cause a flareup of MS symptoms. The average DR wouldn't be able to answer your question, it should be asked of a specialist.
I ssay talk to the spec, because I also have ON and they don't want me to get the lasik because of it, but another friend had it and it hasn't caused her any problems with her MS. You might want to start taking part in the MS forums as you can get a lot of information from the others there with MS and the DRs who check in and give information.You can also contact the MS society chapter in your area for the names of DRs to check with. They are a great source of information for all of us with MS.  (+ info)

What is the difference between Optic Neuropathy , and Optic Neuritis ?

Optic neuritis is a demyelinating inflammation of the optic nerve. In many cases, it is associated with multiple sclerosis, when brain MRIs have certain findings, such as white matter lesions. Optic neuritis most commonly is found to be an autoimmune process. Usually, but not always, sudden visual loss. Once optic neuritis is treated and improves, usually with steroids, it can recur at a later time.

Optic neuropathy, on the other hand, is a condition or disease of the optic nerve usually characterized as either ischemic optic neuropathy, or the lack of blood to the optic nerve, or compressive optic neuropathy, or something pressing on the optic nerve, more commonly characterized by a slower, progressive vision loss. There can be some improvement back to original vision, however, it is harder to treat with steroids alone and in the cases I have seen, the patients' vision will improve, but a lot of the cases have some residual vision loss or problems.

The articles I've listed below describe optic neuritis, and both ischemic and compressive optic neuropathy.

I'm not a physician by any means. The best sources that can explain in even more detail causes and prognoses for either condition would be a neuro-ophthalmologist or neurologist.  (+ info)

I have been diagnosed with optic neuritis. There is an associated risk of MS. I need to find a good diet plan.

I have benn diagnosed with opti neuritis. There is an associated risk of MS. I need to find a good diet plan to help me at least feel better. Any ideas?

If you are on meds for ms, such as rebif (as I am on), the not feeling well part would be due to the meds. I recently have had a two week gap in refilling my meds and that was the best I have felt in over six months. I understant the other meds have the same effect. I have MS. Best wishes to you!!! ---I am looking for diet help as well.  (+ info)

anyone know anything about optic neuritis?

Diagnosed three weeks ago. Had three days of iv steroids now on third week of prednisone. All I can see out of my left eye is a shadow, and blurrines and a big blind spot. The vision improved the second week and got worse the third week. I had an mri to rule out ms and it came back totally negative.
anyone know the likliehood of it returning?

Optic neutitis or otherwise knowen as Retrobulbar neuritis is and inflammation of the part of the optic nerve just behind the eye: usually it involves only one eye. Due to the inflammation, eye movement becomes painful. Many time this condition can go away on its own without treament. But there are times when corticosteroids must be used to treat the symptoms. The main cause is usually Multiple Sclerosis but there are other things that can cause it also. Viral illness, Temporal arteritis, poisoning by chemicals, such as lead, Tumors of the optic nerve, allergic reactions to bee stings, meningitis, syphilis and last arteriosclerosis. Now seeing you did have and MRI and Multiples Sclerosis was rulled out then maybe one of the others may apply. I hope the treatment with the prednisone helps. If things do not get better than please keep going back to the doctor until you find the cause. Good Luck! Hope you feel better real soon! Let me know how you are doing.  (+ info)

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