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How long does orbital fracture surgery take to heal?

I recently had an orbital fracture on my right eye, and in fear of having a sunken eye, the doctor said I should get surgery. The surgeon put a piece of "fake bone" under my eye, and it has been healing for about 10 days, but I am worried, as the eye is not lined up with the other eye. I had double vision before the surgery, but now it seems to but a little bit worse. I am beginning to think that the surgeon only concentrated on making sure the hole was plugged, and not correcting my vision, as well as actually lining up the eyeballs.

Any thoughts?

this is possible but u r still only in the early stage of healing any fracture may take up to 6 weeks to heal. especially depending on the type of healer u r it could take longer or it could be shorter but i would say within 2 more weeks if ur vision isnt improving then seeing an eye specialist is ur best bet, but not just anyone do some research in ur area to find the best eye doctor. often times u will find a doctor with their own practice that wasnt really that great in school and couldnt get into the american medical schools so they had to go to south america and get taught and those r not the kind of practices u want to be at and honestly that can make a huge difference in the care and knowledge u get. but all in all i think that once it heals fully and everything is bolstered up in there back to normal u will be ok i wouldnt expect the surgeon messed up.  (+ info)

Should a black eye accompany an orbital fracture?

I have an orbital fracture but no black eye. The nurse told me I should have a black eye for atleast a week. Is this common not to have a black eye with this type of injury?

it all depends on how it was hit...if it was hit straight on, you'd have a black eye, cause of all the skin being bruised. If it was hit from the side, then maybe not, you don't have a lot of skin to bruise there.  (+ info)

In 1994 I was in a severe auto accident. I had many facial fractures including orbital blowouts an Lefort 1&2

After my surgeries I was left feeling like someone else. My eyes are different and my face is not the same. I need to find the absolute best Facial Trauma reconstruction surgeon. I am now living SE of Philadelphia, but I am willing to travel to see the best Doctor. Any suggestions are welcome.

The same thing happened to my mom. Email me and I will let you know the names of the doctors who helped her. They did a remarkable job. If I knew them off hand I would post them now, but I will have to check with her and get back to you.  (+ info)

How do you know if you have an untreated orbital fracture below the eye?

Several years ago when I was in high school I got hit with a thrown baseball below the eye. I went to the doctor the next morning but they never took xrays, and said it was a contusion. However, ever since there's an on and off slight tightness below the eye after I touch it.

I went back to a couple of doctors the past couple of years, but they refused to take xrays.

Do you think it could be an untreated fracture?

go to the doctor and shove a needle up his A** if he doesnt give u an x- ray  (+ info)

How long would I be out of sports if I fractured my orbital (eye socket )?

I got hit in the eye with a baseball and fractured my orbital a day ago . Today I'm missing my football workouts and a baseball game . How much longer would u be out ?

  (+ info)

orbital fractures of the eye?

ok so i got hit in the side of the face went to the er the next day from the hit was spitting blood but got hit in the side of the face by my eye got a horrific black eye and so they did ct scan and it shows a medial wall fracture and blood in my maxillary sinus my cheek is numb and gets tingly and the pain sucks well my question is is the floor broke also because of the signs and symptoms and didnt show up or just my medial wall im confused im waiting for doc to call back but i want to know now so is there any docs out there that can help me

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I recently had an orbital fracture surgery. Does anybody have experience with this type of surgery?

Prior to the surgery I had double vision. After the surgery my face is numb and I still have double vision. It has been 4 days since the operation. Will the double vision go away? Will the numbness dissapear.

I had my surgery first week of March, after surgery I also had double vision and numbness to half of my face. I wore an eye patch for a few days after surgery because the double vision, but when I went to see my doc for follow up a week later he told me not to wear the patch because it will give me lazy eye. He said the double vision will eventually go away and the numbness will go away 6 months to a year but sometimes people will still have a small spot of numbness that will always be there. My double vision finally started to fade a day or so after I took the eye patch off. It is getting better week after week. It's been a month and half since my surgery and I say I have 95% of my vision back but my face is still numb. For the first month after surgery I felt like I am looking through a pair of glasses with two different set of prescriptions. I felt dizzy and kind of give me a headache. Now I don't feel that way at all. Driving during bright day light was a lot harder than driving at night (first month of surgery), and I had to try to focus on what I am seeing before the double vision would go away. Now all that is gone, I feel pretty normal. Even though my face is still numb, I am used to it so it doesn't bother me too much. Hopefully that will go away in a year. I think you will be fine; I was pretty scared after my surgery because I didn't think they fixed me right or else I should be able to see. But it really takes time...I hope you feel better and I think you should be back to your old self here in a couple of months!  (+ info)

What to expect after orbital fracture surgery? Permanent damage?

I had a blowout fracture on the left of my orbital eye socket. Reconstructive surgery was performed 5 days ago but I am still having double vision. Prior to surgery I had no numbness in my face, after surgery the whole left side of my face is numb. Does anybody have any experience with this? How long would it take to heal? Would I have permanent damage? Could I see normal and would the numbness go away? Anything info would be greatly appreciated!

There is no way to tell for sure. These are not uncommon symptoms to have shortly after this type of surgery. The vision problems are most likely caused by localized swelling and should clear up as the swelling decreases. Even when the visible swelling is gone there can still be underlying swelling below the bone. Unless the original impact that caused the fracture did damage to the eye then you should see fine soon.

Most like the numbness will decrease and most likely disappear completely. They way the nerves move through your face it is doubtful that this type of numbness will last long.

Remember that your face around your eye has gone through a tremendous trauma and it will take a little time for it to get back to normal.

I wish you quick healing

Rusty  (+ info)

Is pain behind the eye related to sinus pressure or orbital decompression surgery from over a year ago.?

A year ago I had orbital decompression surgery (via cheek fracture and removal of 1 oz fatty tissue) for treatment of Graves' opthalmopathy.
In the last week, I have had intense pain behind my eye. I've also had blurred vision and nausea. Is this more likely a sinusitus or should I make an appointment with my neuro-opthamologist to evaluate my optic nerve?

With something this complicated I think that I would be consulting your doctors. It could be something simple from sinus issues or a complication from your prior surgery,or once agrivating the other. I think the only real way to get a really good evaluation of what is going on would be to consult the doctor that did your surgery so that you would have someone that is familiar with your specific case that can help you out. I realy wish you a lot of lock and peace with this one!  (+ info)

Was told I have a fracture on the "left rib of the orbital." Where is that?

I know the orbital is the eye socket, but where at on the orbital bone on my left eye is the "left rib?" Never heard of a rib in the orbital bone.

Put your finger on the spot that hurts. That's where it is.  (+ info)

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