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What are other treatments for tooth abscess and fistula except distraction of the tooth?

What are other treatments for tooth abscess and fistula except distraction of the tooth since oral surgery hadn't helped?

When you had the oral surgery, was a root canal performed? If so, that is the last ditch effort to say the tooth. If the fistula and the infection does not resolve in 2-4 weeks after having thins done, then extraction is your only option.  (+ info)

what is the effect of extracring blood from the fistula or gortex?

what is the effect of extracting blood from the fistula or gortex? what is the legal implication of extracting blood from the fistula? Who will be held responsible for that incident?

I THINK you're asking about using a dialysis fistula for blood draws.

This should only be done in an emergency. And then, if possible, with permission of a vascular surgeon or nephrologist.  (+ info)

Has anyone had an operation to treat chronic mammary fistula?

Hey, just found out that I've got a chronic mammary fistula which is causing me a lot of pain. A LOT! lol. anyway, my specialist said that I need an operation for it, and that it will be done under general anasthetic, but they wont be able to stitch up the wound afterwards incase infection occurs. I was just wondering if anybody has had this operation before, how long the recovery was, and how painful it was? Any other information would be great too.
Thanks heaps!

Haven't had the surgery, but you will probably have an open wound that you or a home health nurse will change a dressing on 1-2 times per day. I would think that this would last 1-2 weeks depending on how it heals. You will be given pain meds for after the surgery, I'm sure. You should take the meds as often as directed after the surgery & don't let yourself go until the pain is unbearable b/c then it will be harder to control. Get up, move around as soon as allowed, drink plenty of fluids, keep incision clean, etc These will all help the recovery process go smoothly
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What do you know about superior semi-circular canal fistula? What is the best way to cure this disease?

A friend of mine suddenly experienced hearing loss after blowing his nose. Several days after, he experienced dizziness/vertigo. He consulted a doctor and this doctor requested for CT Scan- the result was normal. But another doctor (specialist) who examined his ct scan plates, found out that he has a fistula in his inner ear. MRI was also requested but again, results were normal. Is it possible that both examinations done to him can't reveal that he has a fistula? Until now my friend cannot work because of his condition. What are the chances that my friend would be able to hear again normally? Are there medications or if not, surgical procedure which can be performed to restore his hearing? Please help my friend...

I'm not an expert on this, but I normally fistulas cannot be corrected without surgery. And inner ear surgery would be very difficult. If it is a fistula, he could just control the symptoms, not fix the problem. Get him to an ENT who can look at the CT and MRI and get a better diagnosis.  (+ info)

Do I have a fistula and what does one look like?

I have had a fistula a when i was a baby on my butt. I have a recurring pimple that won't go away on a different location on my behind. Is this a fistula?

A fistula is an abnormal opening, for example you can have a fistula between the vagina and anus. A pimple is definitely not a fistula.  (+ info)

How can I heal a colon fistula naturally without surgery?

I have a fistula between my colon and my bladder. I am not sick nor is it causing any urinary tract infections. I am just passing gas through my bladder. I am looking to find out if my colon will heal naturally. If no, then how will cutting the section of colon out and stapling it back together, how will that heal??

Please be very careful. My sister-in-law and very good friend had a similar situation. She did nothing about it. Soon there were more fistulas . . . and some of them grew out to her abdomen. Presently, she has four fistulas which have grown to her abdomen, and she wears bags to collect wastes. She has had nothing to eat orally for over a year, and they have been waiting to do surgery but must get her protein levels up. Hopefully this will happen in June of this year. If she had done something about this right away, it could have been surgically corrected, and she would not be in the shape she is in now. Have the surgery.  (+ info)

How can a nephrocutaneous fistula be repaired?


Boy are you are asking the WRONG crowd!

I am NOT a urologist, but I remember reading an article on this subject during a rotation on that service. The only thing I can recall is that it was a persistent fistula and that fibrin glue was used in an attempt to close the tract. Don't recall if it worked, don't recall if it further excascerbated the problem. This is best left to your surgical team, as you may not be a candidate for certain therapies. Good luck to you.  (+ info)

How do you use a stethascope to locate a fistula or graft in a dialysis patient?

Do you use the large side or small side? What type is best to dialysis fistulas and grafts?

You listen for bruits with the bell (small part) of the stethoscope.

Here's a comprehensive resource on dialysis fistulas: http://www.fistulafirst.org/pdfs/BeathardAVFPhysicalExam.pdf  (+ info)

What are the symptoms of a fistula between the bladder and vagina?

Also, how are they caused and how are they diagnosed?

Lost of control  (+ info)

Sanjay K What is the fistula. I am his out of state daughter?

Sanjay K, Thanks for the quick answer. I am not a medical person. Just one of his concerned children. I don't know what the fistula is.

For questions directed specifically at a certain person, you would be far better to send that person an email.

Your last question that "Sanjay K" answered was not posted in this forum, so its possible that Sanjay K may not even ever see this second question of yours  (+ info)

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