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What is the most common cause of a fistula in a third world country?

I am researching fistulas for a university project and was wondering if anyone knew? And also if they are curable?

Poor medical care during childbirth, especially in cases in which the woman giving birth is very young because she was forced into marriage at a young age.  (+ info)

How likely is it that a bladder fistula is cancerous? Should I worry?

I had never even heard of one and had no sense of urgency when I started showing symptoms. Embarrassing... but for other women who should know to contact the Dr...passing air when urinating is Dr warranted. I finally called the Dr thinking it just isn't normal and she skipped the office visit and set an appt. with a urologist. I don't have Crohn's disease and I haven't had any recent surgeries. Just by process of elimination I've really narrowed down the possible reasons. Ovarian, Uterine, and colon cancers run in my family. Is it a pretty high chance that it is cancer? Should I pack my bags for the next life or is it pretty common and easily taken care of? Is surgery the next step?
I am waiting to see a urologist. So, I am going to see a Dr. My mind is just going nuts and thought maybe someone had some knowledge while I wait.

Pneumaturia (passing air through the urethra while voiding) can be caused by three general things. 1. Recent instrumentation of the bladder (e.g. having a catheter) - this usual on lasts a most a few hours; 2. An infection with gas forming bacteria; and, 3. a fistula to the bladder.

For there to be air in the bladder, the fistula need to connect to a structure that normally contains air. This makes the bowel the most likely cause. Although the uterus and vagina are possible; it is pretty ruled out be lack of total incontinence. Ovarian cancer would be unusually. But possible. It could set up a fistula involving colon and urinary tract.

In my experience the most common possible cause of an entrovesical fistula is diverticulitis (an inflammatory disease of the colon - most in those older the 45). The second most common in my experience is a surgical mishap such a hysterectomy. There are many other benign causes of entrovesical fistulas. An example of a usual cause is called Fraley Syndrome; this occurs when a stone in the appendix (usually inflamed) digs its way into the bladder.

Colorectal cancers are well known to cause enterovesical fistulas. It needs to be considered in the diagnosis - but inflammatory causes are more common.

It is also possible to have a fistula between the gut and upper ureter. This is rare, in my career I may not seen this.

In answer to your final question - do not pack your bags. It is fairly common and most the time is easily treated (obviously depends on what the cause is). The step(s) are to see what is going on. The first steps frequently include a urine analysis and culture, plus a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis. A cystoscopy is also needed. Other tests based on the findings from the above include colonoscopy, barium enema or a charcoal swallow.

Good luck!  (+ info)

Would a pelvic ultrasound reveal a rectovaginal fistula?

I keep getting gas from the vagina when I sit down and feel the need to pass it, sometimes when standing I feel it. Also, I'm on my period. I've never felt this before and I'm not getting pus/pain/swelling/redness/feces from vagina, but my mind is locked on
fistula. Would a pv ultrasound reveal a fistula?

  (+ info)

What is the permanent solution for anal fistula?

My brother is suffering form it for the last 4 years.Every year he is undergoing surgery,every time the doctors are only clering the infection and saying that it will not come again.Why is it recurring time and again?what is the permanent solution?

sometimes anal fistula's sinus has many branches spread inside the surrounding muscles,
the doctors may have not spotted the whole thing.

so clearing only one active sinus does not eradicate anal fistula  (+ info)

What is a dental fistula? and can it be treated with antibiotics?

I have one over one of my teeth one that has been extensively worked on and previously broken with a short root.

Could this infection be treated with Antibiotics? I can't afford to have more work done in that area.
Edit I have had 2 Apicoes on it before plus crown lengthening and the tooth broke...

A dental fistula is a kind of tunnel in the gum that conducts pus. The more common name is a gum boil.

This is usually treated by draining the pus, and then disinfecting the area and filling the tooth. If the tooth cannot be disinfected, the dentist need to remove tip of the root, which icalled an apicectomy. Sometimes it is necessary to take the tooth out.  (+ info)

Urethrovaginal fistula in a 14 month old?

I recently found out my 14 year old daughter has a urethrovaginal fistula? can anyone give me an explanation of this? tell me what i should expect and if she will need surgery? i would really appreicate it, im not finding much helpful information on the net. thanks!

Basically a vaginal fistula is an opening that connects the vagina with another organ, in this case the urethra. It can cause urine to leak into the vagina. It does need to be fixed surgically, but often (not always) it can be done through the vagina without having to go through the abdomen. It will be done under general anesthesia so she won't feel anything. Definitely talk with your doctor because he or she should have explained this to you before you left the office with the diagnosis. Try not to worry too much. I know it's hard.  (+ info)

What are the cosmetic surgery options for scarring/bumps after having a dialysis fistula on your arm?

I don't know what they're called, but they're those bumps you get on your arm after multiple dialysis treatments with needles

They are called aneurysms.

In my opinion, you should be proud of your arm and learn to love it. You earned it through a lot of strength and commitment.

If you are looking to get rid of your fistula, I assume that you have gotten a transplant, or moved to Peritoneal Dialysis: if so, then good for you!!

I am not aware of any cosmetic options, but you might want to ask the surgeon who placed your fistula or your nephrologist, they should be familiar with any solutions.

If you are still on dialysis (or if you might have to go back to dialysis in the future) make sure that the technicians ROTATE your needle sites for the whole length of your fistula!! You can assist them with this by telling them where to put the needles. This will help prevent aneurysms or prevent them from growing larger! It also improves the life of your fistula!

Good luck, I wish you the best! :)  (+ info)

Can a dental fistula remain untreted?

I had had an aponevrosis on atooth several years ago. Last year a fistula was created on the gum below it. There is no pain at all. Do I have to remove the existing aponevrosis and create anew one?

it depends. ask your doctor.  (+ info)

I have Type 2 Diabetes and have developed an abcess and fistula?

I am supposed to go tomorrow to have this surgically removed, I don't know if they are going to give me general anesthesia, I imagine they are, but they do not know that I am a diabetic. What, if any, are the complications for this type of surgery?

Diabetics sometimes have a problem with the healing of wounds and your surgeon should definitely know about your diabetes before the surgery.  (+ info)

What is Fistula and what is its treatment?

I think this is the advance stage of piles.

A fistula is....

1) an abnormal connection between two parts of the body (such as between the bladder or rectum)

2) an abnormal connection of two different spots of the same part of the body (such as the small intestine)

3) inflammation that works it's way to the outside of your body to where it shows up on the skin (such as from the colon to the outside of your butt).

Treatment for these could require surgery, but if caught early, they can be treated with some anti-biotics.  (+ info)

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