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how many cases of massive osteolysis in the skull are there all in all?

it's associated with Gorham's disease
it is often called vanishing bone disease...
i wanted to know the number of cases of this disease that occurred in the skulll...

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Has anyone ever had or treated Osteolysis of the Shoulder (AC Joint)?

What are the methods of treatment? Would calcium supplementation help? How much time should I take off from doing the bench press? What sort of stretching/ rehabilitation exercises should be done? Any and all information about experiences is appreciated. THANKS!

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I haven't worked out in months....?

I haven't worked out in months and yet people still notice my physique. I had to stop working out because of a severe shoulder injury (osteolysis of the distal clavicle. It just seems odd to me because I haven't been able to lift weights for almost 4 months now, and people still view me as some type of gym-rat.

I have worked out very sparingly (maybe a few times a month, and I have lost an incredible amount of strength). Despite my loss in strength I have managed to maintain my weight, and somewhat able to maintain my physique through simple weightless exercises such as push-ups and squats.....Before I began working out, I was a pretty small guy, then I became some macho guy, however shouldn't all this time away from the gym turn me back into the little guy that I once was?

I do not know the answer to your question. I just wanted to compliment you on your writing skills. Nicely done...very impressive! The "little guy" your referring to is now just a figment of your imagination, you will never be that person again. (Hmmm, seems like I did have an answer after all, well well!) PS. I can feel your "manliness" just oozing out of the computer...that's a good thing! Take care!  (+ info)

How do i translate next words into turkish?

scoliosis, polyethylene, histiocytic, osteolysis, cobalt, fixation, biomechanics, corrosion, countouring, instrumentation, spinal, disassembly, inerface, protrusion, osteoporotic, extrusion, kyphosis, lordosis, metallosis, cessation, arachnoiditis, thrombophlebitis, pulmonary embolism, hemorrage, undamaged imperfections, ultrasonically, an enzimatic detergent, noncervical, non pedicle fixation, dislocation, spondylolisthesis, stenosis, scoliosis kyphosis, lordosis, impairment, implantable, titanium, localized, leukocytosis, effectivenes, mixing, maturation, corrosive, mishandling, contoured, recheck, ambulation, neurological, resorption, bursitis, reoperation.If anybody can help me pls, these are medical terms i can't find them anywhere.Thanks for last answer it really helped me!Thank u!

try going on Babelfish, go on google and type it in, its a translator, i always go on it if i go onto a website not english, hope this helped!! x  (+ info)

Stay at home mom facing shoulder surgery?

I'm having arthroscopic surgery for osteolysis on my right shoulder. I stay at home with my two little boys (under 5). Wondering how much pain I'm going to be in and for how long. I have help scheduled for 3 days. Will I still need help after that? Surgery is Wednesday, will I be able to drive by Monday?
I have osteolysis of the distal clavicle joint. The bone is dissolving at the joint. He will go in arthroscopically and shave off a few millimeters of bone. I had a cortisone injection but the pain came back within two weeks. There is no physical therapy that will help because it isn't an issue of muscle, tendons or ligaments.

Calm down everything is going to be alright.
Your going to be Rx something to help with the pain. (Probally Hydrocodone or Oxycodone.)
I had surgery on my knee and thats what I was Rx.
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