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Do I have Osteoid osteoma?

My seconed toe is very red and swolen, it is almost larger then my big toe. My toe nail practialy goes OVER the whole toe, and it hurts really bad. My mom says it is a Black Widow bite, but I think I would be dead by now, you know? It hurts twice as much at night. Please someone tell me what is wrong. I am 12 years old, by the way.

It sounds like a terrible infection. Why isn’t your mother taking you to a doctor?  (+ info)

Ostecid osteoma?


Osteoid Osteoma is a benign bone lesion with a nidus of less than 2 cm surrounded by a zone of reactive bone. This lesion accounts for approximately 10 % of benign bone tumors1.The tumor occurs most frequently in the second decade and affects males twice as often as females. The proximal femur is the most common location followed by the tibia, posterior elements of the spine, and the humerus. Osteoid Osteoma is found in the diaphysis or the metaphysis of the proximal end of the bone more often than the distal end.
Osteoid osteoma has a distinct clinical picture of dull pain that is worse at night and disappears within 20 to 30 minutes of treatment with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication. Joint pain may be present with a periarticular lesion and synovitis can occur secondary to an intraarticular lesion. Local symptoms can include an increase in skin temperature, increased sweating and tenderness. Epiphyseal lesions can cause abnormal growth.
The classic radiological presentation of an osteoid osteoma is a radiolucent nidus surrounded by a dramatic reactive sclerosis in the cortex of the bone. The center can range from partially mineralized to osteolytic to entirely calcified. The lesion can occur only in the cortex, in both the cortex and medulla, or only the medulla. The reactive sclerosis may be present or absent. The four diagnostic features include (1) a sharp round or oval lesion that is (2) less than 2 cm in diameter, (3) has a homogeneous dense center and (4) a 1-2 mm peripheral radiolucent zone.'
CT is the preferred method of evaluation, especially if the lesion is in the spine or obscured by reactive sclerosis. The radiologic differential includes osteoblastoma, osteomyelitis, arthritis, stress fracture and enostosis.
On gross examination, osteoid osteoma is a brownish-red, mottled and gritty lesion that is distinct from the surrounding bone. It can be present in the cortex or medullary canal. Osteoclasts are present. The nidus is surrounded by sclerotic bone with thickened trabeculae.
Microscopically, the nidus consists of a combination of osteoid and woven bone surrounded by osteoblasts. The oval shaped nidus is welvascularized and clearly separate from the reactive woven or lamellar bone.
Osteoid osteoma will resolve without treatment in an average of 33 months. If the patient does not wish to endure the pain and prolonged use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, surgical removal or percutaneous ablation of the nucleus is indicated.  (+ info)

Does this sound like Osteoid Osteoma?

I have a sharp pain at night when lifting my leg
However the pain i have, typically is relieved for some time when i take asprin
I walk with a limp, because it hurts to walk regular
I have a lump, it seems like a hard ball of fat on the top of my femur. Less than a half inch in diameter

Im not jumping to conclusion, but should i go to the doctor? I just want to find out all i can before i go, just to make sure its not nothing. Thanks for your help, please no links to any medication.

And i don't know if this has anything to do with it, but my left leg is freezing compared to my right leg.

please go to the doctor as soon as possible sounds like a possible blood clot do no hesitate go usually blood clots back of leg but anything is possible you said your leg is freezing which is indicative of circulation problems go to doctor now  (+ info)

Which of the following words would patients LEAST want to hear concerning a TUMOR detected within their body?

a) metastasize
b) encapsulated
c) osteoma
d) nonmalignant

metastasize ofcourse, all the other options are good prognosis  (+ info)

what does patients least want to hear concerning a tumor?

Hey guy,can somebody help me on this question.Which of the following words would patients least want to hear concerning a tumor detected within their body?a] metastasize, b] encapsulated, c] osteoma, d] nonmalignant...help me on this .thanks

Hey, are you cheating on a test using yahoo?

The answer is obviously metastasized, because that means that the cancer has spread throughout the body.

osteoma is benign and nonmalignant can be benign and encapsulated means that the cancer is contained and has not spread.

So the only true answer is a)metastasized.

No, I'm sure that you aren'e cheating on a test.  (+ info)

brain tumor? or nothing to worry about?

i have a hard lump on the back of my skull and it feels a bit bruised.it has been there for 3 months and i didn't bang my head before it appeared.i have an x_ray tommorow for osteoid osteoma. is there any chance it could be a brain tumor and is pushing out against my skull.I do get headaches and if the lump is pressed hard i feel dizzy and sick with a headache for a longtime after?
also it is definitley not a cyst the doctor checked it today.I thought it was which is y i didn't get it seen sooner.

Well, until you get the x-ray, it would be impossible for any one of us to tell you what it is without looking at it.
I have not heard of any brain tumors ever pushing throughout the back of the skull (where it is very thick). Some kinds of tumors will push out brain tissue through the foramen magnum, at the base of the skull, and into the spinal canal. You would generally not be able to feel that, and you would have had worse symptoms from a tumor like that than dizziness and headaches.
wait for the x-ray results, or better yet, get an MRI done, and then speak with your doctor.  (+ info)

What can abnormal tissue density mean?

I am a 47 year old female with hypothyroidism, I have had swollen lymph nodes in my neck for 6 months. Recently I had a CT scan of my neck. The results showed I have a small bony osteoma in my ethmoid air cells, small tissue, polyps or retention cysts in my maxillary sinus, and abnormal tissue density of the supraglottis. The lymph nodes themselves were within normal range. I am asymptomatic of sinus infection, and have never had trouble with my sinuses. I am a non-smoker and do not drink. Also, a few of the findings say "no deinite abnormality". What can all this mean? The radiologist called my PC and said I should see an ENT doctor. I will see him next week.

Definately go to see an ENT, he will look down in your throat and be able to tell you if it is something to be concerned of or not. Have you had surgery before? Sometimes if you have had general anesthesia, the act of intubation will cause trauma to the area and you may form a granuloma from this.

I have a granuloma on one of my vocal chords, found by CT of the neck. I had hoarsness and laryngitis that would not go away. I had a CT and the radiologist, a good friend of mine, told me to see an ENT. I went to an ENT and he told me it was a granuloma, probably from entubation trauma, and that it was nothing to worry about. The hoarseness, he told me, was from reflux. I was pretty scared, to say the least. But at least, finally, I had peace of mind.  (+ info)


PLEASE READ THIS & HELP ME PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ! Ive had a surgery 2 months ago in the ankle joint i had osteoid osteoma & they removed it & put an implant ! i was in pain for almost 2 years (prior surgery) & now im taking physiotherapy sessions ! after 2 months still no sign of development & im soooo pessimistic ! i mean its rational?because it was cronic pain it ll take a lot to pass?im still taking pain killers & im only 19 PLEASE HELP ME I CANNOT BARE THIS SITUATION ANY MORE PLEASEEEEEEEEE !!!

sorry my Friend. all Apparition in joins are Very painful and very hard to Hill, be patio and it will be ok.it will tack a year or lit moor.  (+ info)

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