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If i had Osteomyelitis would i be in pain?

My step dad's doctors has a suspicion he has Osteomyelitis, but iwith my knowledge on this bone infection i would imagine him to be in pain. It is apparently behind the popliteal. Which considering that that is near a joint i would have though he would been aware of it.
He had a lump on the back of this ares for ages and then it rutured and the doctors pulled a foreign body out of which was diagnosed as being human bone. Thus indicative of Osteomyelitis.
He is obviously worried and is getting a bone scan on Friday and a cat scan
Can anyone give me a heads up?

I had this in my foot,i had an ulser and a germ got in, to the bone, it is very diffucult to cure, yoy are in a lot of pain, i had to go on a drip with mega does of antibotics going through for a week,but before this the doctor has to take swabs and get cultures done to see what germ caused infection. as strong antibotics are need to cure it. so good luck hope your step dad is ok  (+ info)

my 6 yr old son had osteomyelitis 7 weeks ago and is now coming down with a fever. Is it recurring?

He was in hospital for 8 days, then was taking a strong penicillin 4 times a day for 4 weeks. His final dose was about 2 weeks ago. He has now got a very sore throat and a fever. Could this be because his immune system is down due to a very large amount of antibiotics? Or could the osteomylitis be returning?

www.google.com has a great deal of information that you could use to find your answers , while yahoo answer is more likely to be better for people's opinions.. thanks.  (+ info)


My hubby has had 5 ops in one year, for repeated infections that keep coming back. He has bad inside burning in his leg says he feels it is still there and can feel it. Consultant says just a matter of waiting - surely with technology today something can be done?

An extremely difficult disease to cure. Even If there's no drainage, long term (2-3 years) antibiotic therapy is usually mandatory, at least until the sed rate returns to normal levels.  (+ info)

Can you get vertebral osteomyelitis from a donor bone?

I've had two cervical fusions and they haven't fused so I'm suppose to have a third. The first one I had donor bone and the second they used my bone with the same outcome. I'm being tested for a bunch of different things and the next series of tests they are testing me for is multiple myeloma. I'm just curious to know if the donor bone could of had something to do with my symptoms and maybe the doctors should be looking into that. Anyone with an opinion please give it because I'm starting to feel like a pin cushion.

it's possible if the donor was infected  (+ info)

why is mandible more susceptible to osteomyelitis?

than the maxilla? pls answer in regards to the vascularity and bone morphology. thank you.

Osteomyelitis is a bone infection. It most commonly occurs in the mandible due to the greater density of bone in the mandible, relative to the maxilla. When the bone cells are more dense, effectively they can become avascular, and more susceptible to infection. Of course, blood supply is vital for fighting infection, so the more dense the bone, the lower the vascularity, and the greater the risk of osteomyelitis.

The mandible also has a greater relative volume of cortical bone then the maxilla, which has more trabecular bone.

I hope this has clearly answered your question. Let me know if you need any further detail, the answer above is fairly basic.  (+ info)

Can long term osteomyelitis still stay in the body?

I had osteomyelitis for 15 years in the right leg they are going to amuptate. Will i still have long term MRSA in the body which in future will reappear again

Some doctors have been telling me yes and some say it will be cure but i am confused can anybody help me work it out

MRSA is a normal bacteria found on the skin and in the nose of about one third of the population. It only causes a problem when you have a weakenned imune system and heavily colonises an area of the body usually after any thing invasive or a fracture or deep cut. You may have some MRSA in your blood stream but nothing to be concerned about. Bone infections are very very dificult to treat and unfortunatley when everything else fails amputation offers the last option for many. Once this little hotbed of infection is gone you will still need antibiotics to kill any stray MRSA but you should not get reinfected. Discuss this with your surgeon though.
Chris- Registered Nurse  (+ info)

Need Patient Teaching on Osteoporosis, Arthritis and Osteomyelitis. Can you tell me where to look?

I am looking for some nursing interventions/Patient Teaching for patients with Osteoporosis, Arthritis and Osteomyelitis. Could anyone tell me where I can look?

Thank You

try ostesporisis Osteoporosis / Bone Loss: Nutritional causes, therapies, remedies & prevention
Features a nutritional analysis of Osteoporosis / Bone Loss, and discusses prevention, various therapies, remedies & treatment options, including AAACawww.acu-cell.com/dis-ost.html - 103k - Cached - More from this site
MedlinePlus: Osteoporosis
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try osteomyelitis Diagnosis and Management of Osteomyelitis - June 15, 2001 - American Family Physician
Acute osteomyelitis is the clinical term for a new infection in bone. ... Escherichia coli are commonly isolated in patients with chronic osteomyelitis. ...www.aafp.org/afp/20010615/2413.html - 65k - Cached  (+ info)

Do I have symptoms of Osteomyelitis?

I've been experiencing pain in my right leg for a couple weeks now. When I touch a certain part of the bone behind the thigh, it feels like there is a bruise there. Same goes for the hip bone. Does this kind of pain usually accompany Osteomyelitis, or is it more of a burning pain that accompanies Osteomyelitis? Also, the lymph nodes in my neck are somewhat swollen. Thanks for your time.

When you have osteomyelitis, it is usually in one area, not in three or 4 as you describe; it also can be painless but you are very ill overall (fever, chills etc but not necessarily any bone pain). YOu could have a muscle problem, a vascular problem, or any number of other things (osteo is also not hugely common).  (+ info)

where does osteomyelitis metastasize?

i know that it can metastasize to the brains and lungs, are there any other sites?

Osteomyelitis, is an infection. Not a cancer. And yes it can spread via bone marrow and blood, but you can take antibiotics for it.

Are you talking about osteosarcoma?  (+ info)

has anyone had chronic septic arthritis and osteomyelitis?

I have been recently diagnosed with chronic septic arthritis and osteomyelitis following treatment for a trimalleolar fracture of my ankle which I sustained in Jan 2004. Due to fracture blisters surgical intervention of open reduction and internal fixation took place in Feb 2004 and the metaware was removed in Oct 2004 because of pain swelling and restriction of movement in the ankle. The problems escalated following the removal of the metalware and although I continued to attend for orthopaedic reviews, the conditions were missed until Feb 2006. In Mar 2006 I underwent bone debridement and multiple bone biopsies and commenced massive doses of antibiotic therapy which I'm still having. In Oct 2006 I had an ankle fusion after I refused to consent to an amputation. My current ortho specialist is very good but I'm apprehensive about my future as I've been advised that the fusion may not necessarily be the end of my problems. Are my problems the norm or just bad luck? Please help. Tiggs.

http://orthopedics.about.com/od/boneinfections/Bone_Infections_Osteomyelitis_Joint_Infections.htm  (+ info)

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