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Can you have Osteomyelitis (bone infection) and have no fever?

Yes. Osteomyelitis tends to remain localized in one area of the bone - the bone can actually 'wall-off' and contain the infection. Without a large systemic response by the immune system, fever will not occur. However, night sweats may occur.  (+ info)

Anyone else here had experience of osteomyelitis?

Osteomyelitis is an infection of a bone. Symptoms include pain and tenderness over the affected area of bone, and feeling unwell. It is a serious infection which needs prompt treatment with antibiotics. Surgery is usually needed if the infection becomes severe or persistent.

I had it as a child. It bloody well hurt.
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K.. well.. we DO know what osteomyelitis is.. and so, apparently, do you...
k.. now considering you just want to know of people who have had it... pl give me the 10 points...
No, I havent had it (thank God!) but a friend of mine recently did -- TB osteomyelitis of the hand -- started as what he thought was a simple cut... got infected.. and now its full blown TB Osteomyelitis. Luckily, he FINALLY got it diagnosed and at least now is getting properly treated! Well... better late than never I guess!  (+ info)

i want to know the exact methodology of treating chronic osteomyelitis & where in the world treatment is there

as myself is suffering from this disease but in india there is no option left for me except to go for third surgery which i donot want anyone can suggest me other option of treating chronic osteomyelitis

  (+ info)

What is the treatment for Osteomyelitis?


Long term, IV powerful antibiotics, the a course or oral ones.  (+ info)

i ahve Osteomyelitis a infection now of my jaw bone from a tooth abcess help!??!?

no i ahve read the treatment for Osteomyelitis is intravenous antibiotics in my case since it is cause by the tooth but now i ahve it in my jaw bone should i be having iv anitbiotics ??? in a couple of days my endodontist is goign to do the retreat of my root cancal and get the infection i feel so sick and weak and dizzy what do you suggest i do?

Go to hosp now! Stat admission...iv antibiotics.  (+ info)

osteomyelitis in the pelvic region and pregnancy?

i have osteomyelitis in the pelvic area and was wondering could it affect me being pregnant (i'm not yet but want kids one day) like carrying the baby full term. i know giving birth it might, but i will probably have 2 have a C section anyway because i'm spina bifida..

This is quite a difficult one to answer because it depends on the level of osteomyelitis. If you have it quite severe then it could be a real problem with carrying a child to full term but if it is minor then you would probably be fine with the help of support garments.

You must definitely speak to a doctor about this though. I have a friend with spina bifida who had a baby (via C-section) a few months ago. the baby was prem at 7 months but other than that she was healthy so it is possible. She was on bed rest from 3 months pregnant onwards as well to stop any complications.

Speak to a doctor about it but these days almost anything is possible.

Good luck to you.  (+ info)

osteomyelitis and tetraplegia?

i was wondering, can tetraplegia be caused by discitis, osteomyelitis, and epidural abscess? I was given a scenario in which the patient had a C4-6 corpectomy secondary to osteomyelitis, etc.

Is it possible that the osteomyelitis resulted to the patient being tetraplegic which resulted to the patient needing corpectomy?

Or the osteomyelitis resulted to a need for corpectomy which eventually made the patient tetraplegic?


it is possibility the osteomyelitis causing a tetraplegia.
You can get more details follow this link:

http://www.nature.com/sc/journal/v39/n10/abs/3101207a.html  (+ info)

can osteomyelitis in the rist spread to the spine?

Yes can osteomyelyitis spread from wrist to spine in a way known as bloodborn infection  (+ info)

acute Osteomyelitis?

my grandfather has acute Osteomyelitis. he is currently at home and he goes to recieve intravenous antibiotics and he is on a lot of pain meds. he is in a lot of pain. does anyone know any natural remedies or anything to help relieve or ease is pain?

  (+ info)

Osteomyelitis treatment?

Treatment for Osteomyelitis of a patient with Sickle Cell disease and the osteomyelitis is caused by salmonella?

osteomyelitis always calls for intravenous antibiotics - at least for the beginning of the treatment! for a patient with even more risk factors - as sickle cell disease - even more so.  (+ info)

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