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Hi please help me in "osteomyelitis"?

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i have a question about osteomyelitis.
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If you just do an internet search/google the word osteomyelitis you will find PAGES of information on the bone infection, causes, symptoms, ways to alleviate. Here is one that talks about it:

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anyone know about osteomyelitis?

Iam a 21 year old with osteomyelitis of the pelvis, i got it though an illness when i had blood poisoning. can this effect me having kids later in life?
i know what it is n what causes itr, im just askin if it will effect me having kids

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Has anyone here dealt with osteomyelitis (bone infection)?

I was diagnosed with osteomyelitis the other day. I was told that I would be on antibiotics for 4-6 weeks, but that the outlook for that fixing it didn't look good. I will likely have to get surgery, with potential amputation of my big toe and possibly part of my foot. Has anyone else here had any experience with this, that could tell me about it? I'm scared about it all, and don't know anyone I can talk to about it who has experienced it.

Talk more with your doctor and ask him to be more specific. Tell him you are VERY concerned.

My daughter, when she was around 7 had osteomyelitis in her heel. She was put in the hospital, given antibiotics through an IV. She was in the hospital for around a week and every thing worked out fine. She got over it. Medicine was near as good as it is today. Good luck. Pops  (+ info)

should we isolate patient with osteomyelitis?

No, it is not contagious. Or are you asking is the pnt needs to be in a clean room? Either way, the answer is no.  (+ info)

Osteomyelitis, Med Students, Doctors, Your thoughts ?

I posted a question about this yesterday, but want to explain a little better. If a bacterial infection is causing osteomyelitis, couln't that lead to bone resorption thus leading to hypercalcemia ? I have hypercalcemia for quite some time (years). I have had a parathyroid sestamibi scan, a parathyroid ultrasound, they are normal. I never had elevated PTH levels. I've had a CA 125 test. I do not have cancer. I do not have thyoid conditions, vitamin D toxicity, as a matter of fact my docs can't figure out WHY I have hypercalcemia.
What I do have however is colonization of mycoplasma or ureaplasma in my uterus (I just found this out days ago). I know both of these are indicated as causes of osteomyelitis. I also have constant bone pain in my hip and legs. It is so bad at times, that my doctor suggested I may have MS.( But an MRI of my brain showed I don't) . I have also had 2 second trimester miscarriages from the bacterial infection. (obviously I did not know what was causing them or I would have been treated with antibiotics). All of this has happened in the past 3 years and I am convinced that it is all related, somehow, and that it all originated from unprotected sex I had with a partner who passed me mycoplasma or ureaplasma. I know I am not nuts. I want to present this all to my doctor. Am I way off track or is this possible ?
Thank you for taking the time to answer ! Happy Thanksgiving.
Had a chest x ray. Everything's normal.
Do not smoke, as far as respiratory...I haven't even had a cold or flu in 5 years.

It's not Osteomyelitis. A couple of other possible causes of hypercalcemia are Sarcoidosis and Lung Cancer, which is not tested by CA 125. An ACE level and Chest X-ray would be a place to start especially if you have a history of smoking or respiratory problems. Not sure however how the mycoplasma might fit in. Good luck.  (+ info)

i have chronic osteomyelitis....need help....?

i have been having chronic osteomyelitis for 5 years now.The infection was so bad that i have already gone through more than 10 operation and they always remove the infected bones... however, the infection still come back... i am also a type 1 diabetic and was on insulin for about 13 years.... i am still young(15 yrs old) and don't want to lose my legs... is there any way to completely getting rid of the infection other than having my legs amputated??? please help me....

Hyperbaric Oxygen-

Chronic and recurrent Osteomyelitis can be treated with a combination of culture and sensitivity for the best antibiotics for the organism (s), grafting of new bone for the bone removed to remove infection, and hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy to place the patient in a high pressure oxygen rich chamber that forces oxygen into nidus areas of infection in bone.

Insulin Pump-

The Diabetes can be treated with a pump that very closely regulates the blood sugar level and improves immune response and healing.  (+ info)

what is chronic recirrent multifocal osteomyelitis?

Chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis
a subacute and chronic osteomyelitis of unknown cause with multiple and symmetric alterations, frequently involving the metaphyses of the bones in the lower extremity and the medial ends of the clavicles in paediatric patients. This condition is also known as SAPHO syndrome (from the findings of synovitis, acne, pustulosis, hyperostosis and osteitis). Patients commonly exhibit pain, tenderness and swelling. In some cases, osteolysis with intense sclerosis is noted. Massive hyperostosis may be seen in some patients, suggesting a diagnosis of fibrous dysplasia, Paget's disease or sarcoma. The peculiar features of this variety of osteomyelitis include a protracted clinical course, symmetric bone involvement, and a predilection for the metaphyseal regions of tubular bones, and involvement of the clavicle. Pustular or other skin lesions may be observed in this condition.  (+ info)

Treatment for dog osteomyelitis?

11 yo yellow lab with infected front leg. Mixed recs for steroids with or without antibiotics. Temp 105 and WBC 17 K. I am an MD and this says abx to me but they rec steroids. Help -

If it's truly osteo, then get a second opinion. You're on the right track. Would you treat a human with osteo without antibiotics?
While people and dogs aren't identical, they're close enough.  (+ info)

Which test is more accurate in this situation, an MRI or a CT Scan?

For an infection that is suspected to be in the bone (osteomyelitis) as well as in the soft tissues just above that bone (in the salivary glands to be exact - parotid, etc) which test would show the most accurate results, an MRI or a CT Scan? Both with and without contrast.

Basically which test would be more likely to show infection in the bone AND the tissue?

P.S. The MRI would be an open MRI.

The MRI would be better, but probably not on an open MRI. The open MRI won't have the resolution to detect subtle changes in your bone and the tissues near your jaw. Open MRI's usually have magnets with a strength of 0.3 versus the closed, regular ones with 1.5.

You can read more about MRI centers and MRIs here: http://blog.remakehealth.com/blog_Healthcare_Consumers-0/?Tag=find+MRI+scan+center  (+ info)

Osteomyelitis question ?

Can chronic untreated osteomyelitis cause very mild hypercalcemia ?
Yes, I know what osteomyelitis is. If an infectious bacteria is causing an infection of the bone, couldn't that possibly lead to bone resorption, causing hypercalcemia ? I have mild hypercalcemia not related to hyperparathyroidism or cancer, the cause is unknown. However, I just found out that I have colonization of mycoplasma or ureaplasma in my uterus. I know that both of these are indicated as causes of osteomyelitis. I've had this bacterial infection for quite some time appearantly which coincides with the approximate time I found out I had mild hypercalcemia. I believe there is a connection.


I have not heard of chronic osteomyelitis leading to mild hypercalcemia. Unless there are co-existing disorders/infection in the body, the most 2 common complications of chronic osteomyelitis is secondary Amyloidosis ( extracellular deposition of proteins) and skin maglinancy at the margin of a discharing sinus.

Other than that, I dont really think it is associated with hypercalcemia.

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