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What are the risks of flying with a kid that has otitis media with effusion?

And what can you do to prevent these problems?
The kid is 1 year old and has never experimented accute otitis.
The possible OME was discovered by practicing a timpanometry.

It's difficult to predict. Theoretically, with pressurized aircraft any pain should be minimal, but I suspect many of us have experienced intense ear pain when we flew with a head cold.

Tympanometry can be very sensitive. The question is whether the infant's eustachean tubes are open. If they are, you should have little problem. If the infant starts to fuss - typically as the plane descends - give him or her a drink from a bottle or sippy cup. Swallowing assists pressure equalization in the middle ear.

Pain is the major risk. I personally never experienced a patient with a ruptured ear drum from this, although it can happen in theory. Even then, the perforation almost always heals without intervention.  (+ info)

is there a quick cure for otitis media with effusion?

I am suffering from otitis media with effusion (OME) for almost a month now. I am desperate to find a cure. Help me please

You don't state whether you have been prescribed anything by a doctor for your condition.

If you have been diagnosed properly, as I will assume you have, since you have the medical terminology of your condition, then you should have been prescribed antibiotics and an antihystamine by the doctor.

You need to dry up the fluids in your ear, and antihystamines will do that. Also, there is an infection there that needs to be treated with antibiotics.

I have had chronic ear infections for 20 years. I am very careful about getting water in my ears, and I can avoid getting ear infections by staying on an OTC medication that helps dry up my sinus passages.

I am recently recovered from acute bronchitis and sinusitis, and was lucky enough to avoid the expected ear infections.

See a doctor immediately. Hearing loss can happen if prolonged conditions are not treated.  (+ info)

Does anyone have experience with the EarPopper for Middle ear fluid (Otitis Media with effusion)?

Here is where I found the product: http://www.earpopper.com. It is FDA approved, and there are claims that it is 85% effective. It is considerably safer than tubes from what I can tell.

My question is if anyone out there has used this product successfully or unsuccessfully or another product using the Politzer method.

It is available by prescription only.

I have a friend whose kids had good luck with Earpopper. I would give it a try.  (+ info)

i have otitis media with effusion. who do i get rid of it?

my left ear feels clogged and muffled. any cures?

Otitis media with effusion (OME) usually goes away on its own but it can take months! Since it usually resolves on its own, doctors don't perform a myringotomy with tubes unless a hearing test (after three months of having OME) shows a hearing loss.

Please note, as long as you have the fluid in your ear, your hearing will be mufffled. I iknow it is annoying but I'm sorry to say that there really isn't anything you can do about it.  (+ info)

Homeopathy for Serous Otitis Media or Otitis Media w/ Effusion! Help PLEASE! I'm flying intl. and sailing sun-

I've had this for months, I guess only thing docs can do is surgery as antiobiotics aren't much help in this. Anyone know what homeopathy remedies I could use that are likely to help me? thanks... .

For a Homeopathic Remedy your symptoms are needed, Homeopathic remedies are not prescribed by the name of the disease or disorder they are prescribed on the symptoms of the patient. You can email me your symptoms. PULSATILLA and BELLADONNA both in 30 are remedies which I assume will prove helpful in your conditions. take them together 3 times a day half an hour before meals and the use of MULLEIN OIL is always helpful in almost all disorders of the ear. The sooner you start taking the remedies the better. SILICEA is helpful if there is Pus in the ear.I can help you more if I know your exact symptoms.

Take Care and God Bless you  (+ info)

are there any alternative therapies to treat glue ear in children (otitis media with effusion )?

My son has been diagnosed with glue ear, his consultant wants to remove his adanoids and put in ear grommets, he also wants to remove his football sized tonsills. Do you have any experince of alternative therapys that may help him avoid sugery. I am a bit of a sceptic about some alternative therapies, but would be willing to give most of them a go. He is 4.5 years.
Also if you have any experience of grommets or surgery,

I have three children, two of which suffered glue ear so I know exactly how you feel about wanting to avoid surgery.

My daughter had glue ear from around 6months until she was about 2 1/2. She didn't get ear infections and didn't feel pain. She did have a hearing loss and her speech development suffered for a while but she caught up very quickly. She saw an ENT specialist throughout who adopted a wait and see approach and sure enough she came through it herself without the need for surgery.

My son meanwhile was a very different case. From birth he was a screamer and didn't sleep through the night at all. He was miserable day and night and the health visitor had him on all sorts of things for what she thought was gastric reflux. To cut a long story short it turned out to be glue ear and at 9 months he had grommets fitted in a 10 minute procedure. He was up and about almost immediately and for the first time ever he slept right through the night. In his case it was the right thing to do. It was a very short pain free procedure and relieved him of all his suffering.

As a parent you want to do the best for your child so only you can decide. If you think he isn't suffering much and he will grow out of his medical difficulties then look for some alternatives.
If on the other hand you are being advised by the specialist that surgery is the way to go then maybe it is best for him. Bear in mind that it was the same consultant who treated both my children so they don't just carry out surgery on children on a whim.

I hope it works out well for you all.  (+ info)

otitis media with effusion?

is exercise bad or good for this

Exercise does not matter one way or the other. Ear drops as suggested do not work unless you have tubes in the ear because the ear drum is a closed system and the drops do not have any way to get behind the ear drum unless there is an opening.  (+ info)

Chronic Otitis media with effusion (Glue ear)?

I was diagnosed with glue ear when I was around 8, had multiple hearing tests and nearly had grommits but my hearing loss wasn't very severe so it was decided to leave it and let it go away by itself (puberty was thought to be the time it would go). I am now 21 and have it exactly the same as I did when I was young. I am not particularly worried as it's not painful or anything (very annoying though) but upon googling it seems its only suppose to last for a few weeks and I've had it for 12 years! Is it worth trying to get an ENT referral? I suspect that my hearing will just get worse and worse as I get older. It was difficult to find much information about chronic glue ear hence coming on here. Thanks.

You can help glue ear with dietary restrictions.
Stop eating dairy produce, (goat's milk and cheese is OK); refined, (white), flour and refined sugar. Should really help.  (+ info)

How long does an ear infection (Otitis Media) take to fully heal?

I went to the doctor 2 days ago, he told me I have Otitis Media. He gave amoxicillin to take for a week. How long will it take for my ear to fully heal and for the pressure/fluid to go down? I constantly feel that I have water in my ear/that it hasn't popped yet, and it's kind of annoying seeing as how I can't hear that well with that ear.

it differs for different people but if it is still the same after a week i would recommend that you go back to the doctors.

hope you feel better soon :-)  (+ info)

Can OTITIS MEDIA be caused by lack of hygiene?

otitis media is a middle ear infection right? i searched the net about the causes of it but none indicated lack of hygiene. What do you think? Thanks!!! I need the answer urgent please. Give you 10 points for perfecct answer. Good day.

yes otits media is a middle ear infection and no its not a hygeine issue. its an infection cause by fluid build up in your ear behind the ear drum. the fluid can contain bacteria. when the eustacian tube(small ventilation tube attach to the inside of your ear) fails to properly ventilate the fluid build up can cause infection
most ear infections are caused by a secondary infection in which you first had a head cold, allergies or physical abnormalities with your ears/sinuses. I have had about a dozen middle ear infections. I do not have poor hygeine. I have never heard of hygeine ever being an issue for ear infections.   (+ info)

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