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How will I know if I have otosclerosis in my ears?

My ears pop and ring but there is no TMJ or fluid in my ears. There wasn't any hearing loss on my test either. Should I be worried that I have otoscherosis? Or am I being paranoid?

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Does anybody know of natural treatment for otosclerosis besides getting an operation?

I just don't want to get a stapedectomy, but it's looking hopeless.

Treatment of otosclerosis relies on two primary options: hearing aids (more recently including bone-conduction hearing aids) and a surgery called a stapedectomy. Hearing aids are usually very effective early in the course of the disease, but eventually a stapedectomy may be required for definitive treatment. Early attempts at hearing restoration via the simple freeing the stapes from its sclerotic attachments to the oval window were met with temporary improvement in hearing, but the conductive hearing loss would almost always recur. A stapedectomy consists of removing a portion of the sclerotic stapes footplate and replacing it with an implant that is secured to the incus. This procedure restores continuity of ossicular movement and allows transmission of sound waves from the eardrum to the inner ear. A modern variant of this surgery called a stapedotomy, is performed by drilling a small hole in the stapes footplate with a micro-drill or a laser, and the insertion of a piston-like prothesis. The success rate of either a stapedotomy or a stapedectomy depends greatly on the skill and the familiarity with the procedure of the surgeon.

Other less successful treatment includes fluoride administration, which theoretically becomes incorporated into bone and inhibits otosclerotic progression. This treatment cannot reverse conductive hearing loss, but may slow the progression of both the conductive and sensorineural components of the disease process. Recently, some success has been reported with bisphosphonate medications, which stimulate bone-deposition without stimulating bony destruction.
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What are the results of Rinne and Weber tests done on a patients with otosclerosis?

By this I am assuming you mean the fork test? The side that I would hear the fork on loudest would have conductive hearing loss. Otosclerosis causes one to have conductive hearing loss. I believe more tests would have to be done to determine if for sure it was Otosclerosis. Even doctors sometimes don't know until they open the ear drum up to make sure that it is.
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what is taking care after otosclerosis surgery?

the typical symptoms of otosclerotic deafness are a gradually increasing unilateral or bilateral hearing loss, . there is a family history of deafness with autosomal dominant pattern of transmission with 40% of penetrance.

If you're asking what care you need after the surgery, it shouldn't be too bad. Most patient experience some dizziness for a few days or a week. It can be severe, but it can also be very minimal.  (+ info)

Does anyone have Otosclerosis Hearing loss?

And if so have you had surgery to fix the problem? And do they put you to sleep to do this surgery? How has it helped?

Wow, I am surprised no-one has answered this Q. You would think someone out there on YA has had this. Unfortunately I can't help because I have never had it. Sorry I can't help. Here's a star for the excellent Q though!  (+ info)

What are the psychological affects of Otosclerosis?

Anything hearing impaired can be psychologically damaging, as it creates a handicap which can have a social effect and in turn become a mental health issue, but other than that I can't think of what else could relate to it.  (+ info)

Does any one has otosclerosis losing hearing on 1 side or both ears, how do you dail with it?

I just find out i have otosclerosis i lost 15% of hearing lost on left side of my ear and will get wores over time, me and my husband want to have a baby the dr. said it will get wores if i get pregnancy, thats not going to stop us to have a baby. Has any woman has what i have and How do you dail with it? and What would you do?

Hi there,

I feel it was wrong for the doctor to assume that your otosclerosis will automatically get worse due to a pregnancy.

Hormone changes in pregnancy can affect otosclerosis, but only when the condition is already present. In my opinion, pregnancy may accelerate the decline, but the hearing loss is going to occur anyway.

Otosclerosis is normally (but not always an inherited condition). Here is some more information:


I am an audiologist, with otosclerosis throughout my family. It normally results in a severe, conductive hearing loss in both ears. However, it's normally one of the most successful types of hearing loss to treat with hearing aids.

My best advice is to discuss your situation with a different doctor, and an audiologist.  (+ info)

How long does the sore throat last after surgery?

I had a stapedectomy done for otosclerosis. I know that it's the anesthesia tube they crammed down my throat, but it hurts when I swallow anything now.

Have any of you had this as an after-effect of surgery, and how long does it last?

I had surgery for a tendon problem on Tuesday and it's Friday and my throat is as sore as ever.  (+ info)

What foods should my wife avoid if she does NOT want her Estrogen to increase?

My wife has hearing loss due to otosclerosis and she tells me that if her estrogen increases it could further her disability. What foods should she avoid.

Foods Containing Natural Estrogens:

Animal flesh
Anise seed
Baker's yeast
Chickpeas (garbanzo beans)
Cowpeas (black- eyed peas)
Dairy Foods
Olive oil
Red beans
Red clover
Rice (relatively high)
Sesame seeds
Soybean sprouts
Split peas
Sunflower seeds

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Has anyone had a stapendectomy for Otosclerosis? Did your tongue become numb? Does the numbness go away?

the facial nerve (7) runs through the middle ear and can become damaged during stapedectomy. If just knocked about it will recover: taste is supplied to the anterior third of the tongue by the facial nerve). Are any of your facail muscles paralyzed? If not, it is unlikely your facial nerve has been damaged. Sensation to the tongue is V3 the mandibular nerve, I dont know how this could have been affected. Discuss it with yr surgeon.  (+ info)

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