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what can a greyish looking skin pallor possibly indicate?

my husband has a greyish skin color to him at times . What kinds of health problems could this possibly indicate?
seriously folks zombie jokes aside, does anyone have any info into what might be causing this? He is not so much pale as grey. Thank you for your serious input.

This is what the NIH says are the causes of grey pallor:
Normal fair complexion
Lack of exposure to the sun (it is healthier to be pale than tanned)
Anemia (blood loss, poor nutrition, or underlying disease)
Chronic diseases including infection and cancer  (+ info)

Does anyone know how to healthily obtain a sickly pallor?

I have a convention to go to, and I don't want to wear too much makeup, so are there any ways at home that I could try that don't involve buying expensive bleaches? My parents are very strict and wouldn't allow me to buy anything to alter my physical appearance. Also, I'm big on Tim Burton's style, as it were. Please tell me if you know of any household measures I could take. Thank you!

dont bleach!!!!!!! whatever u do lol.
since you don't want to wear a lot of makeup, you could try just getting a very light powder. also, the darker your eyes and hair are, the paler your skin will look.
the day of the convention, don't do any exercise like running or going u p stairs too fast, even tho you might be excited. it'll cause your blood to pump more and give you rosy cheeks.
if the powder doesn't work enough for you, try mixing a light foundation with some lotion- when you wear it, it soaks in and doesn't feel or rub off like makeup alone does.
mostly, enjoy yourself. :)  (+ info)


If anyone knows of a good and reliable tattoo pallor that isn't ridiculously expensive in MELBOURNE please let me know.
email addresses of the pallor would be greatly appreciated. Also the store location.
I dont mean cheap, i mean resonable prices. Not someone who charges 180 bucks for something tiny with little detail.

If you can hunt down Smear Lazaros (I think he might be somewhere in St. Kilda), you will have a highly skilled and safe tattooist. I'm sorry I don't know the address but if you ask around or Google, something should come up. I don't know what his prices are now but he was very reasonable when I used him a few years ago and he is simply brilliant with a reputation to match! Good luck :).  (+ info)

I'm turning 14 in February, am I allowed to go to a tattoo pallor to get my cartilage pierced?

I was wondering because I don't want to go to one and be embarrassingly turned away.

Yeah, you'll be able to just bring a parent and i.d.  (+ info)

Is pallor "in"? If not, how could one find a way to reverse a tan, or simply be pale rather than tan?

I am not exactly the most fashionable person around and that being said, here is the basis for my question:
I've noticed as of late that it's "in" to be orange when it comes to skin color. What I mean is that people will tan and tan until they are neon orange.

Me, I want to go the other way on that one. I can't stand the thought of being tan at all, but I'd like to know, to that end, is it or is not "in"?

And another query: how can a tan be reversed? I am Hispanic, but for a very large part of my life, I was very pallid, then I moved to the middle of the arid California gulch, er, valley. And so, I'd like to know, how can I reverse the effect and go back to being my sallow self? Are there any natural tips?

By the way, no, I am not ashamed of my ethnicity (I'm proud being Hispanic), it's just that I don't like tans at all. Besides, if I were to be tan, it wouldn't work with my persona (grim and brooding).

Thank you, anyone who will answer this question.

Tan is IN in the summer.  (+ info)

i want some tips to decor a ladies beauty pallor with not a very lavish budget can anyone help?

its very simple
u r a girl think wht u expect from a beauty parlor like warm welcome,magazines which keep them glue to ur parlor, or some kind of pleasant music or tv etc...

if u r a boy
do some research, do a survey of sample size of 10-15 girls who regularly visits beauty parlor. ask the ques like wht u expect from beauty parlor, wht colors u like to see in parlor, wht kind of environment u wnt, type of services u expect from parlor, last and more important ask wht do u not like in parlor to have this include, services or other. lastly ask them wht thing u not get from parlor u visits
interpret from tht , wht girl want !!!

this will hep u a lot in decor or make ur beauty parlor ready for competition
all the best  (+ info)

how do you use make up to give yourself a pallor/make yourself look ill?

I'd like to try this for special occasions like halloween. If I use pale powder it just makes me look white, so how do I make the make up look grey/ashen? and do my eyes so they look ill aswell? I DONT wanna look white-faced, just properly pale- grey based.

try to find some black powder eyeshadow, and tap a little off of a brush to mix with the white....then you can also use the black powder to create shadows on your face, like around your eyes, the hollows of your cheeks to make yourself look gaunt, and create different looks....experiment, with other makeup products, and dont be afraid to use something other than what you normally would use it for, or other things like maybe ashes to try to create the look you want  (+ info)

what corrective make up advice would you give to someone who had extreme pallor?

Pallor is unnatural paleness. It probably depends on what caused the pallor as to how you would go about correcting it. If you've been sick & are recovering, maybe some sunlight. Spend a little time outdoors. If you don't want that, try a self-tanner. If this is from something else, you can try camflouge make-up, but you would have to probably do it on your face, ears, neck, hands, etc. Anywhere your skin is showing under your clothes. You would have to use a heavy waterproof make-up like what they use in theaters.  (+ info)

If you have frequent mouth ulcers, pallor and minor reflux what could be the matter?

The reflux type symptom is a tiny bit of liquid and sometimes food coming up into mouth.
take vitamins, healthy wholegrain diet, no dairy foods, good sleep, not tired..

Those symptoms seem to indicate a candida overgrowth. A yeast cleanse may help. Also try taking Apple Cider Vinegar (2 tbsp). before each meal.
Probiotics will balance everything out.  (+ info)

How can i get a tattoo design for me online for free?

I have a great idea for a tattoo that i really want to get, but the only problem is i CAN'T draw. So my question is is there any websites that i can find a tattoo artist to design a tattoo just for me online without going to a tattoo pallor? The reason why i don't want to go to a tattoo pallor is because i would like to walk in with the picture of i want on my body. Thank you all in advance.

i would go to the tattoo shop and have them draw it up. they really know what they are doing and they can customize it for you and them. when i got mine..i gave him 2 pics and told him how i want certain things...then told him to go with what he feels is best. he did an amazing job and i won't ever regret letting him do it. he did it flawlessly. and im the only person who has this ink. well that is until someone sees it and asks for it. but it was the best thing to do...i would go for it..go to the shop and have them draw it up. chances are...if you have someone draw it up and they don't entirely know the whole tattoo process...the artist will have to change something on it depending where u get it.  (+ info)

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