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Where can I find a doctor specializing in Chronic Pancreatitis in New York City?

Looking for a gastroenterologist that specializes in Chronic Pancreatitis or pancreatic diseases, who is known to be an "expert" in this field. If you also know of someone in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, that would be great too.

There is a directory called "Best Doctors in New York." They should have it listed. Also, you might want to google 'doctors, new york city, pancreatic specialists.'  (+ info)

What else can I do for chronic pancreatitis?

I have been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. I have been hospitalized 7 times in the last 5 months. Doctors do not know what is causing it. All the tests that can be done have been done. I have horrible pain and can barely function. I hate to think that I have to live with this and don't know what else to do.

Well let me say that I am so very sorry that you are having to endure this. I know exactly how you feel. The only difference is that I knew what was causing my pancreatitis, the only thing was no physician could tell exactly what to do.
I eventually found a surgeon who knew what to do. Here is a link to the University of Minnesota. My pancreas was totally removed, and the insulin making islet cells were harvested and transplanted onto my liver. I know it sounds like a drastic step, but there is nothing about pancreatitis that I found to be fun. Here is a link
I hope this helps you to learn more about your disease and a treatment that is not routinely known by most hospitals or physicians.
You can find me if you want to talk. There are many yahoo groups that deal with the topic of pancreatitis and also Total pancreatectomy with autologous islet cell transplantation.  (+ info)

Does anyone know if chronic pancreatitis can cause your abdomen to be itchy in the upper right side.?

I know chronic pancreatitis causes abdominal pain in the upper right side, but I have been experiencing itchiness there too. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what causes this, is it normal, or if anyone else has the same problem. Any info would be most helpful. Thanks!!

what you may be describing is a part of referred pains. the major nerve called the celiac plexus runs through the pancreas and up to the skin. itching is an experience through the nerves.one other thought, is if your liver enzymes are elevated, then an entire body itchiness may occur.i run a webgroup called http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/sphincterofoddi_pancreatitis
you may wish to come and join.we have over 230 members who experience what you describe. plus, you can come and share and learn from other sufferers. in the meantime, try some plain benadryl cream (generic name diphenydramine) for the itching.goodluck ;)michele  (+ info)

Just received a diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis what does this mean for me?

I have chronic kidney disease and I am in stage 3, I also have hypothyroidism, and adrenal hyperplaisia . I'm not sure how to find answers that will factor all of this in....anyone have any ideas or any useful info?

There is a yahoo group that can help answer a ton of your questions about chronic pancreatitis.

The basics that I've found with my pancreatitis. I'm not a doctor, always talk with your doctor about your health questions.

Watch your diet, no alcohol, no fatty foods. You might find that digestive enzymes help with the pain when you eat.

Manage your pain, and be firm with your doctors about your true pain levels. Bring in someone that sees you everyday to your doctor's appointments to validate your pain levels.

Make sure your specialists all work together. Your Endocrinologist will address your hypothyroidism, and adrenal hyperplaisia, but will still need to work with your Gastroenterologist about the pancreatitis, etc.

Good luck  (+ info)

My husband has Chronic Pancreatitis and is going to have a blood test CA 19-9. What are they looking for?

He hasn't been able to sleep for quite sometime and tends to sleep during the day. I'm really upset and emotional.

The CA 19-9 will give them a baseline for what's going on in the pancreas. It is NOT a definiteive test for pancreatic cancer. I assume he has already had an endoscopy, ultrasound, CT or PET scan? They want to rule out pancreatic cancer.

Good luck & hang in there.  (+ info)

Has anyone had a permanent feeding tube inserted to treat chronic pancreatitis and diabetes?

My father has lost down to 106 lbs and been told by the doctor there is no way he can absorb enough food even with taking enzymes. They're looking at options for feeding tubes so when he gets out of the hospital he can maintain somewhat of a normal life without continuing to lose weight. I'm looking for anyone who has experienced something similar. Thank you.
Does the tube have to be permanent? Is there a way he can hook up as needed, but still be active during the day? He's only 54 and has a huge zest for life, so will NOT be bed-ridden. Our doctor is currently exploring all options and we're hopeful there will be a solution that will allow him to maintain his activity, but still get the nourshment needed. possible?

Being your dad has lost so much weight, a permanent feeding tube is an option. The reason is because there is a tube feeding formulation that is elemental which means that the nutrition is already broken down into a form that he can readily absorb. In other words, basic amino acids, sugars, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that do not require pancreatic enzymes are introduced into his gut and is absorbed immediately. What I don't know is if there is a diabetic formulation. Even if there isn't one, the diabetes can be controlled with insulin. The stuff taste nasty and not palatable so drinking it is not possible.

Whenever I recommend a feed tube, I always ask the question to the patient and family, is he going to have any semblance or quality of life. If we are simply inserting a feed tube so that he can reside in a bed with little or no quality of life, then why are we doing it?

Additional questions that I have are what are the expectations and goals for him and how will this feeding tube help accomplish this. Is our hope that he gets stronger and be able to get back to some sembalance of life? Is it a realistic goal given his current physical state and medical problems? Unfortunately, I suspect there are more medical things going on then simply chronic pancreatitis and diabetes. He probably has chronic pain. How is his liver and kidneys? Does you father concur with this treatment plan? If our goals and hopes are realistic and if your father concurs, then a feeding tube is appropiate.

I realize that feeding a loved one is a way to show love. I remember hand feeding by son when he was 1.5 years old apple sauce and the mess we made. Many holidays and celebrations revolve around food and feasting. In some situations, not inserting a feeding tube and not feeding him is also an option. And it does not mean you love him any less. Sometimes, the greatest show of love is being able to let go. It is much harder to not use a feeding tube once it has been inserted then not putting one in the first place. I may be wrong about you dad's prognosis and probably not the best thing to talk about on Father's day but I want to be very clear on the ramifications of a feeding tube.

Typically, feeding tubes are not permanent depending on the type they are putting in. The tube either goes into there stomach or small intestines and these tubes are fairly easy to pull out. The tube itself can last a long time in a patient and if need be replaced. The tube (the part that is sticking out of the abdominal wall) typically is about 1 foot long, is capped when not in use and is fairly easy to hide in clothing.

In term of feeding schedules, he does not need to be continuously hooked up to the tube feed. The connecting parts are fairly easy to manipulate. The main thing is that he gets adequate number of calories. And secondarily, if we give a large amount of feeding is he able to absorb a majority of it. The feeding schedule can be #1 continuous like over a 12-16 hr period. Say like when he is sleep. The benefit is a slower rate of feeding like 50-60cc/hr and easier absorption of the formula. #2 bolus feeding: say every 6 hrs you push in a larger quantity of feeding. The only problem with the latter is that he may not be able to completely absorb a large bolus. #3 A combination of #1 and #2. The key here is that he gets enough calories. You can easily tell if he is not absorbing the formula completely ie giving him too much too fast by how much diarrhea he has.  (+ info)

Is there a connection between chronic pancreatitis and high cholesterol?

I have chronic pancreatitis. I am not an alcoholic. My surgeon believes that I was born with this condition, I am 45 yrs. old and I just found out last year. I am controlling the pain, by being on a very low fat diet, and so far it is working.
I have had one major attack after my ercp last July. Horrible... My surgeon was going to operate(the whipple surgery) but after I had a horrible drug interaction(from drugs my home town hospital administered during my pancreatic attack) he changed his mind and does not want to operate.
My question arises as I am on a low fat diet (usually under 25 grams of total fat in a day) My family doctor did bloodwork and tells me I have high cholesterol. I am to watch my fats and carbohydrates. I don't see how my cholesterol can be high, when I probably have never eaten healthier in my life. That is why I want to know if somehow chronic pancreatitis can cause high cholesterol? Thanks so much for feed back. bak

Just want you to keep in mind that cholesterol is a substance that your body produces naturally. You don't need to ingest it to have it circulating in your blood. Chronic pancreatitis can cause a number of complications, but high cholesterol isn't one of them.

You may need an extra hand in the form of a medication to lower your serum cholesterol. Make sure your doctor is aware of how hard you've been working to reduce your fat/carb intake.  (+ info)

How long do you stay in remission with Chronic Pancreatitis,Crohn's,and Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis?

Impossible to answer as its an individual thing for everyone.  (+ info)

I sufffer with chronic pancreatitis, and alsoacute pancreatitis, there is dense bone calcification on the tail

there is dense bone calcification on the tail end of my pancreas, can someone recommend a cure for my condition, i dont consume alcohol, and my pancreas is cery painful. Will somebody out ther please help me!

my mother of 85 years suffers from this. i don't understand it but want to know more. thanks for asking here. i will be watching for some wise-head to clear it up. been intending to do some searches on this. again, thanks for posting the question before i did.  (+ info)

I need help! I have chronic pancreatitis,I am on fentanyl has any 1 been on anything else that works for pain?

i need something else to work along with the patch(50) due to it does not last 3 days. I have had pancreatitis for 9 yrs. my last resort is to have half it out. Has anyone had half their pancreas out?

you need to go get some ininospartsin .... from your dr. it helps so much...you will get over this.  (+ info)

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