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What does this MRI finding mean?

I've had a headache for 13 straight days and my doctor finally decided it was time for an MRI.

He said everything looked good on my report other than the following piece:

Mild optic nerve sheath dilation without other supportive findings of pseudotumor. Eye examination to exclude papilledema is recommended in the setting of headaches.

My doctor suggested I see an eye doctor immediately but I'm still unsure what "mild optic nerve sheath dilation" means.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Thank you

Optic nerve sheath dilatation or meningocele is a rare condition describing an 'enlargement and dilation of primarily the optic nerve sheath'. There is an expansion of the cerebrospinal fluid space around the optic nerve with no associated inflammation, orbital or cerebral neoplasm at the apex of the orbit.Yours sounds like a mild version.

But I'm not a doctor!!!!! Ring yours up and ask him to explain it to put your mind at ease.He may even tell you I'm talking bollox.  (+ info)

what is a sudo tumor?

my 6 year old son had his first complex partial seizure, he was also born with bi-lateral multicystic dysplastic kidney disease. He may have papilledema, after his 1 and a half hour seizure he had a CT scan,EEG, and MRI , all which came back negative. his optomitrist told me to ask about a sudo tumor.

maybe you find something in there?  (+ info)

What do these symptoms sound like they could be of?

I know that only a doctor can confirm an actual diagnosis of any medical disorder. I am just wondering what people think these symptoms make you think of in terms of medical conditions, because I am really at odds now.

I already saw a neurologist who ran an EMG on my lower arms and told me that I have carpal tunnel syndrome. He also examined my eyes and thought I may have papilledema. So, I saw the opthamologist a few days ago and he confirmed that diagnosis as well as pseudotumor cerebri.

I also have pain and tingling in my arms, pain and tingling in my legs, pain and tingling in my feet, pain and tingling in my hands. I drop things frequently, my balance is uncoordinated, and I have blurred vision. My MRI revealed no actual tumors or scarring of the brain.

So, what the heck is wrong with me?

Neuropathy, and I know this can sound real scary MS, and honestly I would not let it go until I get an answer. That pseudo tumor cerebri does not ring a bell at all, but it sounds like something that can affect your balance and vision. Keep on those Dr's till you get an answer, and then get a second opinion.  (+ info)

I have a swollen optic nerve?

Today I went to the optometrist for a regular contacts appointment and the lady examined my eyes and decided that she saw a swollen optic nerve and was nervous that I could have Papilledema. She also asked me if I had been feeling sick or having headaches and I said I had been feeling nauseous for a week or two with some headaches and a really bad headache one night. She cancelled my brother's and my appointments and told me to go right to the ER. In the hospital I got a cat scan that came out normal and a spinal tap that came out normal. So if there was nothing wrong why did she send me to the ER? Why have I been feeling nauseous for almost 2 weeks?

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I have a question about a floater-esque thing?

I have a lot of eye problems, just for starters. I have been diagnosed with papilledema, I know the cause, yadd-yadda. But I have not had this explained to me, and my eye doctor brushed it off but it is bugging me.

I see this... Well, it looks like a "y" except then in branches off, sort making a tree shape. It is clear, and has hinges. I see it if I look at light, any light. If I'm outside and there are no clouds I'll see it, inside and a light is too close to me, I see it. It gets bigger and smaller and it seems to depend on what I'm attempting to focus on.

Its been driving me nuts since about february, and it has been getting progressively larger in size. Every once in a while a new branch will form.

I get these floaters too. Some of them I've had for years. I 've learned to ignore them but they can be annoying. I wasn't sure exactly what your question is about them...here are some links with more information for you.
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Head trauma, what kind of symptoms signify ?

a blood clot, or intracranial pressure. Long story short, I fell off a ladder 3 months ago and hit my head extremely hard, it got swollen, I put ice on the giant lump, it went away after a few days, but the sensation of a head injury never went away. Week later my eyes mysteriosuly turned cloudy red(the white part), I thought it was related to something else(keratitis) but got away from that because whenever I lay down, my eyes turn red. This is apparant because I go to sleep,I wake up and my eyes are red. So Im thinking that I have a slo bleed in my head, that is causing intracranila pressure and causing what seems to be papilledema. I also started having abdominal cramps a month after the injury, with occasional back bain, I dont know if they are all related, but I am worried I hae a blood clot or intrcrnial pressure.

BTW, my head is lumpier on the side I hit my head on, it seems like my head is swollen, but ut soft, my head is hard all over, but not symmetrical like it used to be(I am 100% sure of this). So let me know what you think, I went to a doc, but since I didnt have any serious symptoms he didnt do a x ray.

I dont know mis informed, im pretty sure falling off a ladder and landing on concrete with your fucking head is a pretty good excuse for a brain injury dont you think.

Here is a site where you can check out symptoms of TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

http://www.traumaticbraininjury.com/content/symptoms/tbi-symptoms.html  (+ info)

What could happen if you ignore your low iron levels?

I am 13 and I got blood work. My doctor told me my iron levels are low.
They aren't that low but it's because I don't eat enough liver and all that stuff.
I think I had it for a while now cause I have a lot of the symptoms. Some of these symptoms explain my whole life.
Night time leg cramps, its 1:42 AM and I have a sleeping disorder, I have to sleep earlier in order to stay asleep all night but I woke up with the night time leg cramps I've been having since I was really little.
Another symptom is trouble swallowing. I have that and it's really not my fault... my parents and people don't understand. I can't take my iron pills because of that and it's not my fault I've really tried too.
So if I ignore it all, and not take my pills because I CAN'T, And I'm not using the liquid stuff cause my doctor told me not too, what's the worst that could happen?
I'm only young so I don't know any of this stuff

Below I got all the symptoms of it, There's a * by the ones I have or have had

Depression *
Fatigue *
Listlessness, weakness, decreased work productivity *
Impaired learning and cognitive function *
ADD and ADHD type behavioral disturbances *
Developmental delay in infants and young children (I'm not sure what this is lol)
Poor memory
Decreased attention span and increased distractibility *
Impaired reactivity and coordination (Don't know what this is)
Irritability *
Dizziness *
Appetite loss
Cravings for non foods such as ice, dirt or clay * (I EAT ICE LIKE CRAZY! it was worse before I even had to get an ice maker. I can't even explain how much ice I use to have when I had that thing... Maybe like a thousand a day D: no lie)
Constipation *
Difficulty swallowing (because low iron may cause a thin membrane to grow across the esophagus) *
Joint soreness *
Night time leg cramps * (since a child)
Asthma (not really but my parents thought i'd have it... but i'd say no I just have short breath thats it)
Sores on skin, or itching
Poor wound healing
Can cause excessive menstrual bleeding * (been a problem since I was 9... I've been going to the doctors for this problem for a while now)
Headaches* (I have been going to the doctors a lot for this, before I knew I had low iron levels)
Sore or burning tongue
Soreness in corners of the mouth *
Brittle, flat, or spoon shaped nails
Longitudinal ridges on nails
Heart palpitations on exertion (I don't know about this one but I may have just a small heart problem ... I don't know if it would be this so I'm sticking with no)
Shortness of breath *
Cold extremities, with decreased resistance to cold and poor regulation of body temperature *
Tendency to recurrent infections
Chronic bladder infections
Anemia (hypo chromic, microcytic) paleness, weakness, drowsiness, fatigue *
Numbness & tingling *
Night sweats *
Fragile bones
Growth impairment in children
Eye soreness *
Vague gastrointestinal symptoms: belching, gas, nausea *
Vitiligo (light blotches on the skin)
Swelling in the ankles
Bluish tint to the whites of the eyes
Visual disturbances (I can't explain it but I'm not sure about this one)
Papilledema (swelling inside the eye)

So yeah the ones I said I'm not sure about can you explain what they are, and in the add details I'll put if I might have it or not...

Sorry if I sound like everything's wrong with me, I don't mean it like that at all. :(
Please read all of it, I know it's long but there's things you can't miss in there. People do it a lot and get it all wrong :P

Sorry sugar, that list of symptoms is too extensive to explain here. But I think this is the most important information you need: Low iron levels in your body cause iron-deficiency anemia, which is actually relatively common. When you are anemic, your body doesn't make enough red blood cells, because, in this case, it doesn't have enough iron to do so, and so your body will start to deplete the iron it has stored. This causes less hemoglobin to be produced, which is what delivers oxygen to all the cells in your body-so, therefore, the final result is low oxygen levels. This leads to many symptoms and complications, and can be quite severe if not treated; ie, things like heart failure. Hope this helps ya!  (+ info)

Papillidema in both eyes with right eye much worse?

So I went to the Eye doctor for what I thought was a routine eye exam. After looking deep into my eyes she tells me my optic discs are elevated with the right eye much worse the the left. I told her about the chronic pain I have in my right temple that usually starts in the morning...the blurred spotty vision... the buzzing in my left ear that kinda sounds like my heart beat...and unexplained vomiting.She sent me for a MRI and blood work the next day..I go for 2 more vision test Monday and hopefully the results.When I ask her if there is reason for me to be worried...she doesn't answer me.....On my MRI orders she wrote Papilledema with optic disc elevation, pseudo tumor cerebri ..Can someone explain to me in "layman" terms what is going on...and should I be worried?
I am not over weight either....

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