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How do I get rid of a Sinus problems?

I have been resting and drinking lots of water. Other than that I have been taking Sinus meds to help me sleep at night. Besides going to the doctor, does anyone have any ideas or remedies on how to kick these Sinus congestion problems?

Try using a hot wet facecloth, and press it firmly on the area where the pain is. ( as hot as you can stand it, without burning your skin)
It helps to "liquify" the mucus, and help it drain easier. It's best if you do it while laying down, or in a slightly reclining position..... and keep changing the cloths ( and re-heating them) until you feel it all start to drain.

If it hurts, or is painful when you bend over, it may be a sinus infection, and you should check with your doctor and possibly get some antibiotics.

The heat and plenty of fluids should work... but if it doesn't - you may need to see the doctor, regardless.

I hope this helps...  (+ info)

What medicine can I take to relieve sinus congestion?

I am having horrible sinus congestion, and it is very hard to sleep at night. I have tried Zyrtec and Advil Cold & Sinus but neither of these tend to really help. What product do you recommed to relieve my congestion?

Tylenol nighttime cold
Alka seltzer nighttime cold
Nyquil cold
or any that are available in generic form
A humidifier may help as well as adding another pillow to raise your head to help sinuses drain.

Hope you get to feeling better.  (+ info)

How do I differentiate between a cold and a sinus infection? Can i treat a sinus infection at home?

How do I differentiate between a cold and a sinus infection? Can i treat a sinus infection at home?

You please go through online fo more information. Hebal treatment is the better way to cures allergies and it is easy to taken it from home. Please gothrough http://www.theallergyreliefguide.com/ there you all detail whatever you want. Few other sites are also provided the details are, http://www.theallergyreliefguide.com/, www.austinallergydoctor.com/, www.allergy-treatment-guide.com/.  (+ info)

Any Idea for hor home treatment for sinus or any other ideas to help remove symptoms?

My husband have had sinus infection and allergies for awhile now. He's allergic to dust and so far we haven't found an effective nasal spray also. Any Idea for hor home treatment for sinus or any other ideas to help remove symptoms?

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What is the best way to releive sinus pressure?

I've tried afrin and zicam, but you can only use them for 3 days. And Somtimes I take sudafed and tylonel sinus but you can't use those all the time either. Every morning I wake up with sinus pressure probably due to allerigies, does anybody know how i can get releif for this once and for all ? thanks.

To relieve the sinus pain, start with a hot wash cloth on the face and eyes. Repeat a few times that will help until the next procedure is completed.You can buy a saline solution spray bottle at the Pharmacy along with Nasonex. Nasonex is a nasal spray used once a day, preferable in the morning when you wake.
This medication works and is worth the trip to the doctor for the prescription. First part you clean out the nasal cavity using the saline then use nasonex only two pumps on each side. Stop smoking if you are a smoker, and stay out of smoke filled areas. Take your allergy medicine every morning. Never consider surgery, the infections come back and it is very painful.There is no quick or permanent fix for this recurring infection.  (+ info)

How can I relieve sinus pressure in my ears?

I was diagnosed with pneumonia on Saturday and a sinus infection on Monday. I have been taking antibiotics, steroids, decongestants, nasal spray, and have been sleeping with a cool mist humidifier in my room. I can't hear out of my right ear from sinus pressure (it's been like this since Monday.) I've tried hot showers, hot washcloth over my ear, and decongestants yet the pressure is still unbearable. Any other ideas on how I can relieve this sinus pressure in my ears?

Boy, you must be miserable. I'm sorry to hear you're so ill. You're doing everything right, you're just going to have to wait it out. Not what you wanted to hear, I know, so I'm sorry about that.  (+ info)

Can a sinus infection make your face feel hot?

I don't have a fever, but I have had a sinus infection for a few weeks now and my face feels warm. I have taken my temperature numerous times, but it stays normal. Could my face feel hot because my sinuses are inflamed? Is this normal?

Yes, when I get sinus infections my face feels hot.  (+ info)

What is the differences between allergies and recurring sinus infections?

I just had sinus surgery but I still continue to get recurring sinus infections

I rarely get any allergy symptoms. I don't get ichy eyes, running nose, or sneezing.
I dont know if the doctor just didn't do the operation right or what.
Cause I doubt I have allergies.

infections usually have color to them whereas allergies run clear.  (+ info)

What is the best way to get over a sinus infection?

I have strep and a sinus infection/cold right now and I would love to have some advice as to what to do to help cure the sinus infection without getting medicine perscribed from a doctor as I already have some for the strep. If anyone could give me some advice that would be lovely, thank you.

Go to the Pharmacy and in the cold remedies, look for a product called Simply Saline.

Go home, and get an old towel ready. Lay down on the sofa or bed, with your head tipped back over the edge. Gently drip some of the saline into your nose. It will collect in your sinuses and start to feel heavy. Let it sit for a bit, then sit up and BLOW. Repeat this a few times.

The saline will loosen the buildup in your sinuses and allow it to drain. I'd repeat the treatment 3 or 4 times a day, but you should feel improvement within a day. (You may feel a bit more stuffed immediately following, but as soon as you start draining, you'll know it!)  (+ info)

What kind of doctor specializes in sinus & breathing problems?

I am 16, and I've had sinus and breathing problems for quite some time now.

My mom just got us good health insurance, so she wants to take me to a specialist, but we have no idea who specializes in that kind of thing?

What are they called?

You need a pediatric respirologist. They can usually be found in hospitals running clinics. Search "pediatric respirologist" at your local hospital.

ENTs can be good, but they tend to specialize more in masses and tumours and things that can be surgically removed.

By the way, before you can see a specialist, you usually need a referral letter from a GP or your family doctor or at least a walk in clinic. Also, when you do that, the GP can direct you to the right specialist, AND give you their address/phone/name etc.  (+ info)

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