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what does paraneoplastic syndrome mean ? Does it mean that my breast cancer cells has been active again?

What tests should I have to undergo for these findings. I am so scared. Please explain to me. Thank you.

Come on, it would take so much less time to hit Wikipedia than to yahoo answers this one. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paraneoplastic_syndrome  (+ info)

What does paraneoplastic syndrome refer to?

a. the effects of substances such as hormones secreted by the tumor cells
b. severe weight loss and cachexia associated with advanced cancer
c. the decreased resistance to infection resulting from malignant tumors
d. the effects of multiple metastatic tumors

It is a syndrome directly resulting from a malignant neoplasm, but not resulting from the presence of tumor cells in the affected parts.  (+ info)

What is the differences between these syndromes?

Can someone tell me a little about
~downs syndrome
~fetal alcohol syndrome
~high functioning autism
~asperger's syndrome

What causes these syndromes?

even if you just know some info on one topic, please tell me.

my son has down syndrome
it is a chromosomal defect affecting the 21st pair of chromosomes. what happens is that the 21st pair (when it splits) splits wrong and causes a third little chromosome to be present. hence the name: Trisomy 21. that defect is in every single cell of someone with down syndromes body. they say that it is a fluke of nature..and there is no known cause for this disorder. there is also no cure.

i am as educated in the other disorders but i hope i helped you to better understand down syndrome. check out this link that can help you more on Down Syndrome =]
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Down_syndrome  (+ info)

I have to go get a CT scan of my chest on Monday, What exactly is Paraneoplastic Syndrome? Is that like a Pl

Is that like a bad Flu bug?

This generally refers to neurologic diseases that occur in association with cancer but are not directrly caused by the cancer or its metastastisis. They are relatively rare.

This is a nice article:
http://mayoclinic.com/health/paraneoplastic-syndromes/DS00840  (+ info)

What do you call those people who work with syndromes?

I really dont know.... im thinking that you need to be a doctor or summin but i talking about juss syndromes...cuzz i think i want a job that work with syndrome stuff...

hmmm, there are lot of different syndromes that cut across a lot of fields, psychology, medicine, etc. I need more information then that.  (+ info)

Is it possible for someone to have two different syndromes that both caused her deafness?

Whenever someone does a report on me for the newspapers or talking about me to someone else, they would say that I have Mondini Syndrome, which is where the cochlear in my inner ear is malformed.
But if you were to talk to my doctors, they would say that I have Pendred Syndrome, which is where my thyroid gland produces abnormal levels of thyroid hormones stuff.
They both are major contributors to the causes of deafness among people.

I'm really confused.

From what I found...the Pendred syndrome is a problem with the thyroid, because a goiter may form in up to 75% of cases. However, they believe it may show an abnormality of the inner ear known as Mondini dysplasia (syndrome).
If you read here, it connects the two:

Here are more links on the Pendred syndrome:

Here are a couple more links on the Montini syndrome:

I hope this is of some help. The Mondini dysplasia is common...the Pendred syndrome is not...therefore, the newpapers have listed the wrong diagnosis you received.

I would ask the doctor if this is possible
with you to have the mondini dysplasia...if
he saw this on your tests he has done.  (+ info)

What degree would be best to work with people that have syndromes; ex. Tourette syndrome, Down syndrome etc...?

I have tourette syndrome and would like to work with others that have different kinds of syndromes that might be more severe or just need outside help dealing with their syndrome. I know what I want to do but I am not sure what degree if any would be right to get started on this path. I assume it would habe to be something in the health field obviously but just do not know what. Thanks for any answers.

If your interest is in helping people with special needs live as independently as possible, you probably want to go in the direction of social work, public health, perhaps developmental psychology and/or child development. You could also go into medicine (neurology, genetics), neuroscience, biomedical research, nursing, physical/occupational therapy.  (+ info)

What are syndromes associated to fibromyalgia?

I am looking for a specific one, all I know is that it is associated to fibromyalgia, and the name is two people's names, hyphenated, and ending in syndrome. Thanks :)

  (+ info)

Will there someday be a cure for genetic deletion syndromes?

This sounds very science fiction but I am wondering if anyone knows of any research being done to cure people *already* born with a genetic disorder? If perhaps some kind of medical treatment could alter the genetic components of cells and people with something like a deletion syndrome could systematically be "cured" as the cells in their entire body reproduce to a healthy (or complete) state?

.  (+ info)

What would youwhat do i have i have syndromes of conflabuiton ambaressing moments negative thinking also can i?

watch on my hand tape on my mouth to protect my self?

I'm trying to figure out what in the cornbread hell this question is all about. Mercy!  (+ info)

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