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Parasomnias and "arousals"?

I am doing an informative speech over parasomnias, which are sleep disorders. In many of the web articles I read about them, the websites have mentioned a symptom/cause of "arousals". Do these pertain to just waking up, or actually the sexual meaning of arousal? 10 points to best answer (:

It means BRAIN arousals, so you are not reaching the right levels of sleep. Nothing sexual about it. LOL  (+ info)

Are parasomnias something you can inherit?

I wonder if sleepwalking is hereditary or if it's just a coincidence that both me and my father sleepwalk...

When I am sleepwalking, I am semi-aware of my surroundings and I KNOW I am sleepwalking but I just can't seem to wake myself up. And then when someone tries to wake me up I am confused as hell and flip out.

I first started sleepwalking (like actually walking) at the age of 7. I am 16 now and although I don't do walk in my sleep as much as I used to I still sleepwalk. Sometimes grinding teeth (sometimes I'll have a finger, a fist, or my wrist in my mouth and I'll clamp down on it >.>, talking aloud, crying, having sudden, violent and non-violent movements.

I'm not causing any real trouble but it's goddamn annoying to wake up in the middle of the night with a swollen hand or a bruised knee!

you must be the opposite of me because i dont sleep HAHA :p and about your question i have no idea :S try google.. and also get yahoo mesenger and add me if u want =)  (+ info)

sleep-eating syndrome or nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder.?

Do you have this disorder what has worked for you.I dont want to hear Put a lock on thr refridgerator or alarms on the Cabnits.for those of you who dont know Its is a Sleep eating disorder.the same as sleep walking but you eat in your sleep and it can be very dangerous. you can read more here for those who are intrested.

I have read about this syndrome on the link you provided.
It sounds very scary. Are you being treated for this.
Maybe medication could help make you sleep deeply enough so that you will not get out of bed. Or maybe medication could make you wake up when you start to get out of bed.
Thank you for sharing that link. Good Luck and try to stay safe.  (+ info)

cure for parasomnia?

i have lots of parasomnias : i talk in my sleep,i sleep-walk,grind my teeth and a lot more...i don't wanna go to a doctor cause i`m really ashamed..does anyone know any methods or what i can do to stop all this?

You really shouldn't be ashamed, it happens to alot of people. My husband and I both talk in our sleep and I walk and do other things in my sleep as well. Its something natural that happens. Your doctor if they are ethical should have no problems helping you figure out ways to stop these things.  (+ info)

what is my sleep disorder?

I have always had sleep trouble. For the past couple of years I would have these parasomnias where I was like in a trance or something. I would be asleep but I was fully conscious of where I was (usually). For example, after a soccer game I would go to sleep normally and then wake in a parasomnia where I could see the whole room and think to some extent but I would see the whole soccer team in my room playing a game and I was afraid that if the coach saw me laying down then he wouldn't put me in the game, so I would just sit up. Another was when my room was completely dark and I thought that I was in some strange attic. I then starting screaming cause I couldn't find my way out. I remember both where I was in my room and where I was in that strange attic...sort of, it was very dark in that dream. But now I don't fall asleep until like 1 or 2 every night. then i wake up at 4 and fall asleep and then wake up at 6:30 for school. when i get up for school it is so hard that i just want to die! please help!!

oh by the way my doctor said that it may be Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder after i mentioned the parasomnias.
i would also like to add that i sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with a dry mouth, very dry so i have to go get water. right when im hitting my sleep ill also have these dreams that im falling down stairs and ill wake up suddening with a gasp of breath.

Parasomnia it is. I this sleep disorder you feel a bit restless by night, and feel like not sleeping throughout the night.This can lead to obesity. I suggest you start reading more on sleep disorders ,it would surely help you.
There are many sites which can provide sleep disorder symptoms , remedies etc...

like this one i came across:


I think this should help you.  (+ info)

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