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Have you heard of the growing evidence that Crohn's disease may be caused by paratuberculosis?

Paratuberculosis is a disease in cows. the anitibiotic combination Myoconda is being developed for treatment.
common sense person: I don't think the Mayo clinic website would mention it on their causes of crohn's page if it weren't a serious possible cause. I'm not trying to be snotty I just really don't think they would.

will you: from both, but only certain people are said to be genetically susceptible to it.

From their milk or their meat?  (+ info)

Are there any specific clinics that test for MAP (mycobacteria avium paratuberculosis) for Crohn's?

Matador 88: Do you know?

This question was asked last year by someone else here but nobody had an answer.

I suspect this is the reason I may have crohns disease. I am going to ask my GI this afternoon but would like to ask you first.

You could get a bronchoalveolar levage (BAL) and get an acid fast culture plated on that sample, but this will be expensive, not covered by insurance and most likely inconclusive as many people are colonized with MAP and are asymptomatic, and if they have symptoms its because they have end-stage AIDS. A simple course of azithromycin should help erradicate if it is in there, but it would be cheaper and easier to just treat you.

If you really want to try something different for Crohn's, I would try getting infected with a parasite. It will force your immune system to shift gears and hopfully alleviate your symptoms. I know you can buy some parasites online, but they are rather expensive too. Eating raw fish (not sushi, that is too clean) would be an easier way to get one.  (+ info)

Has anyone ever heard of Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis (MAP)?

I'm asking because it may be possible that this disease is an infection in people with Crohn’s Disease. There has been studies in England about this disease and how the United States has got this disease confused with an auto immune disorder when it's actually a bacteria disease. Supposibly people in England take antibioitcs called MyocondaR which have put them in remission at a higher rate than any of the medications we have in the U.S. Has anyone with Crohn's or Colitis heard about this yet? It's actually wonderful news to hear that something might help us get our life back to normal.
I think the antibody medication will be available sometime this year (2008) in the U.S. I support this claim and i believe it may be the answer to cure us all.

Now i understand some crohn's disease may be genetic, but it's not so much the disease but the immune disorder that is iregular. But even with an abnormal immune system something still has to trigger it to happen. And that's where MAP fits in. I believe milk companies in the U.S. boil their milk at 75 'F for 15 seconds before putting them in the market. However Map can survive the 15 seconds and still make it's way in a gallon or carton of milk.

Now their may be some studies that show MAP doesn't trigger crohn's disease and i simply don't believe that. Perhaps companies such as dairy gold may be involved with that as to not lose their customers or profits.

I recommend anyone who wants to drink milk boil their milk first for a minute or two. I'm tired of living this way as some of you may be, it's time to make a change

Hello! My son has Crohn's and I have read about MAP. We know of someone who is having their son who was diag. with Crohn's treated for MAP. They were able to culture the bacteria in his blood. He is currently on antibiotics and taking Culturelle, homemade yogurt, UDO oil, and eating a "modified SCD". He is thin, but running ALOT and seems to be doing well.
I know CSUCalpoly@San Luis Obispo is studying MAP.
It is very new for the US--who knows when it will actually be applied to people with IBD?  (+ info)

IBD question: What do you think about the recent findings on paratuberculosis?

Ok, I looked at CCFA.org and this is what I found (it looks like BS to me)
why don't they report the truth? many studies have found MAP to be highly significantly associated with Crohn's. Sometimes I think people just want to make money on drugs so bad that they don't want to reveal the cure (anti-map antibiotics http://www.giacondalimited.com/pages/products/myo_conda.html )
The reason why they weren't finding MAP in Crohn's patients in the earlier tests is because they weren't culturing them!

hi katrina, i am a crohn's survivor dxed at the age of 12. I've already heard of it via The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation. There still needs more investigating as Crohn's was found on a few genes already such as NOD 7. Also, some ppl who have weakened immune systems tend to develop autoimmune problems during their life when living in an environment that is unsafe such as pollution, radiation, etc. Did you see the movie Erin Brockovich?? Crohn's disease was mentioned.

For more information on updated studies and the latest treatments, check out the CCFA site. best of luck to you.

---more testing needs to be done to actually prove the MAP theory. CCFA is the MOST ACCURATE site there is. They have the research to back up their claims b/c the MDs study IBD for many yrs. There are alot of Crohnies I know that don't even drink milk at all and never had as a baby. How would you suggest they got it if they never drank it??? IT is genetics. they have found it on their recent studies a few yrs. ago.

To each his own. I trust my GI over someone who HAS NO CLUE what Crohn's/UC is & can't relate to the pain we go through each day.  (+ info)

Does anyone have Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis?

I found this video on Youtube. It's about The Exposition about Mycobacterium Avium Subespecies Paratuberculosis (MAP) and how it causes Crohn's disease by professor John Hermon Taylor.

I honestly think we have something here and hopefully the first step toward a cure.


If you ask me, it seems like there are different "types" of Crohn's and colitis...but more so Crohn's. So a cure would be awesome, but it seems like there would need to be a few cures for the different "types" of disease. I say this basically since some meds work so well for one person, but don't do a thing for another. And how some people suffer more w/ fistulas for example, but another Crohn's patient might never have one fistula at all. A lot of GI docs right now seem to say there isn't enough evidence to support MAP, but if you ask me, it sure seems like it plays a role in Crohn's disease. At least for some people. One thing that's interesting to think about....if MAP does play a role, it's interesting how immune suppressants help so many people, and don't make the disease worse. You would think that if a bacteria like MAP plays a huge role in the disease, suppressing the immune system would let it grow more and lead to worsening disease.  (+ info)

Does the bacteria in pasteurized milk cause Crohn's disease?

I've read somewhere that the bacteria found in pasteurized milk, Mycobacterium avium Paratuberculosis (MAP), which causes John's disease in ruminants, has been found to cause Crohn's disease in humans.

I looked it up, and I'm a little confused since this page: http://www.ccfa.org/reuters/map states that MAP doesn't cause Crohn's disease, but just about everything else states the opposite. Most of the articles I read were published around early 2007. I haven't found many recent articles on the subject.

Is there an answer to this question yet, or are they still studying it? Would you think MAP does cause Crohns disease, or it doesn't?

Crohn's still appears to be a chronic autoimmune disease related to IBD which is considered idiopathic in nature but which has obvious genetic tendencies and which may be determined eventually to be a genetic disorder. The researchers are still investigating.

The article which you found was dated 4/2007 and it said there was a "reduced risk" not no risk. Subsequent to that other articles appeared which confirm your suspicion. Here is one from "Science Daily" from 12/2007:

There is a relationship to between MAP and e coli and Johne's which the some cattle herds seem to get. Although it preceded your article, I think it offers a good supportive explanation:

That said, more recent articles and sites indicate that the cause(s) of Crohn's are still unknown.

A very recent article in Science Daily discussed the discovery of a mutated gene which is thought to be responsible for 25% of Crohn's disease. But that doesn't let mycobacteria off the hook - as a matter of fact it is the gene mutation which may allow MAP to cause Crohn's.

Finally a generalized view of Crohn's with strong leaning towards genetic causes which pave the way for lack of resistance or susceptibility from Johns Hopkins:

Hope this helps - the final answers are in yet - so you ask a tough question.  (+ info)

Does anyone have crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis?

I found this video on Youtube. It's about The Exposition about Mycobacterium Avium Subespecies Paratuberculosis (MAP) and how it causes Crohn's disease by professor John Hermon Taylor.

I honestly think we have something here and hopefully the first step toward a cure.

sorry i think this will work.

everyone look at this information..


The MAP bacteria has been known for a long time to contribute to Crohn's disease. Parasites are also very responsible for many Crohn's sufferers. This bacterium is found in pasteurized milk from cows that are fed grain. This is why they give so many cows fed grain in feed lots so many antibiotics. About 2% of these bacterium make it through the pasteurization process and when the milk is homogenized, it crushes the amino acids in the milk butter fat and leaves "chards" of these amino acids that now become foreign to the body. When you drink the garbage pasteurized / homogenized milks and products made from this, your body develops homocystines and that is where the many of the allergic reactions to milk come from.

One company I know of that has been producing Organic, RAW MILK, RAW CREAM, RAW BUTTER, etc. have NEVER, EVER, had ONE single human pathogen in their milk EVER for the entire time they've been producing milk. The simple reason is that they milk the cows in the field, feed them grass (their natural diet) so they are healthy cows and do NOT need antibiotics or hormones. Go to: www.organicpastures.com look at their products and read the FAQ's.

They do not produce as much milk as the grain fed cows, but there are NO MAP bacteria in their milk either. I have been taking the RAW milk and making raw keifer I drink every day that is really good because it contains lots of good friendly bacteria that nourish my body, not like the pasteurized garbage the food industry would have you believe is good for you. They love it because they can keep it on the shelves until it turns to powder from old age, so they can make more profit. They take the butter fat out so they can make it cheaper. Then they put powdered milk solids in and white color dyes to make the PINK NON FAT MILK look like real milk.

Milk that has the butter fat removed is PINK, not white. Would you drink PINK milk? Probably not. They know that. Now imagine that 200,000 dead bacteria are in every milliliter of your Skim milk. Do you think your body will be nourished by that? NOT.

Over 92% of ALL Crohn's patients have the MAP bacteria in their colons. That is a well known statistic that has been around for a long time. This is not new news. There are specific protocols that will make the body healthy and when this happens, crohns disease will not be there. It's really not magic.

The food industry is causing huge amounts of diseases in America today. The medical industry is supporting this ridiculous mess by creating drugs that treat SYMPTOMS and not the root cause. All infections of the colon are not found in primitive people, just like NO cavities are found in them. The Neanderthal man had NO cavities. Scientist are puzzled by this and now feel they had better sanitation practices than previously thought. That is ridiculous. They just ate food that was not tainted. They didn't have to deal with 60,000 chemicals, genetically modified foods, and scientific studies that were used by some marketing firms to justify their ludicrous dead food they sell.

good luck to us all

Pamela H. --- There is a protocol that works for getting rid of crohnes disease. It requires several things to be done, but the primary thing is directed toward getting rid of the Parasites and the infections in the body that are causing the problem. These are the root causes and it is possible to fix all this. Western medicine is not good at getting to the root cause of any disease. They are focused primarily on treating the symptoms because that is where the big money is, not in the cure. Antibiotics are part of the symptom treatment, not getting at the root cause. If it were that easy, no one would have crohnes.  (+ info)

Possible cause of IBD or IBS???

It's called paratuberculosis and people who are susceptible can get it from dairy products or beef...

Yes, this bacteria, Mycobacterium paratuberculosis is found in pasteurized milk. About 2% pass by the pasteurization process and if the person drinking the milk does not have adequate Stomach Acid to kill it, it survives and gets into the intestinal track. When the intestinal flora of the person is weak due to taking antibiotics, like most people in the U.S., the bacterium gets a foot hold and creates inflammation. Additionally, parasites are a known cause of crohn's disease as well. The so called "sticky e-coli bacteria" are actually biofilms that protect the little critters in the intestines making macrophage attacks useless. Antacids are a huge cause of people becoming susceptible to these bacteria and parasites because they neutralize the acid that kills them, also allowing the putrefying, rotting, fermenting, undigested food to pass into the colon overwhelming the liver and kidneys with waste and food for the bacterium and parasites.

It is very interesting to note that RAW MILK from cows fed grass allowed to graze free range do not have this bacterium. In fact, companies like Organic Pastures have NEVER had a single Human Pathogen in their RAW MILK as long as they have been in business. It is the FDA and other agencies that insist RAW MILK is not good, but it is not the milk that causes the problem, it is the FOOD INDUSTRY that insists on treating milk that is loaded with garbage from cows that are forced to eat diets they were not designed to eat, in the name of PROFIT over Health.

The drug companies know that LACTIC ACID is what causes the acid indigestion and NOT Stomach Acid! But the $50 billion dollars generated last year was just too much for them to admit that they could be creating many diseases people are forced to deal with due to these antacids.

IBS is due to the lack of stomach acid in the stomach and this causes the chyme to enter the intestines with a pH not low enough to generate bicarbonate that keeps the pH high as it goes into the intestines. This low pH causes irritation of the intestinal lining, or IBS.

All digestive problems run North to South.

good luck  (+ info)

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