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Diagnosed with Gastro-paresis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome but treatments don't work. Why?

I continue having chronic abdominal pain and feel as if something is burning inside the stomach. It feels steamy inside the stomach. The burning sense is strong. I also had a hernia in the intestine last year and went through surgery. I see stones in stool, but gastro-enterologist ignores it whenever i say stones in stool. Tried every possible medication and remedy, but no relief. What to do?

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all the best  (+ info)

Functional Paresis - what is it and what can cause it?

So basically, I'm looking to find out something that my consultant won't really explain to me.

What is functional paresis? And what on earth can cause it? Because this is really really starting to interfere in my life and I'm sick of being fobbed off or treated like it's in my head :/

A difficult one...
All doctors have encountered patients whose
symptoms they cannot explain. These individuals
frequently provoke despair and disillusionment.
Many doctors make a link between inexplicable
physical symptoms and assumed psychiatric illness.
An array of adjectives in medicine apply
to symptoms without established organic basis
– ‘supratentorial’, ‘psychosomatic’, ‘functional’ – and
these are sometimes used without reference to their
real meaning.

Conversion disorder symptoms may occur because of emotional distress or psychological problems.

Symptoms usually begin suddenly after a stressful experience. People are more at risk for a conversion disorder if they also have a medical illness, dissociative disorder, or personality disorder.

Some doctors falsely believe that conversion disorder and similar disorders are not real conditions, and may tell patients that the problem is "all in your head." However, these conditions are real. They cause distress and cannot be turned on and off at will. Research on the mind-body connection may eventually increase understanding of these disorders.  (+ info)

know anything about migraines and todd's paresis?

I have been getting strange migraines for a while. They kind of act like strokes. Half of my face even becomes droopy and paralized. I have seen a neurologist about it. He said they are migraines with neurological deficits. Another doctor said that it could be Todd's Paresis. Does anyone know anything about this?

Todd's palsy, also known as Todd's paralysis is a neurological condition characterized by a brief period of transient (temporary) paralysis following a seizure. The paralysis - which may be partial or complete - generally occurs on one side of the body and usually subsides completely within 48 hours. Todd's paralysis may also affect speech or vision. The cause is not known. Examination of an individual who is experiencing or who has just experienced Todd's paralysis may help physicians identify the origin of the seizure. It is important to distinguish the condition from a stroke, which requires different treatment. It was named after Robert Todd, who described this in 1856.

Treatment of Todd's paralysis is symptomatic and supportive because the paralysis disappears quickly.

An occurrence of Todd's paralysis indicates that a seizure has occurred. The prognosis for the patient depends upon the effects of the seizure, not the occurrence of the paralysis.  (+ info)

Are there any treatments for spastic para-paresis?

For a young man, 29 years old.

Unfortunately I don't know very much about it. However, physical theapy, medication, occupational therapy, and some types of assistive aids can help you manage. Also, you need to establish if this is Tropical or Hereditary Spastic Paraparesis. Go to www.sp-foundation.org and see what information they can give you. Good luck and God bless you!  (+ info)

i want a girlfriend but i have familiar spastic paresis i need help?

it makes you walk funny please help me

Don't worry about it. Just be yourself. Any girl worth her weight in gold will over look it and instead will want to get to know you.
Good luck.  (+ info)

what is plasma paresis?

what is being done in the hospital to a family member.

I think you might mean plasmapheresis. Below is an excerpt at wikipedia. You can find out more at the link.

Plasmapheresis is the removal of (components of) blood plasma from the circulation. It is used as a therapy in particular diseases, and it is also a method by which blood donors donate only plasma, with remaining red cells and platelets returned to their circulatory systems, allowing up to twice weekly plasma donations.  (+ info)

I need a diet that's good for adult type 2 diabetes in addition to Gastric Paresis. HELP!!!?

I need advice from a dietition, what's good for me to eat for my Diabetes is bad for my Gastric Paresis & vice-a-versa. Please if you are educated in this manner please email me at [email protected] Thank you.

Ask a doctor or a dietitian about using the South Beach Diet or at least some of its ideas. My mother and father both have diabetes, and my mother's on insulin. After just a short time on the diet her doctor lowered her dosage of insulin. She hopes to someday be able to come off of it completely. I know what gastric paresis is, but I'm not familiar with it. Bless your heart I know it must be hard to find a diet that will work for you. You're in my thoughts. I wish I could help!  (+ info)

How do you get rid of nausea?

I have a motility disorder called post-viral gastro paresis which means my digestive system doesnt work correctly I've had it for 10 months,i'm 16, i want to know what some people do to get rid of nausea so it does not hinder daily life.

Get rid of nausea : Draw a imaginary line from your right hand's middle finger up to the crease of your wrist. From three fingers breadth from the crease of wrist press very hard for 2 to 3 minutes. Immediately nausea will be stopped.

FOR GASTRO PARESIS : Take treatment on the point on outer side of the leg, one inch above the ankle, press for 3 to 5 minutes.

2. Giver pressure treatment on point no. 22, 23 & 28.

3. Half -an hour before meals, eat a mixture of half teaspoon of cumin see powder (JIRA) + half teaspoon of sugar.

4. After meals, chew 2 to 3 cloves or black pepper.

5. Avoid constipation.

6. Drink 2 to 3 cups of green vegetable juice.

7. When you feel uneasy due to too much acidity, burning sensation, do as under :

(i) Chew 2 to 3 pieces of black pepper with a pinch of sugar.

(ii) Drink 3 to 4 table spoonfuls of cooled milk, every 15/20 minutes. If soda is available, add 3 to 4 tablespoonfuls of it to this cooled milk and drink it every 15/25 minutes till burning sensation stops.

I think so, that your problem will be solved.  (+ info)

are there natural substitutes for gastro-paresis?

gastroparesis means that the nerves that control the movement of the intestines are not working right...try alpha lipoic acid  (+ info)

Does anybody know what paresis is?

I found only one definition, but can't find anything that would be similar to it on the Internet, it gives me something totally different.

Here's what I need it to be similar to:

General paresis is a disorder characterized primarily by impaired mental function caused by damage to the brain from untreated syphilis.

Can anybody find a URL that would elaborate on that. I found that Paresis sort of paralyzes your limbs, on the Internet, but it has nothing to do with "mental disorders", so I guess that's not it. Whoever, finds an elaboration about that definition, if I could, I would have kissed you :).


You might have more luck if you look up hemiparesis.  (+ info)

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