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I pulled a hangnail about a week ago, and now the side of my nail is starting to hurt.
It happened before, too, when I was about 7.
I didn't go to the doctors, my parents just drained the pus out (sorry, thats a bit gross) and it healed and went back to normal.

I'm going to a theme park on Monday, and I'll be wearing flip flops, so it might get big by monday.
My parents don't think it's such a big deal, and that I don't need to go to the doctors for it.
Is there anything I can do so it will heal?


Squeeze whatever puss out of it, pour peroxide over it to bubble out any germs and infection, then wash it with clean water. Put triple antibiotic ointment on it, and it should be fine. You may have to squeeze the puss out of it more than once...sometimes there is still some deeper inside that takes a little while to get back out. Just keep repeating until it gets well.

Watch for RED STREAKS...most people aren't aware of that. It indicates blood poisoning, and can severely harm you in a matter of hours. Most people never get it - but it's basically a staph infection. It travels through the veins and produces red streaks. I doubt you have anything to worry about, just keep it very clean and keep giving it ointment and cleaning it regularly. :-)  (+ info)


Went to the doctor got medicene for my paranychia.Will this get rid of the infection for good or could it come back?They said if the medicine doesn't help they will need to lance my finger.

Depends on the medication, the condition of the skin surrounding your nails, and whether you follow the doctor's advice regarding prevention.  (+ info)

How long does it take for acute paronychia to go away?

I have a case of acute paronychia on my left middle finger and I have had it for about, three or four days. I started taking some kind of antibiotic yesterday but it doesn't seem to be working. How long would it usually take to go away?

That would be about a week or so. Keep soaking the area daily, gently pulling the skin away from the nailbed after soaking for 20-30 minutes. Sometimes, the skin will break open an allow the pus to come out. Otherwise, take your antibiotic as directed until every pill is gone.  (+ info)

What to do about Paronychia on finger?

It seems after some reason, I have Paronychia on my pointer finger. Is it critical to see a doctor or will this subside on its own? It's red, swollen and warm to the touch. Would warm water soaks with neosporin and band-aids work? Any advice is welcome!

Hello underoath,

This may happen to anyone - but the best answer really depends on how severe your condition really is, and you provide little info on that...!

In general, yes a warm water soaks could help.
But maybe simply wassing your hands properly a few times day might also solve the problem without any further action ...!

Anyway, if it has become a painful conditions and you really get worried about it - please do consult your doctor.

The sources below provide more info which could help your to evaluate the stage of your condition.

Wishing you good luck from The Netherlands,

Martijn.  (+ info)

What does paronychia look like when it's healing?

I have paronychia on my big toe. My Doctor recently prescribed an oral antibiotic for me, which I've taken the full amount of (10 days worth). She pretty much just said that I only have to come back if I think it's not getting any better. But I really don't know. There's still pus coming out of it (sorry, I know that's gross) with very very minor bleeding (I think it's coming out a bit with the pus). Anyway... I was just wondering what does paronychia look like when it's healing?

It should be dry and scaly, a bit swollen maybe but no more pus. This non healing is quite often caused by your foot (and toe) sliding forward because of too loose a shoe, and bumping into the side of the nose of your shoe each step you take, so it can't heal in spite of all the antibiotics, since it is a mechanical problem. The best advice I ever had (since I had had it often too!) is from a collegue of mine, a surgeon, who told me not to go for a nailbed excision, but to wear comfortable shoes with shoelaces, tightly laced so the foot can't slide forward. It worked beautifuly. I imagine wearing open shoes without stocking will work too, but that kind of footgear is not for me, and leaves the toe exposed. And in the future don't cut your toenails too short. Good luck!  (+ info)

I have Paronychia on my toe and I want to know if I could just pop it with a needle and let the pus run out?

I've been to the doctor 2 days ago and have been on medication/ antibotics and it has gotten bigger. I can't walk and its frustrating and I wanted to know if its okay to pop a little hole for the pus to come out. I'll use clean utensils of course.

If you ask your physician this, he/she will say, "No, come to my office and we'll lance it there."

The physician won't use clean utensils. He/she will use sterile utensils. He/she will also be able to determine, at this point, whether your type of bacterial infection needs different antibiotics.

With all the information in the media right now about "superbug" staph and strep infections, you should already know the answer to this!  (+ info)

Is it safe to drink alcohol while taking flucloxacillin (paronychia antibiotics) ?

And will it affect the drugs effectiveness. I know its not recommended to drink while on antibiotics but im goin on holiday with some m8s so i really want to drink at least a bit.
I understand what you lot are saying and under normal circumstances i would but this is a holiday with m8s and if there all drinking and im not it will probably ruin my holiday

There is no interaction between flucloxicillin and alcohol, so NORMAL levels of alcohol are not a problem.

EDIT 4 totally incorrect answers based on a total absence of knowledge, is this a record for Health Answers? Not even close I am afraid, to see better examples why not check some of the total codswallop suggested in the alternative medicine section!  (+ info)

What to do about a paronychia on a finger?

My daughter has been complaining about a sore finger for a few days, and yesterday an infection came out.

She's been putting bacitracian on it, but it doesn't seem to be doing any good. The infection isn't that bad at all, but I'm at a loss at what to tell her to do. Does this need antibiotics or a doctor's appointment?


I have the same thing right now.I recommend putting the finger in warm water sith salt and putting antibiotics.It helped me but it didn't get rid of my problem.I'm going to the doctor just to be sure.Its called Paranochia.It can turn into something bad if you dont treat it.I've had it for two weeks I don't want to wait any longer to get it checked out.You should get your daughter to a doctor.  (+ info)

Is paronychia a contra indication to a nail treatment?

If you mean a manicure, then yes. A salon would/should not do it.  (+ info)

Paronychia and its costs. What are they?

I have this nasty infection that is causing my index, thumb and middle fingers' nails to turn dark. The nail bed is dark. I know that a surgical procedure is needed to remove the darkened nail, since it has already gotten infected. For someone that does not have medical insurance, how much would ridding myself of this paronychia cost? Should I make an appointment with a regular adult doctor, or go straight to see a dermotologist?

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is the resource i suggest.  (+ info)

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