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Are ovarian cysts something to worry about? What is a parovarian cyst? Thanks.?

its when an egg doesnt quite release from the ovary , i get them all the time, they normalaly just reabsorb back in to your body, half the time women never know they had one,, i had one "tapped"(not fun"),,a needle goes through your abdomen and into the cyst to draw out fluid for testing..99% of the time there just normal every day occurances, but if your in pain then have it check,, ultra sounds are non invasive..,  (+ info)

Does anyone know anything about parovarian cysts?

I have had them for a couple of years now and was wondering if i should get them removed or if i should leave them alone since they are benign

i would recommend having them removed, i was dignosed with ovarian cacer in 2001, if you wait and they turn malignant, you may not be able to have a family, and could possibly loose your life...take this seriously, please!!!!!  (+ info)

How is it possible to have an ovarian cyst while on hormonal birth control?

A 4 cm ovarian cyst exists while on either birth control pills, or nuvaring. The doctor says it is a follicular cyst, yet all my research shows that hormones prevent and shrink ovarian cysts.
Pelvic pain/pressure has existed for several years, and many tests and procedures show nothing other than 1 cm fibroid & the cyst.

i was on the patch when i had my first cyst it was 5.5cm, the patch was hormonal, so i would say yes, after getting off the birth control it went down to 2.5cm.
hope this helps, and good luck!  (+ info)

I have an ovarian cyst and tiny breast cysts. Is there anyway I can balance my hormones and get rid of them?

I have a cyst in each of my ovary. My periods are regular and I dont have much pms. Also, I do not have thyroid problem. I want to know some natural home remedies to help balance my hormones. I think they whacked out because of stress.

Hello, it sounds like you may have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom). The symtoms that you are describing are symptoms of PCOS: Ovarian cysts & hormone imbalance. Some other symtoms (not sure if you have them) are: trouble losing weight, some hair loss, darker hair growth on face and / or arms, and sometimes irregular periods, also infertility or trouble conceiving. Doctors will usually prescibe a diabetic medication called Metformin for treating PCOS because in a lot of cases people w/ this develope Diabetes later on. The medication can assist in weight loss. Weight loss is the key to balancing your hormones and putting these symptoms at bay. You should talk to your doctor. Hope this might help.  (+ info)

Have a cyst on my left ovary that is 6 cm, will I need laparoscopy or laparotomy?

I am 24 years old and have been on birth control for last two years and this is my first cyst. Causes pain during intercourse and physical exam. What are the chances I will need a laparotomy and not a laparoscop?

removing a cyst from the ovary is not done by an invasive technique (laparotomy), usually, unless there is some complications. ovarian cysts are removed by laparoscopy, where the examination can be done with the laparoscope, and then the surgical procedure also done at the same time.  (+ info)

How can I get direct heat on a sebaceous cyst inside the ear?

My husband has a sebaceous cyst in his ear canal, and I'd like to try using heat to treat it. How can I get DIRECT heat on the cyst specifically? I can use a heating pad, but I'm thinking "concentrated" heat right on the cyst. Any ideas?
He has been seen by an ear doctor, and will have the cyst removed next month under General Anesthesia, but if I can maybe avoid this by home treatment, I'd like to.

how about using a blow dryer on low heat? sometimes its recommended for ear aches  (+ info)

Can a sebaceous cyst be removed above someone’s’ eyebrow?

About 18 months ago I had a sebaceous cyst removed just on my solar plexus, however, I have something that feels like a sebaceous cyst above my eyebrow. However, with the sebaceous cyst on my chest, I had it surgically removed with a local anaesthetic. My question is; can I have one removed if it develops above my eyebrow?

You can certainly have it removed - you may well be able to have it removed under local anaesthetic - go, see your doc before the little critter gets a big critter|!  (+ info)

How can i tell if my ovarian cyst is twisted?

I have an ovarian cyst and my doctor said it should go away on its own. He also said that I need to make sure it doesn't get twisted though. What are the symptoms of a twisted cyst?

I had that. Symptom is INCREDIBLE PAIN!!! Trust me, you'll know. If you feel severe cramping, then it's twisted and you need to go to the emergency room immediately.  (+ info)

Can a cyst give a false positive in a pregnanct test?

I was told that i have a cyst on my ovary. Now i have had the symptoms of being pregnant and im not sure if i am. I have taken 4 tests and all positive. Now however on the clearblue instructions it says that ovarian cysts can give missleading results. Is this true or what? Am i pregnant or what?

I'm kind of having the same issue as you are. 2 months ago my dr told me that I have an ovarian cyst, and to make a follow up appointment in a few months.
I'm having pregnancy symptoms, and I'm about a week late, BUT my tests are reading negative. So I don't know if I'm pregnant, or if it is just the ovarian cyst. I'm trying to get a hold of my dr now to set up an appointment to figure out what is going on.
I hope you get some answers soon too!  (+ info)

How soon after a urethral cyst removal surgery are you able to have sex again?

I had a sub-urethral cyst surgically removed on Feb. 8th--i have those dissolving stitches..I know i need to ask the doctor because everyone is different, but what is the typical waiting period to be able to have sex again?

Anywhere, depending on the Doctor and your body, from 2 weeks to 6 weeks.

I would check with the Doctor, but I bet he say's since it's been 10 days to resume intercourse when you feel comfortable.

EDIT: Your stitches will disolve anytime from a few days post-op up to 2 weeks.  (+ info)

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