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Pedophilia, or pathological "fondness" of pre-puberty children. Why is that in modern society people with this disorder are shunned, harassed and prosecuted. It is like in the dark-ages, when people who where mentally ill where thought to be posesed by the devil and so imprisoned or placed under house arrest, this is the same thing happening with these patients. Isn't it about time that we stop prosecuting these people and get them the help they need. We don't prosecute people for having a heart condition, high blood pressure or cancer, do we?
Most people do not even really understand what pedophilia actually means, it means "pathological fondness or arousal by pre-puberty children"
Most think and adult who has an affair with a 14 or 15 year ol is a pedophile, I even heard of people considering a 15 year old a pedophile who likes a 12 year old


And the difference between high blood pressure and being a criminal pedophile is the victim is a child that you harm for the rest of their life. You are one sick individual if you think a heart condition and being sexually attracted to an innocent child is the same thing. I pray you are never alone with my or any other children.  (+ info)

How would you give advice and warn children about pedophilia on the internet?

I have to put together advice and also warn children about pedophiles on the internet, but I don't know how I should word it. The age group is13-17 so they are probably aware of pedophilia. So I need your advice on how to word it.

just tell them the truth.. don't make anything up, the truth usually would scare them and help them.
use technical terms if you have to.  (+ info)

Why do they make such a big deal about curing autism when pedophilia is much more common?

They need to cure pedophiles but you never hear about the pedophilia problem do you?

Autistic people do not want to be cured.

And, to answer the question, I do not think pedophilia or autism are ever going to be "cured" -- and the former is simply a sexual preference for children. It is not a problem unless the person is acting on it.  (+ info)

why only cases of pedophilia are reported but not of gerontophilia?

is the percentage of cases of gerantophilia less when compared to those of pedophilia?
brendon e, this question posted in mental health not in legal section. grow up. gerontophillia is still regarded as sexual perversion.
of course bird brains could not understand.

I think anyone who is being molested by someone is s victim & it is not OK, as some people here seem to think it is....I think that we can not judge by the media reports as to how often something is reported. I do think that if a person is in a nursing home for example they would be more likely to not have a family member who would want to go after someone the way they would if it was their young child & they felt more of a need to show the child they were not letting a person get a way with this...gosh, it is hard to even think about this. I do notice that their are many missing children in the country & the media has headline news talk about Caylee Anthony everyday instead of showing every single child. If a teenager is addicted to drugs the police don't even care in the area I live in. Atleast some I have talked to I would never want to imply all people are one way cause of the group they are in. So media does things for one reason & I guess police do things for one reason or another. Very unique question.  (+ info)

Do you think the Fashion Industry promotes Pedophilia by having models with prepubescent preadolescent bodies?

Do you think the Fashion Industry promotes Pedophilia by having models with prepubescent preadolescent anorexic thin bodies?
It is just sick and I wish someone in the fashion industry would get over it and fix it be an innovator in fashion to get rid of the ignorance that is in fact very dangerous for young people who are insecure about their changing body types

No actually. Pedophiles, I think, would know the difference between a woman and a child.
It's not like the general public wants to sleep with a rail thin model. Runway models are not meant to be sexy, and the sexy lingerie models do not have bodies of children.
Good thought, but a little misled.
What it does promote is unrealistic physical expectations for women. If someone feels that pedophilia is OK after looking at models, then they are the sick person, not the fashion community.  (+ info)

What is the scientific proof that Pedophilia is a mental disorder?

I know a person who was forced to work in a place with 'retarded' people because he is a Pedophile. He seems completely normal and if there is no scientific proof for Pedophilia being a mental disorder what right do they have to force him to be in a place with retarded people?

You don't "prove" something is a mental disorder in a manner like you prove combining hydrogen and oxygen creates water. This is medicine, not chemistry. Is there proof influenza is a disease? No there isn't, we don't "prove" that: we arrived at that conclusion by studying it and it's nature. Like influenza, a mental disorder is a diagnosis, like a disease. We arrive at the conclusion of a mental disorder by understanding the nature of it.

Pedophilia is an impulse to seek out prepubescent (12 and under) children as sexual partners. These partners are incapable of understanding the implications and of rending consent, and are harmed by such actions. A person with an powerful, measurable impulse to harm other people has a disorder. Homosexuality was held up this this same standard, and determined not to be a mental disorder because homosexuals do not harm people; they engage in behavior with other like-minded people.

The fact that your example person in an environment with "retarded" is frankly irrelevant to the matter at hand. That is the method of treatment. A person with pedophilia typically is not treated by being placed in that situation. They arrive there by raping small children and being placed by the courts, not be a treatment professional. Normal treatment for pedophilia from a medical standpoint involves one-on-one therapy with a psychologist, not being locked up. You get locked up when you hurt people.  (+ info)

Does anyone have good links or resources on pedophilia?

Does anyone have good links or resources on pedophilia?
I need to do research on pedophilia, are there any good links out there that are substantial? I cant find any with substance. If you know of any books too, that would be awesome.

I would google and yahoo this and go through the results until you find the ones most relevant to your study. I know that the profile of a pedophile is he's over 30, with a strange sex life (celibate or in a dysfunctional relationship), often seeks jobs in places with access to kids, like driving a school bus (just for example), and is very manipulative.


  (+ info)

What is the relationship between homosexuality and pedophilia?

None whatsoever. Homosexuality is same-sex adults having sex, while pedophilia is an adult having sex with a child, male or female. Contrary to popular belief, pedophiles are not homosexual, and vice versa.  (+ info)

At what age does pedophilia start?

What age do symptoms first apear?

how old is she and how old are you  (+ info)

Is Pedophilia a heterosexual specific kind of deviant sexual behaviour?

Is there a human sexual orientation that attracts this type of sexual predatory or does this behaviour cross all sex orientations? Where are they mostly found?

Pedophilia is not a heterosexual specific behavior. In fact it runs through the gamut of life's stations. Males, females, gay, straight, rich, poor, corporate executive, blue collar worker. It does not matter. However, most are heterosexual males, and are most often a relative or close friend of the family. Someone the child knows and trusts.

I found a lot of information at WebMD. The link is shown below.

Here is a brief excerpt:

The biggest misunderstanding many people have is that pedophilia and homosexuality are one and the same. But to say that all homosexuals are pedophiles, or that all pedophiles are homosexual, is like comparing apples to rat poison. "They certainly are two distinct things," says James Hord, a psychologist in Panama City, Fla., who specializes in treating sexually abused children.

Terry  (+ info)

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