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What are the symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease?

Can anyone tell me the symptoms and causes of pelvic inflammatory disease? How long can you have it before any symptoms begin to show? Is bloody discharge a symptom?

Vaginal pain
Abdominal pain
Unusual vaginal discharge
Pain during sexual intercourse
Irregular menstrual bleeding

Pelvic inflammatory disease is often caused by STDs, usually either Chlamydia or Gonorrhea. Though it can also be caused by miscarriages or a coil (birth control device).

Unfortunately you can have it for months without is causing any symptoms. Many woman first begin to suspect something is wrong when they start seeing symptoms. Sadly, this means that the condition is often discovered too late, which increases the risk of infertility, due to scaring of the fallopian tubes.

In answer to your question, sporadic bloody discharge can be a symptom.

I would suggest you consult your doctor as soon as possible.  (+ info)

What methods do doctors use to test for pelvic inflammatory disease?

I talked to two different doctors. The doctor I go to said that she had tested me for pelvic inflammatory disease when doing a pap smear by checking for infections, but when I went to another doctor she said the only way to know if an individual has pelvic inflammatory disease is to have a sonogram. So I was wondering what methods doctors can use to diagnose the disease.

i know papsmear can be used but have to be cultured so it will takes days for the result. wherein sonogram, you can see right then and there if there is anything wrong..  (+ info)

Can pelvic inflammatory disease make you miss your period?

I got diagnosed with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease last week. It wasn't caused by an STD mine was caused by a c section I had not too long ago. Bacteria got into my uterus. I was wondering if PID can make you lose your period. I haven't missed it yet but it is due tomorrow and I am having NO symptoms like normal.

Well since you are saying you recently had a c-section you should understand it may take a little while for your cycle to get back to normal especially if you are breastfeeding.  (+ info)

What If you were diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease before do you always have it?

What If you were diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease before do you always have it?
If you were diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease before do you always have it?
i had pid before and didn't know it i got it treated but later from out it scared one of my tubes and its what cause an ectopic pregnancy i lost the tube. the doctor said the outside of my other tube look good but i was wondering if i will always have pelvic inflammatory disease and what are my chances of conceiving and not losing a child or my other tube

no you will not always have pid  (+ info)

Can Pelvic Inflammatory Disease be caused from something other than an STD?

Can Pelvic Inflammatory Disease be caused from something other than an STD? I was recently told that this may be the cause of the pain I have been living with for the past 6 years. Everything I read about says that PID is caused by an STD. I've been married for 15 years and have only had one partner. I'm confused...

PID is not always caused by an STD. There is quite a list of other things that could cause it so ask your doctor what the cause might be.  (+ info)

can pelvic inflammatory disease cause swelling in the endometrium lining?

I have to have a biopsy and i was wondering if Pelvic inflammatory disease can cause swelling in the endomtrium lining?

Yes it can.  (+ info)

How long does it take for a woman who has chlamydia or gonorrhea to develop pelvic inflammatory disease?

How long does it take pelvic inflammatory disease to cause irreversible damage to female reproductive organs (infertility)?

There is no answer to this because if these STD's are treated promptly and appropriately and they are now gone, PID may never develop. And, people with chronic PID still go on to get pregnant and have children so there is no answer to this.  (+ info)

If I had pelvic inflammatory disease or BV would my gno know?

I went to the gynecologist today and she said everything looked normal. I heard BV and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease could go without symptoms. I haven't noticed anything and she said it all looked fine. Does this mean i'm in the clear?

The swabs they took should check for STDs that would cause PID. As long as the tests come back good you should be ok for now, but many STDs don't show up for years so this is why you must keep doing the yearly checks. As long as you do your yearly checks, you will not likely get a PID. This usually only happens when people fail to go for years with an undiagnosed STD.  (+ info)

diagnosed with dehydration but in my chart it says pelvic inflammatory disease?

In 2003, I went to the ER and was dianosed with dehydration. I had a strong pain in my pelvic area. I looked up my records because I work at the hospital, and the diagnosis says pelvic inflammatory diease! They never mentioned this to me! What did I really have and what should I do?

If you are still having pain in the pelvic area I would recommend consulting a gynecologist for another opinion to see what they think could be going on now.  (+ info)

Does Trichomoniasis cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or infertility?

I had sex 7 months ago but was diagnosed with Trichomoniasis during a routine pap smear/std checkup. Does Trichomoniasis cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or infertility?

I had protected sex with a condom on so how did i catch it? Can it be spread through oral sex or contaminated fingers?
I dont have any symptoms of this infection.

  (+ info)

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