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How much radiation mrems? is in a periapical or occlusal dental x-ray?

My daughter needs more x-rays and has had several already. I am wondering how much radiation is in a periapical and occlusal x-ray?

I couldn't find a dose for a single intraoral dental x-ray. But, a Full-mouth intraoral has a dose of about 1 - 1.5 mrem. A bitewing series (described as four x-rays) has a dose of about 0.2-0.3 mrem. For comparison, the amount of radiation you get in one year of just living on this Earth (background radiation) is about 360 mrem.


Also, dental x-rays expose only the mouth area to radiation. X-rays do not fly all over a room, exposing everything and every body part. They are highly directed and concentrated beams of radiation which expose only the area of interest. You can get more information regarding dental doses at the site I referenced above.  (+ info)

How long does periodontitis take to result in tooth loss?

From the time that one develops periodontal disease, what is the length of time (on average) it takes for the disease (without receiving professional dental treatment) to result in the first tooth loss?

It's a silent killer because periodontitis doesn't hurt. Usually I see it in patients in their fifties, but I've seen it in patients in their twenties. The chief complaint is that they can't chew with certain teeth b/c it moves around too much. Or they can't chew on a certain side b/c they have a massive infection around the teeth. Extractions is the usual treatment for severe periodontitis.

This is the most frustrating disease b/c it's 100% preventable and 100% manageable (periodontitis never goes away, you have to manage it if you get it, like diabetes). Regular dental visits 2 times a year even if nothing hurts. This disease won't hurt in the beginning. Brush and floss and if you don't know how to do it properly just google it.

I think many of my patients truly underestimate it because they don't want to pay for an office visit, check up x-rays, and a cleaning. Their mentality is, if it doesn't hurt, I don't have a problem. Once they get the disease, they're unhappy because I can't "fix it" for them, I can only tell them how to manage it.  (+ info)

Can a dentist help my periodontitis?

I have periodontal disease. I've never gone to a dentist because my family has never had dental insurance, along with the usual feelings of fear and embarrassment.

My gums have receded and I've tried to keep the disease from getting worse by brushing all the time and using Listerine. I called a periodontist's office, but he's booked until June. I'm scared to wait that long.

The lady told me to go to a dentist, but I know that my problem is more so for a periodontist and not a regular dentist. I know I will probably have to have root planning and scaling.

Will going to a dentist be even worth it? I'm scared to wait any longer, but I need to go to a periodontist, but all of them in my area seem to be booked up for at least a few months.

I know it's not at the beginning. I guess it's moderate to severe. My teeth don't seem loose or anything like that, but I'm still scared out of my mind, especially since I can't seem to get to a periodontist soon.

seek out a dental clinic in your area. some hospitals have them. or u can go to a dental college. they go by what u can afford, u may be able to pay nothing. a periodontist would help. to keep from losing your teeth, everyday take vitamin c and calcium w/ vit. d. luck to u.  (+ info)

What treatment options are available for a periapical abscess on a tooth that has been root canaled 10 years?

I have already been on Clindamycin for 2 weeks with no improvement. The boil appeared shortly after I had an old crown replaced that was on a tooth that had a root canal 10 years ago. I do not have dental insurance and so I am trying to prepare myself for an appointment with a specialist.

Your options are an apicoectomy, where they go in and amputate the end of the root tip, or extraction. They cant usually just redo the root canal, especially after so long. The roots calcify and they cant just go in there. Dont get it pulled!!! That is just opening a can of worms. You then need a bridge or an implant. A bridge is the price of 3 crowns if not more. But if you dont get something in its place, the teeth around will shift, the tooth opposite (above or below) will come out of the gums more to fill the gap, exposing the root and causing pain. I know paying for the stuff is the most painful, but in the long run its the best option.  (+ info)

Do gums bleed in all three stages of periodontitis?

I just want to know if gums bleed and are sensitive in gingivitis,early periodontitis,moderate periodontit is and advanced periodontitis.cause i think i have it but my gums do not bleed and don't feel sensitive..
so perio problems without bleeding is still peridontitis?

Yes.its almost a certainty,however gum problems in general can occur with bleeding.check with a dentist.  (+ info)

What is the difference between Gingivitis and Periodontitis disease?

Gingivitis is the first stage of Periodontal disease and it's the chronic inflammation of the gums alone.
If left untreated it spreads to the underlying periodontal ligament and alveolar bone and that's when the teeth begin to become loose as their supporting structure is lost.
This is the last stage and is known as Periodontal Disease.
Gingivitis affects the gums and Periodontal affects the supporting structures of the teeth.  (+ info)

Can dentist tell periodontitis from initial exam and x rays?

If it was bad would he say so. I was only told i need deep cleaning. Nothing about bad disease or anythng

  (+ info)

Can periodontitis heal if good oral care is taken ?

or do the gums really need surgery?

Good oral would probably have prevented the periodontal disease so trying this alone to "cure" it now is too late.

Alternatives to sugery include scaling and root-planing. These are the components of periodontal debridement and when combined with very good oral hygiene can allow gum tissue to heal and reattach to the teeth. Debridement and oral hygiene are for the early stages of periodontal disease but even with advanced disease, debridement is often used before surgery and can limit the areas of gum tissue that ultimately require surgery.

The need for surgery depends on the stage the disease has reached and only your dentist can determine that. Another thing to keep in mind is that another condition can sometimes aggrevate and excelerate gum disease -- malocclusions (parafunction). So this is something that would need to be addressed.  (+ info)

Is there a over the counter for Periodontitis?

I think I have it but only my top gums bleed and I can't pay a dentist. I floss and brush daily. I Brush twice a day and rinse my mouth with water after every meal or drink.

You really need to go get it checked out. It sounds to me like you have gum disease and it can spread to your brain if you don't get it taken care of. There are discount dental plans if you do not have dental coverage that can save you a lot of money when going to the dentist. You should really go and get it checked out.  (+ info)

Deep cleaning for Periodontitis in one sitting, possible?

Hi everbody,
I have Periodontitis and the doctor told me that it will require four sesssion of deep cleaning for each quads. I talked with other doctor and he said me you can have deep cleaning in one session for all the quads. Is it a wise thing to do in one session.

ummm depending on how bad your teeth are - do you want one quad sore or your whole mouth. i would try to do two quads at a time. recommended is one at a time  (+ info)

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