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Hello, the past 3 days I had a cold, with minor symptoms, I had been taking Dayquil every 4 hours for it and yesterday I was feeling quite better. I thought my cold had gone. But at 3am this morning I woke up with extreme pain in my throat especially when I swallow and my throat was swollen quite a bit to the point I was having difficulty breathing. SO at 5am after waiting a while to see if it would soothen with gargling I went to the hospital. They told me I have Pharyngitis. And that its a virus and bacterial infection in my throat, They prescribed me a Steroid and something else. the pills are Amoxicillin and Medrol. I was wondering, is Pharyngitis just a fancy name for a common sore throat? If so are these meds really necesary? Of course my throat being swollen isnt "normal" but what im wondering is, did I just waste my time and spend money for nothing?

Pharyngitis is simple terms means inflamation of the pharynx.
It is quite common, dont fret too much.  (+ info)

About how long does it take for streptococcal pharyngitis to grow?

About how long does it take for streptococcal pharyngitis to grow on agar in Petri dishes? I have a science project and I need the procedure done tonight... and I need to know about how long of time I should set aside for it to grow? The strep throat virus.

About 24 hours to 48 hours - (depending upon the agar plate, growh medium, temparature, etc.).
An agar plate is a sterile Petri dish that contains a growth medium used to microbiological culture microorganisms or small plants like the moss Physcomitrella patens....

Streptococcus is a genus of sphere Gram-positive bacterium belonging to the phylum Firmicutes and the lactic acid bacteria group. Cell division occurs along a single Coordinate axis in these bacteria, .

Gram-positive Bacteria are those that are stained dark blue or violet by Gram staining. This is in contrast to Gram-negative bacteria, which cannot retain the crystal violet stain, instead taking up the counterstain and appearing red or pink....

S. pyogenes typically produces large zones of beta-hemolysis
Hemolysis - Hemolysis is the breakdown of red blood cells. The ability of bacterial colonies to induce hemolysis when grown on blood agar is used to classify certain microorganisms....

S. pyogenes is the cause of many important human diseases ranging from mild superficial skin infections to life-threatening systemic diseases. Infections typically begin in the throat or skin. Examples of mild S. pyogenes infections include pharyngitisPharyngitis
Pharyngitis is an inflammation of the throat or pharynx. In most cases it is painful, and thus is often referred to as a sore throat. Inflammation of the tonsils and/or larynx occur simultaneously, which can make eating difficult or painful....
("strep throat") and localized skin infection ("impetigoImpetigo
Impetigo is a superficial bacterial skin infection most common among children 2 to 6 years old. People who play close contact sports such as rugby football, American football and wrestling are also susceptible, regardless of age....
"). ErysipelasErysipelas
Erysipelas is an acute streptococcus bacterial infection of the dermis, resulting in inflammation and characteristically extending into underlying fat tissue....
and cellulitisCellulitis
Cellulitis is a diffuse infection of connective tissue with severe inflammation of dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin. Cellulitis can be caused by normal skin Flora or by exogenous bacteria, and often occurs where the skin has previously been broken: cracks in the skin, cuts, blisters, burn , insect bites, surgical wounds, or sites o...
are characterized by multiplication and lateral spread of S. pyogenes in deep layers of the skin. S. pyogenes invasion and multiplication in the fasciaFascia
Fascia , pl. fas?ci?ae , adj. fascial is the soft tissue component of the connective tissue system that permeates the human body....
can lead to necrotizing fasciitisNecrotizing fasciitis
Necrotizing fasciitis , commonly known as flesh-eating disease or flesh-eating bacteria, is a Rare disease infection of the deeper layers of skin and Subcutiss, easily spreading across the fascial plane within the subcutaneous tissue....
, a potentially life-threatening condition requiring surgical treatment.  (+ info)

How long should i stay for if I have viral pharyngitis?

I've had viral pharyngitis for 2 days now and I have a very important competition tomorrow. I have a slight fever and I wanted to know if I can take acetaminophen and be alright out of the house for a day. Also will I still be contagious?

Youd better rest, drink lots of fluids, and eat healthy food. Since it is a viral infection, antibiotics won't help. For your fever and throat pain, you may take Paracetamol 500mg tablet every 4 hours as often needed. Just make sure you won't exceed taking 4 tablets in a span of 24 hours. Hope this helps.  (+ info)

How does skin infectios and tonsilitis/pharyngitis lead to post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis?

Tonsilitis/pharyngitis and skin infection caused by streptococcus pyogenes. How did the microorganism travel from the throat/skin to the kidneys and cause the disease?

Untreated Strep throat can cause post-strep glomerulonephritis. Signs and symptoms usually begin 3 weeks after your sore throat. As far as your skin is concerned, you always have bacteria on it. Touch and and then fingers go in the mouth unknowingly. Untreated Strep can also cause rheumatic heart disease.. I had post strep throat glomerulonephritis twice while in I was in nursing school. Unfortuately, it kept me back a year. That was over 30 years ago. I don't know is there is now a strep kit on the market without a prescription, but there should be so people know whether or not they have strep and should be treated. So many sore throats are caused by viruses. When I was younger I had sore throats several times a year. If I ran to the doctor everytime I had a sore throat, I'd have been there all the time. I do know that there is a quick strep test available in a doctors office. 10 years ago, I finally had my tonsils removed. I haven't had a sore throat since. Unfortuantely, untreated strep can cause glomeruolnephritis and rheumatic heart disease.  (+ info)

Pharyngitis is believed to be gone, but coughing persists?

My throat is pretty much back to normal, but my coughing keeps persisting. It's been 17 days since contracting pharyngitis so I believe it is long over. My lungs do not wheeze, but I am having breathing problems at night because everytime I sleep, I keep coughing non-stop. Any suggestions or remedies to stop my coughs.

Thank you.

  (+ info)

How long does viral Pharyngitis last?

I've had viral Pharyngitis for about 4 days, how long does it typically last? Its getting kinda annoying with the fever and all.

aweek or two  (+ info)

what is the investigation for streptococcal pharyngitis?

I've read in the book that if i suspect streptococcal pharyngitis i should do the investigation for the patient. what is this investigation, and is it used in todays practice?!
because i remember when i was sick and i had sore throat, i went to GP and he prescribed me amoxicillin just by history and examination with no any other investigation.

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Has anyone ever taken Medrol or Methylprednisolone for pharyngitis?

Ok so I got a sore throat, cough and a slight headache so I went to the clinic. I got prescibed Medrol or Methylprednisolone. It's a pack where you take 6 pills then 5 then 4 and so on each day. Has anyone ever taken this for pharyngitis or the common cold? I dunno if it's working or not!

im on them as well and you cant tell if its working or not coz its only toughening your immune system and weakening the infection and dont take them for a cold its "bad" for your bladder  (+ info)

What if symptoms of pharyngitis is present but the throat culture is negative for streptococcus?

Symptoms for a 9year old include fever, sore throat, and abdominal pain. There is also swollen tonsils covered in white exudates, and fine red lesions on roof of mouth, the child also has upper cervical lymphadenitis but no cough or runny nose.

Could still be strep, was there a throat culture done or was it just a rapid strep test?
Could be a virus like mono or CMV, usually have to be sick for about 10 days before they will test for these.  (+ info)

Should I go to work one day after starting medications for bronchitis and pharyngitis?

My doctor diagnosed me with these two conditions this morning but I forgot to ask if I should go back to work tomorrow. I am an elementary school PE teacher. Should I wait another day before going back?

I wouldn't go back until a day or two. You don't want to be around all the kids sick and get them sick. If you call in for Thursday and Friday you should be good for Monday.  (+ info)

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