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How does the position of the placenta affect pregnancy?

How do you know if you have an anterior placenta? I am 14 weeks and have had 3 ultrasounds but have never been able to even see a placenta.
What does the positioning have to do with your pregnancy?

the placenta can be in alot of different positions. an anterior placenta means it's in front of the baby. this affects the pregnancy by making it take alot longer before you begin to feel baby's movements because most of them are cushioned by the placenta. I had an anterior placenta with baby #3 and didn't feel him move until about 22 weeks. More commonly is posterior placenta (behind the baby) and sometimes you get placenta previa (where the placent is down and covering or partially covering the cervix) they monitor this carefully as it's dangerous when you go into labor if it hasn't resolved and can also cause spotting/bleeding throughout the pregnancy. I am sure they will see the placenta soon. Have you asked about it?  (+ info)

What week does the placenta usually attach to the uterine wall?

And can you usually feel it happening?

Also, at what week does the placenta take over providing nutrition, etc?
Okay, while that was a ton of information, I've read it before and it didn't at all answer my question and is extremely unhelpful.

I asked a question to alleviate a worry I have right now and you provided me with a laundry list of other things to worry about.

Thanks a heap.

By the end of the first trimester, the placenta has taken over from the yolk sac to provide nutrients to the fetus. You cannot feel the development of the placenta.  (+ info)

Is it possible to keep the placenta to do with it what you will, if you have your baby in a hospital?

I'm sure every hospital has different guidelines, but I'm just curious if anyone has ever known someone or actually kept the placenta after giving birth. I've heard from one person the hospital wouldn't allow it and had to treat it like biohazardous waste and dispose of it. So curious if it is even possible in a hospital. Obviously home birth would be an option.

Why are you one of those people that cooks it and eats it afterwards...lol
I saw that on discovery channel, the whole family comes over and eats it. YUCKY

I know my husband took a funny picture holding it with the doctor...it is still funny to see that pic.

Whats cool is some hospitals will ask if you want to donate it, so they can bank the cord blood. If a sick kid needs it, and it is a match, it is there for them. Even better, if one day you or your family needs it, it might be there for you too! So that is what I did, I donated it...  (+ info)

What do doctors do with the placenta after pregnancy?

I know that the placenta is very rich in nutrients and that a celebrity from the 70s ate her placenta or something. I wouldn't want to keep it, but why don't doctors offer the placenta back? What I mean is, why do the doctors keep it and what do they do with it????

  (+ info)

How does a frontal placenta affect pregnancy and delivery?

My placenta is anterior upper and I am 27 weeks pregnant and though I feel the baby move its not as strong as imagined. I'm just wondering if anyone experienced this type of placenta position and how it affected their pregnancy and the delivery. Any info would help as doctor isn't very clear on it.

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How long does the placenta take to deliver?

I am going to put in birth plan that I would like delayed cord clamping so that it does not get cut until it stops pulsing after baby is born.

My midwife said that this would mean I would not get the injection to deliver the placenta. How long would it take for the placenta to deliver?


Don't worry. The placenta separates from the uterus wall with the next contraction after the baby is born. If this contraction is delayed get your baby to attach to your nipple. This will stimulate a contraction and the placenta will be delivered.

The injection, which is syntocinon will help your uterus to contract to minimalise bleeding. It can and often is administered after the cord stops pulsating. It is not a big concern, really.

Of course, if you show signs of haemorrhage you will need it immediately.

Please do not get to "attached to your birth plan. It is fine to want specific things, but as I have told countless women..."you know the journey you are on( labour) and the final destination you want (healthy baby and mum). However no-one is certain of the road conditions until you come across them. Some roads are beautiful highways, some are a bit bumpy. In the long run it does not matter if you have to take a detour so long as you arrive safely".

Best of luck for a speedy and safe birth.  (+ info)

Has anyone got a good recipie for placenta christmas pudding?

I just had a baby and with it coming up to christmas i thought what a great way of using my placenta, i believe very much in putting the good back into my body.

A nice green salad is a good thing to put into your body.

Have you heard of mad cow disease?....or how cannibalism is known to cause mental illness?

If you are trying to be more ¬®spiritual,¬® why don't you just give the placenta back to the earth?  (+ info)

What causes the blood flow to my placenta to be abnormal?

I'm very nervouse my doctor told me that the blood flow to my placenta was abnormal and that that can cause preeclampcia. I have an ultra sound appt next monday to check it again. I'm scared. What could or should I do?

Your blood pressure, possible blood clotting issues, constricted veins due to obesity.

You should watch what you eat (eat healthy) get moderate exercise and think positive thoughts.  (+ info)

Does the placenta hinder the hormones of the mother to reach the fetus?

There is much spoken about prenatal hormonal influence these days. Does that mean that the hormones of the mother influences the child? Do the hormones of the mother really pass through the placenta to the fetus? It is know that alcohol does, but what about hormones?

Hormones not only pass through the placenta from mom to baby and back the other way, but are essential. The placenta is an organ unto itself that nourishes the baby and filters some things, but it acts in a symbiotic relationship with mom until the baby is born.  (+ info)

What's the difference between interior and anterior placenta?

The ultrasound tech said I have interior placenta and I was wondering what that meant.. I know I should have asked her, but I wasnt thinking about it at the time.

Anterior means it's attached on the front side in the uterus, posterior means it's attached on the back of the uterus' interior. You just misunderstood her, that's okay. "in" and "an" sound similiar if you are new to this. It might be a little more difficult to fell baby's kicks and moves with an anterior placenta, but this placement is not that unusual. Best wishes!  (+ info)

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