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what is platybasia with shallow fossa ?

A girl of only 10 years old.Her recent MRI Carvical Spine images is here submitting for kind consultancy.
There is evidence of platybasia with shallow posterior fossa.there is herniation of cerebellar Tonsils through the foramen magnum with obliteration of subarachnoid space at forman magnum.
there is posterior arch defect nated at C3.Dorsal aspect of the cord shows beaking through the defect.Cord is adherent to the posterior aspect of spinal canal at C3 level.There is no herniation of CSF space through the defect.
There is evidence of prominent central canal from C2 level upto D3 level.
Anterior arch of atlas appers bifid.

there is mild dorsally angulated odontid.

plz tell me what is the result of this ?I will be greatfull please ........................

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