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pleural effusion in your fetus or newborn?

Has anyone had to deal with pleural effusion in their unborn baby or newborn? My sister's preg with her 3rd and she has recently found out he has a pleural effusion (liquid around the chest, aka hydro thorax) If you have experienced this or have any info it would be much appreicated.

tell your sis not to worry herself out to much until she finds out whats going on. i had hydrothorax and the fluid went away! they never found a reason for it to show up or to go away they called it a miracle so dont let her get down in the dumps about it! GOOD LUCK!  (+ info)

Human anatomy question dealing with possible mesothelioma, or pleural effusion?

Nicole has a respiratory infection that has caused her right pleura to dry out. Describe ther symptoms that could be related to this conditon. Obviously one would be coughing, and I would assume general discomfort, but are there other symptoms?

  (+ info)

Is it alright to fly with pleural effusion? I have already booked my flight for Thursday morning and didn't?

I had a hospital appointment this morning and the doctor doesn't recommend flying but I have to go, I don't have much choice.

Check with your doc. sounds like you should stay down on the ground. The air pressure changes when you fly so you could be putting yourself in grave danger of death. No plans are worth your life.  (+ info)

Does pleural effusion create pressure on the lungs?

Similar to a tension pneumothorax?

Yes, pleural effusion creates pressure on the lungs. The pleura surrounds the lung, so filling it full of fluid (an effusion) puts pressure on the lungs and makes it difficult to get air into the lungs and also decreases the exchange of gases between blood and inhaled air.

Pleural effusion is a bear hug on your lungs.

Tension pneumothorax is different. Keep in mind normally the lungs are under LESS pressure than the atmosphere, that's why air gies into the lungs. Tension pneumo is a hole in the chest wall or lung that causes air to get into the chest cavity on one side. This means atmospheric pressure on one side of the thorax (chest cavity). It PUSHES the other lung, the mediastinum and the heart towards the other side.

Tension pneumo is a PUSH on the lungs. So it increases pressure by pushing the lung away.  (+ info)

Why does mesolthelioma of the pleura cause pleural effusion?

How does it do this? Why is it so common (pleural effusion)?

mesothelioma causes inflammation of the pleura, the inflammation results in the collection of fluid. (sort of the same thing as a blister forming from a burn)  (+ info)

Would a fluid restriction be good for pleural effusion?

THis is confusing me because the person may have a lot of pulmonary edema and a lot of fluid in the dependant part of the lung, yet their hypotensive because the intravasuclar fluid is now stuck in the lungs. So Im not sure if they would get a fluid restriction or not.
Any experts on this? How do you treat this?

It really depends on the cause of the effusion. If the effusion was due to CHF than yes, fluid restriction would help. If the causative agent was bacterial than no. Those are just general guidelines.
Treatment would depend , again, on the cause and the severity. It might require a chest tube be placed to drain the fluid. Sometimes just a thoracentesis will help fix the problem.
Without any more detail it's hard to say more.
But that is an excellent question.
And btw the fluid is not trapped in the intravacular spaces. Most often it is third spacing due to the high capillary pressure. Or it could be free fluid just sitting in the pleural space.
God bless.  (+ info)

If mesothelioma is present, what is the color of pleural effusion?

My brother had difficulty breathing, pain upon taking deep breath, fatigue, weight loss, loss of appetite. Thickening and fluid was found on his right pleura. He discribed the fluid as looking like Budweiser----amber colored and foamy. He also has pleural thickening, all on the right side.I have read the color of the fluid is characteristic of transudate which may indicate congestive heart failure.
The doctor suspects mesothelioma, but the fluid does not appear cloudy( exudate).

The sputum could be yellow or blood-tinged.  (+ info)

Whats the difference between a pleural effusion and and a pleural infiltrate?

Below from http://www.nlm.nih.gov/MEDLINEPLUS/ency/article/000086.htm
A pleural effusion is an accumulation of fluid between the layers of the membrane that lines the lungs and chest cavity.
Causes MAY include lung cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis and other lung infections, drug reactions, asbestosis, and sarcoidosis.
Symptoms are shortness of breath, coughing, chest pain (usually sharp and worse with coughing or deep breaths), hiccups, and rapid breathing
I have not heard of a pleural infiltrate. An infiltrate is the filling of spaces that normally have air in them with fluid. A pulmonary infiltrate is on the inside of the lung, an effusion is outside of the lung.  (+ info)

what are the 3 priority nursing diagnoses for pleural effusion secondary to coronary artery disease?

the patient was diagnosed to have congestive heart failure. and also, undergone PTCA.

Sounds like this question should be under the "Homework" section for nursing school..!

At least it sounds exactly like my old questions...LOL  (+ info)

Why is talc associated with pain in pleural effusion treatment?

Does anyone know why talc is associated with pain after a pleural effusion? I find lots of articles telling me it is associated but nothing that explains why.
Thank you in advance

Here are some articles that might help. The pleural effusion has swollen the space between the layers surrounding the lungs. After the effusion is removed they inject talc slurry into this area and it causes both an irritating reaction and pain. Simple answer is that messing with any malignant area of the body often causes additional pain.


http://www.cancersupportivecare.com/pleural.html  (+ info)

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