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Reoccurring Pleural effusion?

About a month ago i asked a ques about my husband suffering from pleural effusion. Dr. found in the chest x-ray that the lung is hazy he asked to remove the fluid. after 3 days of removing water there was still a little amount of water remaining in the bottom left corner of the lung.
After analyzing the fluid TB was diagnosed. Then Dr. started the TB medicine and also gave prednisolone and asked to do a chest x-ray after 1 week of taking medicines. He does as the Dr. said and found that its a bit less. Dr, asked to visit him again after 1 month with a chest x-ray report. In the mean time we have done something wrong. he stopped taking presnisolone for last 12 days. On saturday he suppose to meet the dr. today when he done the chest x-ray found the same condition of the lung which was after 3 days removing water i.e. a little amount of water in the bottom left corner of the lung.
Why this happened. is it because he stopped taking prednisolone? please let me know the reasons. Please.

Pleural effusions from TB generally resolve by 6 weeks. However, the fluid may take as long as 4 months to go away. Steroids may help in some patients but the exact risk/benefits of steroids have not been definitely established. Up to 50% of patients may develop residual pleural thickening after the infection has resolved. For more info, ask your husband's doctor.  (+ info)

atypical mesothelial cells pleural effusion?

Are atypical mesothelial cells supposed to be in Pleural fluid? Hubby is 36 yrs old (15 yr smoker just recently quit) has reacurring left side pleural effusion.. Dr's are baffeled, because all his Cytology is coming back inconclusive. They checked him for Inflammatory problems such as lupus, rheumatoid etc It's all coming back negative. Now he has to see a chest surgeon to biopsy and see if anything is going on in there. Their was also a 1.6cm spiculated mass in his lower lobe, but the pulmonologist believes it may be a scar? They will also check that. The DR said that it's not coming back as cancer, but it also is not ruling cancer out........ If anyone can give me some advice or let me know what you think I would appreciate it. This has been going on since March and it's stressing us out big time with no answers!!!!! :( Thanks so much!

  (+ info)

Feeling in Pain of Pleural Adhesion after Effusion... what to do?

My sister had had pleural effusion last year and had been on medication for tuberculosis (the effusion was caused by the bacteria) for almost 9 months now. She's getting better. But occasionally she still feels pain in the chest or in the back. She feels intense pain when she burps, coughs, and takes a deep breathe. From her X-ray result, it looks like she's having pleural adhesion. She's sad because the pain prevents her to do a lot of activities she liked, and the pain was sometimes so acute and sharp that I am very depressed to see her suffering in it.

Does anyone know how to treat this? How to ease this pain? Any good treatments for that (I prefer not to give her more medication, for the current medication has hurt her liver badly enough)?

Is there any chance that the pleura would go un-adhered??? We certainly want to prevent from going to surgeries because that seems worse even. I can't bear to see her suffer even more.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Why haven't you asked your doctor about the options? Surely he/she would have told you what can be done. You gave a pretty good history of the problem but I would still need to know more to give you defiinite choices.
Surgery is one option and btw, not the worst option. Talk to the pulmonologist or a thoracic surgeon.
Sorry she's going through this.
God bless you for caring so much.  (+ info)

do we need to limit a patient's fluid intake if he has pleural effusion?

depends on the cause of pleural effusion , if it is a transudate e.g. due to Congestive heart failure , cirrhosis of liver or Renal failure etc then fluid restriction is definitely indicated ,  (+ info)

Tap of a pleural effusion yielded bright yellow fluid, what is it?

My mother was admitted to the hospital this morning after a bad chest cold had gotten to the point where she could barely breathe. A chest x-ray confirmed that she had pneumonia and pleural effusion (right side/lung). The lung doctor on call performed a thoracentesis and out came just over 2 liters of the brightest yellow fluid I've ever seen. It was almost surreal (looked like a cross between concentrated urine and Mountain Dew soda). It was clear, and had no smell, yet the doctor was very concerned and immediately sent samples of the fluid to the hospital lab. He told neither my mother, nor myself anything..he just rushed out of the room as if every second counted. This has me very worried. What would this bright yellow liquid be the result of (or sign of?). No medical websites, so far, have told me anything.
"clear"...meaning non-cloudy.

non-cloudy is a good sign. pleural fluid that becomes infected, cloudy, may turn into an abscess, called an empyema. p.effusions are caused by some underlying disease process. in your moms case, pneumonia. clear up the pneumonia and wha-lah...the fluid needs to be stained and cultured to see what organisms grow and what antibiotics are most effective in her treatment. ask about p.fluid ph, gram stain culture & sensitivity results. with that much fluid out, your mom should be feeling better. hope she gets well soon. as for your dr. i think it's just bad bed side manner. good luck.   (+ info)

Question about a small pleural effusion found on chest x-ray?

My husband had heart bypass surgery 3 weeks ago. He had a chest x-ray done today because he has a follow up visit with surgeon.

I was given the test results on a disc to take with us to his appointment.

Of coarse I popped the disc into my laptop and looked at the x-ray and radiologist's notes.

Everything was good on the report except a mention of a "small pleural effusion of the posterial" something or another.

What does this mean? I know we are going to see the doctor in a few days and he'll tell us, but I'm wondering what this means and is it serious?

*Hubby is doing great considering what he went through just a few short weeks ago, and I hope this doesn't mean some sort of setback, you feel me?

Generally small pleural effusions are manageable and are left alone to fix itself. After surgery its sometimes common.

If its large enough or the DR thinks it is, your husband may have a thoracentesis. A needle is inserted into the chest (lower portion since thats where the fluid is located) and it will be aspirated.  (+ info)

Explain why heart failure mainly causes right-sided pleural effusion..?

...rather than left-sided which is mainly caused by infection.
any medical expert here?!

In heart failure the left ventricle is unable to pump blood efficiently and causes a back up of fluids into the lungs. The reason right sided pleural effusion is more common in CHF patients is simply because people tend to lie on their right side and the fluid collects in the right lung.  (+ info)

tell me about the pleural effsion with diabetes age 54 male pleural fluid cytological examination no malignant

the pap's stained smear of the pleural fluid shows a few rbc along with inflammatory cells consisting mainly of lymphocytes. no malignant cells are seen pleural fluid examinatio n report colour-strow, ph-7.5,volume-12.8,coagulum-absent
biochemical examination= total protein-3.8g/dl, sugar-42.4mg/dl
microscopic examination- total nucleated cells-1,235/cumm.
d.l.c- all are lymphocytes,
afb stain= negative
Pleural fluid culture shows no grouwth of pathogenic organism "sterile" after incubation for 48 hours at 37*c

exudative plural fluid[ie.high in proteins] with many lympho cytes in a diabetic person is suggestive of tuberculosis.
useful investigations are---
1.pleural biopsy
2.plural fluid culture for tubercular bacteria
3.blood tests for--antitubercular IGG andIGM,ESR and C- reactive proteins[quantitaive]
4.ct scan of chest.
discuss with you physician.  (+ info)

I went too the doctors today and have been diagnosed with possible Pleural Effusion, how worried should i be?

After 4 months of a wheezy chest and crackly breathing when i lie down i forced myself to go too the doctors today after he did some tests he informed me he thinks i have fluid in the right lung and diagnosed me with possible Pleural Effusion. After looking on the internet I'm now so worried it untrue. I cant find anything positive. I'm a father of too young children and now I've got thoughts of me not being around for them. Am i over reacting? Do I have to worry this much?
Sorry didn't put more detail, i'm 28 and i do smoke maybe 10 a day.
he's organized a chest xray for Monday and a sputum(think that's spelt right) test.

I wish I could reassure you but that would be inappropriate. You give very little history, your age and smoking history would have been helpful.

There are many causes of pleural effusion as I am sure you have discovered. The problem is that the internet is a minefield for the medically unwary. Not all of of these causes are all that sinister. Atypical lung infections for example are eminently curable.

I am sure your GP who sounds reasonably astute has arranged blood tests and a chest X Ray. You will know more when the results of these are available.  (+ info)

how do pulmonologists quantify 27cc of pleural effusion? small, medium or large?

small  (+ info)

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