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Does anyone know the prognosis of usual interstitial pneumonia (UIP)?

I've read websites, but none of them have a real 'explaination' of what we should be expecting. My grandmother was diagnosed with UIP and my mom is wanting information but isn't wanting to speak with my grandmother directly about it. I've told her to talk to the drs involved, but she hasn't had time. I guess I'm wondering if anyone has any information they'd be willing to share.

Usual interstitial pneumonia is a distinct histological lesion observed in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis but can be found in other etiologies.

It is usually diagnosed by either lung biopsy or by high resolution thin section CT scans.

UIP has a poor prognosis. Once it has been diagnosed, the mean survival time is about 3 years. The problem is that the fibrosis progresses and destroys lung tissue. Spontaneous remissions do not occur, but some patients stabilize following an initial decline, so it's possible that your grandmother may fall into this category.

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anybody have INTERSTITIAL PNEUMONIA and how did they get it?

I have idiopathic interstitial pneumonia (IIP) that has developed into pulmonary fibrosis. IIP is a form of pulmonary fibrosis, a group of diseases characterized by scarring of the lungs. The condition, for which no treatment exists, typically kills its victims within five years. While the prevalence of the disease is unknown according the National Institutes of Health, estimates indicate the numbers are rising with as many as 50,000 new cases of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis -- a form of the disease having unknown causes -- diagnosed yearly in the U.S. So the answer is, nobody knows how we get it, and unfortunately there is no cure. For additional information, you might try:

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My baby is just 10 months & he was diagnosed w/ interstitial pneumonia & was treated. Can he get it again?

The doctor believes it is genetic. My husband & I are both asthmatic. What should we do to avoid it?

how about asking your doctor that ???? ask him all what is on your mind, if he is a good one he would come up with something, get a referral to a lung & nose specialist , re: astmatic-pheunoma related illnesses, you could then, be on the right track, don.t let him suffer, like i have done in this matter, i grew up where people & doctors where a bit ignorant re symptoms!!  (+ info)

What does coarse interstitial prominence on a chest x-ray mean?

I had a chest x-ray on the 14th and it showed a small infiltrate with right middle lobe (pneumonia, I know), but it also says, "Coarse interstitial prominence seen bilaterally most likely related to a chronic process such as smoking."

The doctor didn't comment on this impression. He only notified me that I had pneumonia. Does that mean that this is part of the pneumonia, or what else is this?

Numerous conditions make up the group of disorders called interstitial lung disease. Most cause progressive scarring of lung tissue that eventually affects your ability to breathe and get enough oxygen into your bloodstream, but beyond this, the disorders vary greatly.

Although most cases of interstitial lung disease develop gradually, a few come on suddenly. Doctors can pinpoint why some cases of interstitial lung disease occur, but many have no known cause.

In all cases, lung scarring, once it occurs, is generally irreversible. Medications occasionally can slow the damage of interstitial lung disease, but many people never regain full use of their lungs. Researchers hope that newer drugs, many of them still experimental, may eventually prove more effective in treating interstitial lung disease.
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Is there a cure for acute interstitial pneumonia? My father will die if we don't find one within a few days.?

He is in ICU on 40 liters of oxygen with an 80 percent saturation.

I'm afraid the news isn't good. If he survives the acute phase he'll be left with interstitial fibrosis or scarring throughout his lung. This will cause severe disability and soon be followed by his passing.
There is a lot of research being done as there are at least four different types of diffuse interstitial pneumonia UIP, DIP, AIP, IIP. And it's not an infective process so antibiotics would be totally ineffective. This noninfective type of inflammation would have him on very large doses of steroids and still leave him with fibrosis.
And btw it's not "pneumonia" in the usual sense. There's no bacteria or virus or anything. They should change the name because it is misleading.
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why is pneumonia not and interstitial lung disease...?

inflammation can effect interstitium in cases of pneumonia
can interstitial lung disease involve air spaces??
can interstitial lung disease involve air spaces??
can infectious etiology lead to interstitial lung diease??
in short can pneumonia(infectious) lead to fibrosis

Usually interstitial Lung disease does not involve the air spaces, The involve the interstitium only, Hence the name... The clinical features are all due to the consequences of the the interstitial involvement like reduced compliance, increased pathological dead space and reduced oxygenation...

It can rarely involve air spaces..

Yes know rahul, infectious etiology can also involve exclusively interstium in some cases and they can cause ILD, say for example mycoplasma, which causes atypical pneumonia..

Pneumonia, chronic and untreated caused by a few organisms like M. Tuberculosis can lead to fibrosis...  (+ info)

is there a charity organization for acute interstitial pneumonia?

I never heard of one, but I'd try American Lung Association (ALA). Go this website http://www.lungusa.org/site/pp.asp?c=dvLUK9O0E&b=35436 and find the "Ask a lung question field." If there is a charity you are looking for, I am sure ALA will know about it. Good luck!  (+ info)

interstitial plasma cell pneumonia?

what is the relevance of the 'plasma cell' in the disease title?

Plasma cells are white blood cells that develop from B-cells and produce antibodies (immunoglobulins). Plasma cell interstitial pneumonia (PCIP) is a pneumonia that occurs in infants or in persons with impaired immune systems (as AIDS victims), and therefore have lower B-cell counts.   (+ info)

Can Usual interstitial pneumonia be healed? If 'Yes', how and where?

please write to me

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You really need to speak to your physician/DR about this. Its more serious than just your normal routine pneumonia if my memory serves me correctly. There's also something called BOOP, its prognosis is not good. I would urge you to speak to your dr or if this is a family member speak to their doctor.
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Interstitial pneumonia may cure?

If you mean "acute interstitial pneumonia", there is no known treatment. The cause is also unknown, and results in a variation of ARDS.

Look under "Hamman-Rich Syndrome" for more information.

Try this one, it'll point you in the right direction:


According to the above link, "Treatment of HR syndrome is primarily supportive. Management in an intensive care unit is required and the need for mechanical ventilation is common. Therapy with corticosteroids is generally attempted, though their usefulness has not been established as of 2005."

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