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What are the chances of dying from pneumonia?

I'm a 14 year old male and I recently had basal pneumonia. I'm feeling better now, but still worrying alot. I was wondering what are the chances someone will die from pneumonia.

Hospitalized Patients. For patients who require hospitalization for pneumonia, the mortality rate is between 10% and 25%. If pneumonia develops in patients already hospitalized for other conditions, the mortality rates are higher. They range from 50% to 70% and are greater in women than in men.

Older Adults. Community-acquired pneumonia is responsible for 350,000 to 620,000 hospitalizations in elderly people every year. The elderly have lower survival rates than younger people, and pneumonia and influenza are the fifth leading causes of death in this population. Even when older individuals recover from community-acquired pneumonia, they have higher than normal mortality rates over the next several years. Elderly people at particular risk are those with other medical problems and nursing home patients.

Very Young Children. About 20% of deaths in stillborn and very young infants are due to pneumonia. Small children who develop pneumonia and survive are at also at risk for developing lung problems in adulthood.

Patients With Impaired Immune Systems. Pneumonia is particularly serious in people with impaired immune systems, particularly AIDS patients, in whom pneumonia causes about half of all deaths.

Patients With Serious Medical Conditions. The disease is also very dangerous in people with diabetes, cirrhosis, sickle cell disease, cancer, and in those who have had their spleens removed.  (+ info)

What is the difference between flu and pneumonia?

What is the difference between having a flu and having pneumonia?

Oh also... If you dunk your head in cold water and went outside during a chilly day, you could catch a cold, maybe the flu, maybe even pneumonia?

Could someone please clerify the difference in how each are caught?

pneumonia can be viral and bacterial. though both flu and pneumonia can cause respiratory problems, pneumonia usually causes more severe breathing issues, as it is primarily oriented in the lungs.

as for dunking your head in the water and going outside, sure its possible to catch either if your immune system is compromised.  (+ info)

what is the difference between progressive lenses and no line bifocals?

my mom has progressive lenses and hates them. she previously wore reader glasses and this is her first pair of "real glasses." she hates the progressive lens, and is considering taking the glasses back. any suggestions? and also, what is the difference between the progressive lenses and no-line bifocals? thanks.

Progressive lenses have less power at the top edge and maximum power at the bottom edge. The power of the lens increases gradually from top to bottom. The idea is that you can adjust your head so that you are looking through the part of the lens which is just right for the distance of the thing you are looking at. Most people don't like these at first because it takes a change in the way glasses are used. Older people do not like change. However people who will work with the progressive lenses and learn to use them usually end up liking them.

A no-line bifocal lens is one which does not have a distinct line between the top and the bottom lens. It has a more gradual change from upper to lower, like the progressive, but not totally, it is a compromise between bifocals and progressive lenses.  (+ info)

What are the chances that pneumonia in older people will kill them?

My grandma is in her late 60's and just got pneumonia about a week ago and landed herself in the hospital last night. She's healthy for the most part. She has had a minor stroke before but other than that (which was a while ago) she's pretty healthy, or so it seems anyways. So I was wondering what the chances are that she will fully recover?

P.S. If you're saved by Christ, then I also ask that you pray for her! Thanks!

Very good if she is on antibiotics and is in the Hospital now. Sorry about your Grandma. Just keep her warm and Hydrated.  (+ info)

What can someone coming off pneumonia do to play football this friday?

I am coming off of pneumonia and I feel great. I play varsity football and we have a game this friday. My cough is gone but the wheezing is still there when I sprint. What can a do pre during and post game to be at my best. ( I have an inhaler also.)

I realize the importance of being a varsity football player is something you feel passionate about. That is great that you are into it and able to do it, if you weren't recovering from pneumonia. Pneumonia is not a "respiratory infection" like bronchitis. This is a major viral infection that actually fills your lung cavities with fluid that is highly infectious and it isn't "gone" just because you're done taking antibiotics and can walk and run. I speak from decades of experience as a person who has had pneumonia several times in 40 years and am a pharmacy technician. There is a recuperation period that lasts a couple of months after the doctors have treated you that is very easy to have a relapse of this nasty viral infection and if it happens, you'll be worse off than the first time. But it's your call and I know how hard it is to not be able to do something that means a lot (it's easier said than done, I know.) So if you go ahead and play, know that it's a risk and make sure you have a full inhaler on you because you'll be puffing on it hourly.  (+ info)

How long does it take to recover from pneumonia?

I have been on antibiotics since Thursday (now Tuesday) for pneumonia. I still feel like crap though! The pain in my lungs is not as bad, but it's still an ache that won't go away. Plus I am extremely tired, all I can do is sleep. Should I go back to the doctor? How long does it take for pneumonia to clear up?
I was on one type of antibiotic from Thursday till Sunday but it wasn't working so they put me on a stronger one, that has been since Sunday to today.

I had double pneumonia in April. I took antibiotics for 10 days after getting out of the hospital and I still didn't feel well. Sometimes it takes a longer time. I had to take antibiotics for another 10 days after that and I still don't feel 100%. I'm older so I have other diseases as well and that might account for my very slow recovery. But not everyone fits into a certain category. If you are within a day or so of being finished with your antibiotics, call your doctor and get a refill. Your body must need the rest to recuperate, so don't worry about that. Feel well soon.

  (+ info)

At what age should a healthy adult consider the pneumonia vaccine?

I am seeing conflicting informtion on the web about the age at which a healthy adult should consider getting the pneumonia vaccine. Some web sites indicate that it's age 50, while others say it's age 65. Does anyone have any information about the age at which a healthy adult should get his pneumonia shot?

I had mine when I was 18 but I have bad ashma and that doctor said it would be a good idea to have it done along with my flu shot. I think I have to have it every five years.  (+ info)

How long do lymph nodes usually stay swollen with pneumonia?

I have had walking pneumonia for about the past two weeks. The cough has gotten substantially better and only comes on and off rarely. However, my lymph nodes seems to be just as swollen as ever. I was wondering how long lymph nodes usually stayed swollen when one has pneumonia. Is it abnormal for them to still be swollen? Should I consult my doctor yet again?

During an infection bacteria, viruses, and white blood cells all get filtered through your lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are also the location where your immune system selects the proper white blood cells for the job. Once they are selected they multiply rapidly which is why your lymph nodes swell.

Now that you're starting to get over the pneumonia and you're feeling better that doesn't mean that your infection is over. A few more things have to happen:
1) your body has to turn the immune system off to prevent new pneumonia bacteria targeting white blood cells from being produced.
2) your body has to clean up all the dead bacteria and dead white blood cells.
Both of those things take time which is why your lymph nodes are still swollen. You don't need to see your doctor again unless you start feeling bad and your symptoms return.

I hope this helps.  (+ info)

How long does a person with pneumonia live before it becomes fatal?

My friend has pneumonia he thinks. He's been coughing for 3 wks now. Refuses to see the doctor with no insurance on him. How much longer will he have before it's too late?

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How and why do people die from pneumonia?

If you have pneumonia that's far enough along that you have to be hospitalized and you're at risk of dying, why can't the hospital treat you for it and cure you? Why do people die from it? Do they suffocate?

Probably the best way to describe pneumonia,is literally drowning.The little things in the lungs called broncioles that help filter air and such to and from the lungs become weak and ineffectual.The lungs themselves eventually fill with fluid(mucus-like matter) not allowing enough oxygen to fill them ,causing lack of oxygen in the blood stream,reducing the oxygen flow to the organs,and the oxygen deprived organs begin shutting down,eventually causing death.This is a very slow and quite painful death,as the victim is constantly straining to get enough air,and virtually suffocates.Most people who get pneumonia have weakened immune systems,ie the elderly,terminal patients,people with AIDS,and such.
Most people will wait until it's progressed too far,most time not realizing how much damage it has already caused.Most times the doctors can go in and drain the lungs,but unfortunately,if the person has gone untreated for too long the organ damage is already irrepairable.
A lot of people die from this due to organ failure.Once the lungs get too full they collapse on themselves,and it gets real bad from there.
Sorry I sound like Dr.Dread,but that's the best desciption I can offer.Beleive I'll move on to something less dreary.Hope this helped.  (+ info)

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