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What countries eat sheep eyeballs? How and why do they do so?

How are sheep eyeballs cooked? Why is it that there are no recipes on the internet for sheep eyeballs? What do sheep eyeballs taste like?

india and sri lanka...taste like chicken  (+ info)

What are some tips to help survive cancer and pneumonia?

My girlfriend as had pneumonia for 4 months now and it is serious. She was recently diagnosed with cancer (I expect lung cancer). She is 18 and she does not eat but she does try and drink a lot as well as have a drip and she sleeps a lot now. She will fight anything to get better and she won't give up fighting it for a second.

Please would anyone help us or give us any tips to help my girlfriend get better. Any piece of information could potentially help save her life so please do not hesitate anything.

Yes main tip stay away from doctors and traditional treatments which will eventually kill her.
Cancer cures have been around for 50 years but the medical establishment and the mainstream media suppress them.


What have you got to loose? a few quid, it will cure your girlfriend. Read it, explosive, shocking and uplifting.

"Cancer, why we're still dying to know the truth" by Phillip Day Get it on Amazon.com or at phillipday.com

Good luck.  (+ info)

What are the chances of surviving with cancer and pneumonia?

My girlfriend was diagnoised with pneumonia about 4 months ago and it as only got worse. She was recently diagnosed with cancer. She is only 18 but she does not eat. Please would anyone guide me to the answers I need?

i would get the docotor to answer this as anyone could give you false hope and that would prob make u feel worse im shure the docs would be able to answer this for u or u could always google it good luck  (+ info)

What are the difference between the flu and walking pneumonia?

I've been in sick since Thursday. I have a sore throat, fever, runny nose, and coughing. Its now tuesday and i'm not feeling much better. My fever has gone off and on but now my back is sore, i'm very weak and i get chills every now and again. I'm afraid this is turning into walking pneumonia.

Walking pneumonia is in your lungs and much more severe than what you have. You have not recovered from the flu yet.  (+ info)

How long will it take to recover fully from pneumonia?

I was in the hospital for about a week with pneumonia. I asperated into my right lung, and it was almost completely full. I am a soccer player, so i need to be able to run for long periods of time without losing my stamina. I was wondering about how long it will be untill i can breathe normally again?!

usually after seven to fourteen days and initially take five day course of antibiotic and do physiotherapy.and after words start physical exercises. ideally you should be fit within a month.  (+ info)

How can someone in a coma get pneumonia?

My family has a friend, who tried to kill himself this past saturday. He overdosed on pills. He was unconscious that night, and had to put him on Life Support. He has been in a coma since then but on Monday, they took him off it, with him surviving 24 breathes a minute. They discovered later on that he has pneumonia. I was wondering, out of all of this, how could he have got pneumonia?

I'm sorry. He could have aspirated when he was unconscious on Saturday or later. Sometimes people take pills that make them unconscious, but they vomit and it goes from the esophagus (food tube) into the mouth and down the trachea (wind pipe) because they have no gag reflex because of the medications. Sometimes this happens even with saliva. If he was on a ventilator, he still could have aspirated (inhaled into his lungs) either vomit or saliva because even though the tube in the trachea has a balloon that is blown up to prevent this and to deliver oxygen without it leaking out through his mouth, liquid can still get around it. People on ventilators are heavily sedated and have no gag reflex. Also, pneumonia takes a day or two to show up on a chest xray and develop after this happens, because the chemical reaction or bacteria take a while to grow. It is no one's fault and happens. Also, people in his condition, aren't able to cough and clear their secretions like you or I do on a regular basis, so secretions settle and set him up for an infection. Unfortunately there are nosocomial (hospital aquired) infections in the hospital that can be passed from patient to patient which is less likely, however you or I being healthy, would not be likely to develope a pneumonia from it. This is less likely. Thankfully it is usually able to be treated. Take care.  (+ info)

How serious is double pneumonia in a toddler?

My daughter is 3 and has been diagnoised with double pneumonia. Her grandfather smokes and she receives the second hand smoke when she visits. She had the flu in September and never really got well. She visits them every weekend. Did this contribute to her being sick for this period of time? Also, if you have been smoking for years, you can not get rid of the smell in your house or car overnight right?

your daughter should not be subjected to second hand smoke. if the grandfather wants to see
his granddaughter , he should refrain from smoking in her presence. smoking can irritate her
lungs, making it more difficult for her to recover. you daughter is too young to speak for herself
so you must do it for her. protect her health by not subjecting her to cigarette smoke.  (+ info)

How can you have surgery after starting treatment for pneumonia from micoplasma bacteria?

My 18 year old daughter was diagnosed today with walking pneumonia caused by micoplasma bacteria and also diagnosed with pneumonia. I suspect she has had the mono for a couple of weeks and she started doxycycline for the pneumonia today. The problem is she is scheduled to have all 4 wisdom cut out the day after tomorrow. Will it be safe?
That's how soon?

As a general rule, if you have an infection, you shouldn't have surgery. Your body is already fighting to clear the infection. It does not need the added stress of surgery. If you can, you should reschedule.

It also depends on what kind of anesthetic is to be used.

If she is going to be unconscious during surgery, than it's DEFINITELY not a good idea. Her lungs are already working hard to clear the infection.

It would be better if she were conscious. They could use nitrous oxide to relax her, then use lidocaine. The nitrous oxide might make it harder for her to recover from the infection, though.

If the surgery is absolutely necessary, than local anesthetic like licocaine alone would be the best choice. When I had my wisdom teeth removed, that's what I did. I even had 2 impacted ones, but I did not want to be "put under". I am pretty pain tolerant, though, and had to reassure the surgeon I would be just fine.

Hopefully you can reschedule! Hope your daughter gets well soon!  (+ info)

What is Anemia and Pneumonia and the side effects of both?

i've been getting really irregular menstruation cycles (too often) and my doctor said that if i lose too much blood i can get (anemia or pneumonia or amonia.) I didnt hear what she said correctly because of her accent and i didnt ask what the side effects are. I figured ammonia is a chemical so that cant be right.
by the way i'm not overweight at all my parents are always nagging me to gain weight but i can't.
so the first answer is completely irrelevant.

Description of Anemia
Anemia occurs when blood does not have enough red blood cells or when the blood does not have enough hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the oxygen-carrying pigment found in red blood cells. Anemia can be life-threatening.

Although there are over 400 different forms of anemia, this health profile will only address the three most common: iron-deficiency anemia, vitamin B12 anemia and folic acid deficiency.

Anemias can also be caused by such conditions as external bleeding, chronic disease, pregnancy, alcoholism, bleeding disorders, infection and hereditary conditions.

Description of Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a lung infection that can be caused by many different germs, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

This article discusses describes pneumonia that occurs in a person whose ability to fight infection is greatly reduced because their immune system is weakened and not working properly. Such disease is referred to as "pneumonia in an immunocompromised host."  (+ info)

Can having pneumonia as a child stop a man from fathering children?

Can having pneumonia as a child stop a man from having children? He's had a low sperm count result and was just recently told by his mother that pneumonia as a child is the cause, has anyone ever heard of this?

No, pneumonia will not have any effect at all on sperm count.  (+ info)

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